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In the Tower Chapter 1

The tower had always been on my famillies land dark and brooding it had stood there for centruries rotting. "Let It rot" my father would say some nights sitting in the palor staring out the window. THis nose red from the acholol he inbided. That tower had always held my imagination a fourstorie structure of beautiful simplicity it was to become my sate harbor in my unhappy childhood and the obessions of my adult life.
At seven i began to explore the tower out of curiousity and the fact it was the one spot my father would not look for me i spent many a day in the ancient interior pretending to be a great lord, or some arcane wizard unlocking the secrets of life. At the age of eighteen it became my sole inhertance due to my fathers untimely death and back taxes, taking the rest of the property. I moved in there with tripedation and a snse of forboding knowing that i would never be able to afford to keep the place loong.
My first night there dreams took me to the tower in its hey day, i was a page for the preist and nuns who lived their an errand boy and general handy man i worked long and hard there til the time came for me to take my vows, but i had fallen in love, darkcowled figures chased me hunted me down and as the rope slid down my neck darkness consumed me. I jerked awake sweat flowing freely from my brow. Wildly i looked up to sees her the girl from my dream a lovely vision of helath and beauty she stared at me not moving still in her habit then she was gone the scent of moist earth clung to the air and me. I lay there my heart pounding in my chest the darkness of the room unsettleing my nerves even further than her. I felt tears stream down from my eyes, and my neck burned . i heard laughter suddenly to my right and saw a dark robed friar standing there starieng at me pointing accuseingly his eyes bleeding. Iscreamed then and lost concoscoius thought.
Morning streamed throught the windows and hit me in the eyes the nights events where laid forgotten on my pillow as i got out of bed and walked across the floor i stood in front of the mirror that had come with this room it had cracked somehow in the night i stood in horror as i saw rope burns across my throat and a woman with here back to me in the corner i turned around but there was noone there. I looked back at the mirror she stood in front of me again the woman from the night before her arms out calling to me her eyes imploring as she faded away.
Chapter Two to follow soon
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