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Homecommin part 3

I left the kitchen and went to my room embarrassed about what had just taken place but still excited and turned on.Laying on the bed I began running my fingers slowly up and down my body until I could no longer keep them away from my clit,thinking about what had happened in the kitchen I came almost immediately,but I was still not satisfied.I got up and headed back to the living room.

Standing in the doorway me eyes were drawn to my mother on the couch between two of the other men.She had a hand on each of them and was slowly masturbating their erect cocks while their hands played between her open legs.Her hands moved to the same rythem as the fingers that were working inside her open pussy.Across the room dad was working on two of the women while they stroked his fully erect cock.The other people present were also engaged in other sex acts although noone was actually screwing.I stood watching as one after another they started to cum until everyone was finished.Then the party seemed to turn into a regular get together except that every one was nude.There was no more sex play and after a while the couples started leaving and by midnight everyone was gone.

I went to bed then and was up most of the night trying to straighten out the feelings I had about what I had just experienced.I knew that after this last week I loved being nude and and being with other naked people.I felt no shame about my body and and the thoughts I had had seeing dad's many erections and the way mom sat with her legs spread and her pussy wide open.Maybe I was an exhibitionist just like the two of themI was happy.

The next couple of days I never bothered to dress and spent time with mom out by the pool.I had some catching up to do if I wanted to be as tan as my parents were and laid in the sun whenever I could.Any inhibitions I had had were now gone and I made no attempt to sit or stand a certain way to hide parts of my body.Matter of fact I found that if I sat with one of my legs over the side arm of the couch my dad would almost always be erect in just a few minutes and I loved teasing him that way.I loved looking at all 10 inches of his cock and he didn't mind showing it.

Thursday night we were watching tv and I was sitting on the couch in my usual positiong with mom and dad across from me on the floor when as I had hoped dad got another one of his many boners.He sat there like nothing was happening but mom noticed right away and she moved her hand over to grasp it.She slowly stroked it like I had seen her do many times before,it was a game they played before heading off to bed,but this time she looked over at me and said that as long as I caused it the least I could do was come over and help her cope with it.I hesitated but they both were smiling and I knew that they wanted me to join them.
I got down on the floor and moved over to where they were and mom positioned me so my back was up against her spoon like.I could feel her erect nipples pressing up against my back and she slid her leg between mine until I felt her thigh against my now damp pussy.She took my right hand and moved it to his erect cock and moved it up and down until I got the rhythem she wanted then moved that hand to my tit and twirled my nipple between her thumb and forefinger.After she had gotten my nipple fully erect she moved her hand down and pulled my leg forward until she could get her fingers into my now wet and open cunt.I had never felt anything like this and knew by the way she moved her fingers that this wasn't the first time she had done this.I kept moving my hand up and down his shaft trying not to think about what my mother was doing behind me but not having much luck.As I got more excited I began stroking faster and faster watching my hand try to cover the full length of his shaft.His cock head was now wet with pre-cum and I moved my hand to slide over his opening and bring this wettness to the base of his cock.Both of us were close to cumming and with-in seconds I felt my pussy contracting with my orgasm.Dad started straying his cum over his chest and thighs just afterwards and as I squezzed mom's fingers his dick went limp in my hand.

We rested for a minute and then dad said that we should give mom a prize that she really deserved.He moved around until he could position her on her back and then spread her legs to each side.He told me that since she had done me it was only right that I do her.I had never touched any pussy but my own and as my hand covered her mound I marveled at how warm and wet it was.I explored her inner lips and movered my fingertip to her clit flickking at it as I had done hundreds of times to my own.I slowly inserted two fingers from my other hand and moved them in and out and watched how her lips moved to try and hold them.Her hands moved to mine and showed me the movement and speed she liked then moved to her own nipples and pulled.Her right hand grasped her nipple ring and pulled until I thought she was going to pull it out,it was stretched so far.Just then she started contracting on my fingers and I knew she was cumming and then my hand was soaked with her juices.

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