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Sexual Orgy

The Fusili group of friends came to the beach for a weekend of fun and Relaxation. Little did they know, a fun filled sex-capade awaited them. One night all the Fusili's got ass drunk. There was much sexual tension between all of them. Everyone wanted to fuck each other like a bad cinemax movie.

Upon arriving, they all looked at each other in anticipation as they dreamt of what might occur. The ice was broken when Sarah took off her top because she was so aroused by the hot guys that awaited her. The other girls followed by taking off their tops, causing the guys to become aroused. The fun began when they all decided to play strip poker.

They played, in teams, guys on one team, and the girls on the other. The guys, being experts at poker, won the first few games, exposing the girls exposing the girls' breasts to them. With every girls' huge hooters exposed, the guys began to feel the bulge in the pants expand. After awhile, everyone was down to their panties and boxers the girls dripping wet and the guys with huge erections.

Sarah then took they initiative and did what all the girls wanted to do but were too embarrassed. Sarah slowly took off her bra, exposed her huge breasts to all the horny guys. They gawked at her boobs as she giggled them back and forth, mesmerizing everyone. Dan, who was amazed at the size of Sarah boobs, pulled down his pants to exposed his gargantuan penis. All the girls were amazed at the size of Dan's penis, thinking that it would be small compared to the other guys they had been with. Everyone followed in the act and began to strip naked in front of each other. This was the first time the fusilli's, a very close group of friends, had seen each other completely nude, and it turned them all on. Mike began to creep up behind Meredith and slowly insert his bursting penis into her tight wet pussy. Meredith screamed at the feeling of Mike's penis into her cunt, almost falling over in pleasure. Dave then followed Mike's lead and told Kristin to get her ass on the couch so that he could ram his dick into her receiving snatch. It didn't take Kristin long to climax, as she moaned in pleasure at the touch of Dave's freak of a penis, that was so huge it could tickle her tonsils. Dan, wanting in on the action, took beattie's ass, and grabbing it tightly he shoved his nearly exploding shlong into her soaking wet cunt. She took it with much pleasure, telling him to pump harder and harder, as she approached orgasm. Brian looked around and he saw that he needed someone to fuck but he realized that what he really needs is a good blowjob. Seeing that Meredith had a free mouth, she got on her hands and knees while Mike pounded away at her ass. Brian got on his knees and quickly inserted his bulging cock into Meredith's mouth, making her gag at first because his huge cock hit the back of her throat. This aroused Meredith greatly, having two guys' wangs in her orifices. Sarah needed to get in on the action, and she knew what she wanted when she saw Brian's sweaty ass. Her tongue, dripping in saliva, made a beeline to Brian's asshole, and began licking it uncontrollably. Brian was now getting his dick sucked and his ass licked; he couldn't have felt better. Beav, looking at the chaos going on around him, decided he needed a pussy to fuck. The only available pussy happened to be Sarah's, so he quickly jumped on the opportunity. He slid his massive cock into Sarah's soaking wet twat, and she squealed in amazement of what a cock could feel like in her cooter. It wasn't long until she climaxed, as Beav continued to ram her pussy and smack her ass. Before long, everyone had cum.

\But just when you thought it was the end, Dave took the initiative and threw Kristin aside, and began to fuck Meredith. Kristin, having been left by her bucking bronco, saw an unoccupied penis, this being Dan's. She quickly began polishing his knob, back and forth as fast as she could. Meanwhile, the rest of the fusilli's beginning grabbing each other and giving each other oral pleasure. Mike, having never licked a snatch in his life, found Sarah's pussy very pleasing, and began eating it out like an all night buffet. TP, tired of licking ass, found a free man and took his penis and shoved it into her wanting cunt. Everyone screamed in ecstasy, as jizz began flying everywhere.

After everyone was finished and laying in awe of what had just occurred, Jenny walked threw the door. A tall blonde with big tities was no match for the horny men who awaited her. Her boyfriend Jeff, along with the 4 other guys, began to play rodeo with her. They each took turns fucking her, as they rammed their busting penises into her tight cunt. She had never felt such pleasure and such pain at the same time. She was sucking dick and receiving dick, both in the ass and in the pussy. Mike, not being able to control his cum, shot it in Kristin's mouth on accident, who surprisingly enjoyed it. She immediately ran to Mike's penis, dripping with cum, and began sucking the excess jizz.

The fucking and sucking subsided, and everyone got dressed. They would never look at each other the same, and this huge orgy became and tradition.

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