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Swimming with Intent

Like many teens, I had a lot of friends for a lot of different reasons; I had a car, we had a nice pool, and, notably, I had an incredibly sexy older sister. The latter of these two provided a great experience for me and 3 of my friends one summer afternoon. I was about 17 or so, as were most of my associates. My sister, 4 years older than me, was very well filled out, with wonderful 38" tits, a great body that even she admitted was "pretty darn shapely", and had a liking for tanning in the yard when she wasn't at work. Didn't matter that 3 or 4 of us spent a lot of time hanging out at our pool, with a constant eye towards her browning body a few feet away, nor our flirts or the occasional catcall for her to "take it off". She played along.
One weekday afternoon, we were there, hanging out, talking, etc. After offering us all some iced tea (wearing shorts and a cute less than half, half shirt), we sat on the porch, and one of the guys asked "what are the odds of getting your sister to come in the pool with us?" I said probably not good, since she wanted to tan and had been in earlier. "But", I added, "It's worth a shot..How do you want to do it?" We decided to wait until we were in and she was outside, laying on the blanket, then do our usual catcalls and attention-paying with her, then invite her in. After a few minutes of doing this after she did get changed into a HOT, black, figure-8 style bikini, we stepped it up a few notches by giving her time limits and promises to "be good". She calls me out of the pool, privately, and says "I will come in for a few minutes because I am sweating out here. Your friends just better not ! paw me too much. I know they are going to, but, tell them, no "down below". Agreed.
She follows me onto the deck, and dives in as I do. We let her do a few laps around, then, as she passed one of the guys near a corner, she felt the first of the body paws. "Heyyy.." she says "Who just ran their hand over my tummy?" Not a word from anyone except a chorus of "wasn't me..wasn't me". Couple more laps, and she went to swim underwater. When she came up, one of my friends was behind her, and grabbed her ass, tight. "OK, Bri," she says "That IS my ass back there..Have fun?". "Yeah, matter of fact, I did", Brian replied, as she headed for the one corner to check the filter. As she leaned over to check the valve, I went up behind her to "help" her, and, in the process, managed to put my hand on her back, under the top bikini strap. "My boobs are off-limits, Jay", she says, although she added that "as it is, they are popping out". I think we all knew that, at minimum, the top had t! o come off.
On her swim back from the corner, my friend Frank successfully got ahold of
her left tit, thus upping the ante with her. Denise then made a judgmental
error by proposing we play "Marco Polo", whereby one person closes their eyes
and tries to find the others. She went first, and, the pursuit was on. One
quick flip from right in front of her, and we had her top down. Denise opens
her eyes, and, a little bit miffed, says "There, are you all happy now?",
motioning her hands to her breasts, "You got me in here and pawed at me until
you got my tits.. well, here they are!!!" During her venting episode, we
were all moving around, getting in position. Brian was by the ladder, in
case she wanted to make a quick exit, but, surprisingly, she stayed in. She
made a verbal deal with us: "I will stay this way if you guys can keep your
hands off me.. I don't mind you looking, since I know you ogle me anyway, but, from now on, hands gotta stay off". "Fine", we said, knowing there was
no way we dont touch her.
As we watched her swim topless, tits splashing all over the water, shapely ass rising up above water, giving such a tease, we all got in "one last feel", (as we told her), and she had had enough. Denise headed for the ladder, and, as she took one step up onto it, her bottoms were tugged down, forcing her back in the pool. "NO! NO MORE!" she said. "MY CUNT IS MY BUSINESS!".. Feeling apologetic, and, honestly, trying to salvage the possibility of total nudity, we all apologized, and told her that "we just really admire your are one helluva sexy woman". She thanked us, and, already being out, gave us a quick little dance-like show while drying off. I looked up at her, and asked her to "let us see a glimpse of "down there", ok?" After she made us all promise to stay in the pool until she went back into the house to change, she turned around, really sexy, and said "One more thing, guys! "..
Her bikini bottoms came all the way down, and we watched with hardons as she walked into the house, totally naked, wet, and shaking her ass for effect.. The catcalls continued long after the screen door closed. This was, however, the start of a nice little playing around she would do with some of us.

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