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Sweet Looks, Private Instance

Ever see a hot, gorgeous, sexy woman with a complete loser doofus man? Not only have I, but, now have the pleasure of being reminded of it every time I see my cousin with his new wife. Don't get me wrong; Paul and I get along well. He's just about as deep as a pothole, and half as bright. How he ended up with Carline, I will never know.
Carline is a gorgeous blonde, with the sweetest face and body I ever saw. Paul likes to refer to her bod as "the rack". Anyway, she and I hit it off well, having just gotten married ( I welcomed her into the family, and she and I shared things about me and my wife being "newlyweds", although we had been married for a year), and generally sharing many interests. It didn't hurt that Carline's body is to kill for, and, I would learn about a hidden naughty streak in her. It was at another person's party for her daughter. Mutual friends had brought us to the same place, and, being by myself that day, I naturally sat with Carline. The flirting started fast. The leg touches, the drawing attention to her new (and tight) lycra pants, and, from me, constantly moving closer in to talk to her and lighting her cigarettes for her.
The party hosts had rented a "moon tent", for the kids, basically to go into, jump around in, and lose their energy. We thought it would be fun for adults to go in, too, so, Carline and I did. Her first jump in the air made her top rise up, showing me her fabulous upper body, smooth navel, and sheer-type bra. My jump was a little more planned, as I lightly slammed into her, knocking us both to the airblown floor. "Whoa! Sorry there, Carline", I said, with mischief in my voice.. "That's ok, Danny" she replied "I'll get you back for that!", and she took another jump in the air, this time, landing ass-first on my side. I immediately "helped" her up, getting a handful of her shapely ass in the process. "Thanks for the, errr, hand, Dan" she laughs, knowing I just grabbed her ass on purpose. As we were both getting out of breath, and starting to sweat, Carline wanted to try a somersault, so she could land on the s! oft air padding. I told her I would gladly spot her, and, let's see her do it.. Carline jumps in the air a few times, then does a backwards somersault, landing face first in the middle of my legs! "Scuusee me, Dan!! I didn't mean to almost hit you here", pointing to my crotch.. Laughing like hell and flirting even more, we got out.
Still sweating, we ask each other where the bathroom was in the large, hoity-toity expensive house. Neither of us knew, so we decided to go look. Heading up a flight of steps, I was eyeing up her body, as she huffed and puffed for breath. "Let's try over here", she says, and I go up behind her, squeeze her ass again, and say "uh, over here??". We find a double-sink bathroom upstairs, and start to wash up. I close the door and face her, silent. "You want to?" she says, "Right here??" "I've wanted to since I got here, Carline..MAN have you got a body on you!", as I feel up her shirt and play with her nipples. "Well, I've tried getting your number from Paul, but, he seems to not want me to have it".. Moving in closer and placing her hands on my cock, I reply "Hmm...wonder why?". "You are HARD for me, Dan..I do that to you!"..
Figuring we don't have a whole lot of time, we both step it up a few notches..I pick her up and sit her on top of the double counter, stripping her in seconds..Carline removes my shorts by pushing them down with her feet, as I climb on top of her, devouring her mouth with mine and attaching my tounge to hers...This was HOT! I finally had her, under me, behind closed doors! And, she wanted it!!
"Ooh, Danny..Give it here..Give it to me.." she tell me softly, as I drop my rod into her wide-open pussy. Carline's arms feel to grab the end of the counter to hang on..I aim to make sure she needs to. I wrap my arms around her thighs, pulling her legs up towards her head, spreading them as far as I can..Carline exclaims "YES..TAKE IT..TAKE ME FROM HIM!"...My cock hard as hell, I am all too happy to oblige. With Carline's face buring in my shoulder, gnawing away and breathing heavier than ever, I thrust into her harder each time, using the sink as a base to push off of.. I am on fire, and, haven't fucked anyone this hard in sooo long...I wanted to do all she said to do, to use her, to take her body from that letch cousin of mine..I wanted to CLAIM her! The feel of her soft, sweet pussy got better by the second, as her own juices flowed onto the counter top..She was pulsating as I was thrusting into her, maikng for a we! dged-in cock in her tasty pussy.. I pushed harder off the sink and wall and made her scream out, LOUD..A washrag saved us from getting caught, as Carline grabbed it and screamed into it instead.. My rod was pistoning into her at a rapid speed and at huge size, and I felt a cum on the way...But didn't care! Part of me wanted to cum in her, let her feel my warmth...Part of me wanted to cum all over her, to make my mark!!!
We slide to the floor, and I decide to make my mark on her stomach, into that perfectly-shaped navel of hers..Straddling her, eyes half closed and sighing, all she could get out was a faint "yes..plse"..Feeling the rush of cum spewing, I positioned my cock directly over her body, and painted her like Picasso. We both slumped over and rested a few minutes, then, to avoid suspicion, she took a shower while I gingerly got dressed and returned outside, to a crowd who would know nothing.

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