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Another time happened after Pam was married and now living half a state away from me. My husband and I were planning on helping Pam and her husband work on remodeling a room in their house. Pam's husband and my husband went to get more supplies, leaving Pam and I alone for about an hour or two. We went downstairs in the kitchen and sat down and had a cup of coffee together and just to talk. Pam was telling me about her new piece of sexy lingerie she got from a local store. So we proceeded to go into the bedroom so she could show me what she had bought. It was a long white see thru nightgown with skimpy white panties. She asked me what I thought of it. The whole time I was thinking of what she would look like in it. She then blurted out, "Should I try it on for ya?". I said "sure". So she stepped out of the room and went into the bathroom to change. She then came out and she asked me what I thought. I said,"you look great." Randy is really gonna like to see you in that. Pam then approached me and said,"Do you think I look sexy in this." I once again said,"yes". Pam pulled to close to her and kissed my gently on the lips. She said to me,"remember at your apartment what we did." I said,"yes". She said I wanna do that again. I said,"What if the guys get home and catch us." She said,"They wont." She then proceeded to lift up my sweater and started to fondle my breasts thru my bra. I had on a tan silky colored bra. She rubbing my nipples thru my bra really made them hard. She leaned down and started to lick them thru my bra. In the meantime I was brushing my hand thru her hair and also touching her breasts. She then pulled my sweater or my head and asked me to turn around and she then unhooked my bra. I turned around and faced her and he escorted me into the bedroom and then she unbuttoned my jeans and slid them off my hips. I had on a pair of tri-colored silky bikini panties. She then asked me to lay down on the bed. She pulled my panties off and knelt down between my legs and started to lick my clit. It was great. I imeediately started to moan. As she was licking me she was reaching up and fondling my breasts. She was darting her tongue inside of me and moving her head back and forth vigorously. God, I was ready to cum. Her tongue was really lashing me, I then let out an moan and announced,"Oh God, I am cumming Pam!" "Lick me harder!" I then finished cumming and then she rose up with her lips shimmering with my pussy juice, she then leaned down and kissed me deep. I could taste my pussy on her lips. She pulled away a little and I licked her lips clean. It now was my turn now. I asked Pam to get on her hands and knees in front of me. Her tight little ass with her white bikini panties on looked so tasty. I then started to lick her ass and kiss it. She started moaning and telling me to taste her. I pulled her panties down to her knees and slid my tongue directly into her hot snatch. As I was licking her she reached her hand around and started fingering herself and rubbing her clit. It didn't take that long until her ass tightened and she left out a loud moan and came. She roller over on her back and continued to play with her clit and I in turn started to play with my clit too. Suddenly we hear the guys pull up and we scurried to get dressed. Both of us laughing the whole time.

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