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Like many people, my relationship with my siblings has improved over time,
into our adulthood. I had always gotten along well with my oldest sister
Nancy; She and I shared some good, private moments learning about our own
sexuality, and in a sense, she was my teacher of sorts. Fast-forward to our
late 20s/early 30s, and we continue to relate extremely well, as friends,
confidants, and like spirits. Nancy's husband had a large (but distant) hunting cabin that he tended to on
rare occasion, but, it's main cleaning and upkeep was left to my sister and, eventually, me. One summer weekend, Nancy asked me if I could help her do some major cleaning up there, as it had not been used in several months, and was bound to need a good once-over. Thinking of the two of us up there alone, sweating, cleaning, charging up all kind of sexual energy was too much to resist. I immediately agreed, and we were on the way within an hour.
During the 2 hour trip to the cabin, we began to talk freely about everything, including our younger days when we played around. "Still think I'm sexy?", Nancy asked me, to my frank response of "Yeah, Nance...I check you out all the time without anyone knowing". "I know", she says..."Especially when we opened our pool this year..I noticed you eyeing me up in my two-piece".. Feeling at ease with the whole revelation, I agreed with her, nodding my head "yes", and telling her that "yep, I was..And might I say, that black bikini makes me crazy! If I didn't have control of myself, you would have been searching the bushes for the top, cuz I wanted to rip it off of you". Nancy laughed at this, and waved her long-nailed finger in front of me, in a "now, good" motion. This was her way of teasing, too, so I knew that cleaning wasn't all we were going to do.
The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful, except for a few all-too-obvious leg touches that Nancy did to me, softly running her talons over my left thigh, while we drove in silence. We arrive at the cabin, and, sure enough, once inside, it looked like it had been taken over by soot and dust bunnies. While somone was smart enough to unplug the fridge, they were remiss in tipping it, so the water would run into the floor drain, so, we also had a puddle of water to deal with. "Let's get the stuff from the closet and start", she says to me. I worked, but, not for a minute left the same room as she was in; I was looking for some action.
We made good progress, cleaning the living room and table, then headed for the kitchen. To this point, we hadn't opened a window, so it was stuffy in there. Nancy first unbuttoned her top three buttons, showing a nice amount of cleavage, then, tied up the shirt above her tummy, to her ribs, exposing her soft, oval navel. "Let's get the double window", she says, and, climbs atop a chair to clean up top. As she reached up, I started nibbling on her navel and tummy, while my hands supported her on the chair. "That tickles! Stop!", she says, knowing I probably wouldnt. "Guess all that talk about us messing around got to you, huh?", she said, as my hands went up her ribs to caress her tits. "Mmmm. maybe a little" I said to her, and playfully went into her shirt, lightly rubbing her bare tits. "Ohh..well I gotta say, you always did have the touch..You know I like my tits handled". I motioned to her to get off the ! chair. She takes a step down, and stands in front of me, as my hands roam all over her upper body, around to the small of her back, and just into the crack of her ass..
"Ummph..oo..Wait...we..gotta...ummphh" she sighs, eyes closing. Our lips lock together, the taste of her red lipstick deep in my mouth. I can now feel her tounge probing around my mouth, slinking down my throat. I had forgotten how sexy her tounge was. "Down" I whisper to her, and I guide her to the carpeted floor. She raises to her knees breifly, and removes what is left of her top, squeezing her tits together for me to drive my already-hard erection ever futher.. I take her shorts and yank them down, makeshift tough, with a grunt. Arching my back, Nancy slides my cut-off sweatpants shorts down, and goes in for my huge, now throbbing cock.."Please Nance" I beg her "". As she wraps her lips around the top of my cock, I guide her head down, resulting in a slight choking reverb from her..
"Now now..Can't have you choking Nance", I say to her softly.."Get up here".
She lays her body on top of me, positioning it to ride on my huge cock. Grabbing her waist, I move her left to right, then up and down, and she begins to sigh, loudly. "Huummph..Hummmpphh..Ahhh!! C'mon..fuck me fuck me..Ohhhhmmmmmm" goes from her mouth to my ear, with a huffing, puffing whisper..Smacking her shapely ass from up top, I grab ahold of her cheeks and spread them wide. "No, not that...Oh, I'm goin' to mulitiple" Massaging the inside of her ass cheeks, down the crack I just teasingly feel for her pussy hole. Nancy pushes her face to the floor and lets out a scream of pleasure I had only heard in XXX rated movies! I notice her hands grabbing at the carpeting, for something to hang onto, and was not about to let those long nails go unused on my back. "Dig, Nance..Dig like you used to..I worship your long nails! Use me!".. Thrusti! ng forward and fueling myself with getting off on her screams of pleasure, I feel the first of many long, erotically painful digs down my shoulders and back..It's clear that Nancy has not forgotten how to please.
After a good 30 consecutive cock thrusts into my sister, and an equal amount of nail digs, Nancy rolls over, exhausted by my ride. As she lay to my left, I can feel her hand coming over, across my leg and onto my still-hard cock.. "Go ahead, it..make me explode..You are SO fucking sexy!".. With that, Nancy proceeded to stroke and toy with my item until my spew was all over her hand.
"Shit", I laughed, with an almost giddy tone "Now we got something else to clean off this kitchen floor!".. Nancy giggled, then fell asleep on me. We awoke hours later, and went to bed, leaving the cleaning for the next day.

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