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Not so ordinary Women

When you first meet me you would think I'm just an ordinary 30 something housewife,a little on the chubby side 5ft 4 with short brown hair,but if you got to know the real me you would find something completely different.I'm an exhibitionist.

The first thing you would find out is I never wear any underclothes,no bra or panties ever.Havn't had any on for at least ten years.My tits, which are 34 b's have a slight sag to them, but not real bad,have nipples that when I really get excited can get to almost a ½ inch long and hard as pieces of rock.My ass isn't the best looking but it'll do.I've been shaving my pussy completely for the last ten years and keep it as smooth as possible.Depending on how I'm positioned my inner lips sometimes peek out but most of the time I just show a slit with two promenent outer mounds and a slight bump where my clit is.I have a slight belly but my legs are still pretty good.

What do I do with this stuff all depends on what kind of mood I'm in.Some days I just pull on a loose fitting dress and go shopping,this gets me mildly excited knowing theres only one piece of material between me and everybodies eyes.Other times if I want a little more fun I'll put on just a long t-shirt and go for a drive out in the country.After a few miles it will work its way up my thighs until its above my crotch,giving quite a view to any one that happens to see inside the car.Sometimes I'll do that on weekends and stop at yard sales and flee markets knowing that if I bend or move the wrong way an ass cheek will be exposed or my pussy will be in full view.I know its happened more than once because of some of the looks I've gotten.One time after bending over to look at something at a yard sale the man running it asked why I was leaving so soon.

One time I went to an afternoon movie and there were only a few people there.I found a seat way in a back corner and took off the t-shirt and watched the whole movie nude.I don't think any one saw me but I really didn't care.Another time I drove almost two hundred miles completely nude on a warn summer evening.I had my t-shirt next to me on the seat just in case I needed it,but even when I got home and pulled into the garage I left it off.I hadn't seen any one on the steet so I just walked into the house naked and stayed that way for the rest of the weekend.

Some weekends I'll go to the nude beach to work on my tan.I never make any attempt to cover up or change the position I'm in when some one walks by.If my legs happen to be spread as I'm tanning my inner thighs I just leave them like that and if some one happens to get a good look at my bald pussy thats ok with me.

My favorite place is work thogh.I have my own office and although I deal with other peolpe all day,they always knock before comming in.This allows me to get my dress back in position or sometimes to even put it back on.Theres been many a day that I've worked in the nude only a few feet away from about a hundred other people,the lock on the door helps on those days by giving me time to get dressed before I let some one in.I have one loose fitting dress that I sometimes wear that is slippery enough that it always falls back in place and on more than one occasion I've sat at my desk with it pulled up around my waist while I talked to another employee.One time my boss was in the office and we met for almost three hours while I had that dress pulled up and my legs spread as wide as I could get them under the desk.By the time she left my chair had quite a damp spot on it,that was one of the most exciting afternoons I've ever experienced.

Lately I've been looking for more excitment and have been thinking of moving to an apartment complex that has a pool.I'm sure that I could find all kinds of oppertunities to do some flashing around a private pool.

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