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Little story I wrote for fun...some fact, some fiction, some fantasy. Feel free to distribute anywhere, but please leave my e-mail address on it. Thanks, and feedback is always welcome.

His co-worker dropped him off in front of his apartment building at around four in the afternoon. This was about an hour and a half before he is usually home, but since there was so little work to be done today, and one of the other guys was driving right past his place, he took the opportunity for a lift home.

James usually just goes home with his wife when she gets off work, but today she called him around noon, and told him she was not feeling well and would be going home early. He told her it was not a problem, he could get a ride with one of the guys, and told her to go home and get some rest.

Before he went into the building, James took a walk down the street to the little store and bought a small bouquet of flowers to give to Ann, hoping it may make her feel better. He picked out a nice combination bouquet that has a nice bright variety of colors. There were some carnations, some daisies, a couple roses, and a few more that he didn't know the name of.

Trying to be very quiet in case she was still sleeping, James slowly slipped his key into the lock and gently pushed the door open. He could hear the faint murmur of the TV in the bedroom and grinned to himself, she can't do a damn thing without that TV.

As he got a few more steps into the apartment, he suddenly froze. He realized what he had just heard. It was the definite sound of a woman's moan. Not a moan of pain, definitly not, this was a moan of total pleasure. He quickly snuck to the other side of the apartment where he would be able to get closer to the bedroom, without being seen.

He recognized the moaning as one of the porno tapes he had in his night stand, and this made him smile a lot. His wonderful wife must be watching it. This was such a surprise, because she is usually so quiet and shy, and told him she does not do this kind of thing. Well, now he had proof, not to mention a cock that was growing very hard by the second.

He was just about to open the bedroom door when he heard another moan, one he knew so well. It was Ann, she sounded like she may be close to cumming. He couldn't wait to see her. He was imagining her lying there, naked, eyes glued to the little TV screen flashing images of others fucking and sucking.

James slipped his clothes off quietly outside the door, giving his 6 1/2 inch cock some room to breath. He was totally hard now, harder than he ever had been in his life. He kept thinking to himself, Ann, quiet little Ann, lying there fingering herself, this was too good to be true. He could see it in his mind now, one had lightly caressing her breasts, teasing the nipples, while the other would be at her pussy.

Her pussy was partially shaven, she allowed James to shave around her lips, but insisted that he leave a little bit on the top. He was not one to argue, he loved to eat her pussy, and now with no hair, he was liking it even more. Once again he imagined her sliding her little fingers up and down that wet, bare slit, back up to her hard clit which she would rub lightly. They often masturbated for each other while watching a movie like this, and he loved to see her cum. She quite often would prolong her orgasm as long as possible, but when she came, damn, it was hot!

James knelt down on one knee and slowly turned the door knob. Ann was too far gone at this point to notice a herd of elephants crash through, she certainly wasn't going to notice the door. There she was, but he was in for another surprise. Not only was she playing with herself, and yes, she was close to cumming, but she had the little vibrating jelly egg he got her for Christmas last year. She said she didn't use it on herself, well, she certainly was today! Up and down her slit, across her clit, down to her lips again, back and forth.

He could see her chest rising and falling faster and faster, and he knew she was going to cum any second. He glanced over at the screen and saw that the stud on the screen was just about to cum all over a big chested blondes tits. Looking back at Ann he saw her bite the edge of her lower lip, then bucking faster, she started moaning loudly, and came very very hard. Her body collapsed and James slowly backed out of the room, went back to the front door, and made more noise.

He walked into the apartment calling her name. She did not answer so he went to the bedroom, and as soon as he open the door, he could smell her wonderful pussy. She faked being asleep, and just to her left, James could see the cord from the vibrator was visible a little. He walked out, and thought to himself, he will have to catch her doing this again, and join in, but that is another story...


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