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It is said that life's greatest lessons are learned in the home. Having grown up with a sexy and open older sister, I would have to agree. Starting in my early teens, we had built a nice, playing relationship. She was very comfortable with her fantastic body around me, and often ignored statements from my other sister or parents to "close your robe, you are falling out". Maybe this fueled her freedom with me when we were alone, I don't know.
One evening, she was supposed to be going out with some friends, but, her plans fell through. I had no plans, and was home anyway, and everyone else was gone to a large, yearly area fair for the night. We were all alone, and I knew what that meant: Playtime.
"No plans tonight, D?", I ask her as she has her back turned to me, looking in the refrigerator. "Nope, I'm here tonight.. Looks like just me and you". I walk up behind her, and feel her hips and waist, wrapping my hands around to her exposed tummy. "Hey now, your hands are cold" she says, jumping a little bit. "I love it when you wear these little half-shirts, D" I said, warming my hands up on her stomach and back skin. I could feel she wasn't wearing a bra (she rarely did at home, especially if she was in for the night), and, when she turned around to face me, she jiggled side to side and joked "Want me to make you a shake?". I flip up her top, and start to play with her tits, rubbing and squeezing them with reckless abandon, pushing them together, munching on them. "Don't be so rough with me..I have to keep those you know!", she said, so I lighten up on the severity of handling.
As I try to remove her top entirely, she halts me for a second: "shut the blinds out front" she tells me, and I do. Returning to her, I find her top is already off, and she's playfully tugging on her shorts, showing me pussy fur about halfway down. "THAT'S what I want, Denise..and I want it NOW" I proclaim, and approach her. We start to kiss, devouring one another's tongues and really getting into it, heavy. Denise pulls down my sweatpants, feeling the hardon that has risen because of her. "Did I do this to you?" she purrs, to my answer of "You always do!". She takes hold of my cock, rubbing her nails over it, then caresses it with full hand. Just to be sure I was getting some, I told her "A hand job is nice, but we're doing more". "I know..I just want to tease you like you tease me at night", she says, now stroking my cock and sending it to heights never reached before. We fall to the floo! r, and I lay on top of her. Denise directs me to put her arms over her head, and I do, at the same time munching on her neck and leaving marks.
I enter her, thrusting repeatedly into her soft, tasty pussy. Her sighs and "ummphs" get louder, and my cock is slamming into her, ramming her ass into the carpeting. I order her to "dig those nails into me...USE them..C'mon D..DIG!", and she does, using all 10 to make my back look like a perfectly plowed field. Taking her hips, I move her upwards, getting more of a leg stretch and power thrust. "AHHHH!!!!! MMMMM!! Noooooo!!!! NOT NOW!" she yells, literally yells out, but, there was no stopping. I wanted to make her draw blood from my back by fucking her so hard! She did, as evidenced by the red on her palms. As I felt myself spewing, I exited her body, and straddled her, spewing my juice onto her flat tummy.. My energy was DONE by now, and I fell to the floor, mission accomplished. After her shower, I could see her energy was spent, too, and all she could get out to say to me was "Class dismissed until late! r".

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