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My name is Paula, I am 5' 8" and 140 lbs with size 38C breasts. This is my story of one of my lesbian encounters with my sister Pam who is 5' 7" and 120 lbs with size 34B breasts. This is something I never wrote about be always thought of doing. My first incident to place when I was in the first year of my marriage to my husband. He was working 2nd shift and he was due to come home at 1:00AM. We asked Pam if she would take care of our animals while we went to the shore for the weekend. Pam and I were up talking that night about just about everything. She said she was tired and needed to get some sleep. I also went off to bed. I usually sleep, in the summer, just in a T-shirt and panties. Well, about 11:30 I woke up and went the bathroom and decided to go out to the living room to check on Pam. I noticed she was curled up in a little ball with her blanket on the floor. She was wearing a white T-shirt and little skimpy orange bikini panties. I picked up the blanket to put it on her and then she stretched out and when she did this pulled up her T-shirt exposing her breasts partially. I went to pull her T-shirt down then put the blanket on her. Just as I took a hold of her T-shirt she grabbed my hand and put it on her breasts. She then said to me,"have you ever fooled around with another woman?." I told her that I never had sex with another women, let alone my own sister. She slid up on the couch and kissed me and said, "It will be ok." She pulled my T-shirt up and starting kissing my nipples and gently started to suck them. I couldn't believe that this was happening with my sister. She then told me to take my T-shirt off. I then pulled her T-shirt over her head and leaned down and starting sucking her pink nipples. She was so soft. Then I moved down her stomach and asked her to lay down. I kissed all the way down to her pubic area. I couldn't believe what I was about to do. I spread her legs and kissed and licked her through her panties. She smelled so good and now I wanted to taste her. I pulled her panties aside and licked her clit and started to suck her clit. She was moaning. I sucked even harder and then slid my middle finger inside of her and went in and out slowly with it. Then I would stop with my finger and slid my tongue inside of her. Darting my tongue in and out while using my thumb to rub her clit. Her ass lifted off the couch and she came as my tongue was in her. She tasted so delicious. After she had her earth-shattering orgasm, she told me to sit on her face. So she pulled my white cotton panties off and laid on the floor. I straddled her face and she began to lick my pussy. I loved the feel of my sisters tongue just licking and lashing my pussy. She stuck her tongue inside of me various times. Each time she did this I would almost explode. Finally after only a few minutes, I couldn't hold on any longer. With the thrust of my hips and a loud scream I came on my sisters face. I was great. I loved every second of pleasure she gave me. We then got into a 69 and pleasured each other a few more times before my husband came home from work.

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