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by Eve

As you walk in the door you notice me, standing by my bed, a black rubber sheet stretched over the mattress. I am completely naked except for a lacy black garter belt, fishnets, and "fuck-me" heels. I give you the look that says, "Come take me," and then walk over to the bed. I pour a small puddle of scented oil on the rubber sheet, and bend over, spreading the oil across the bed while also giving you a view of my full, lush ass. "Strip" I say to you, and you do, with haste. When you are down to the black silk boxers you are wearing, I can see your thick cock straining against the soft material. I walk over to you and kiss you with passion, our tongues dueling. I moan deep in my throat with pleasure. I take a break to nibble your ear, then lick and kiss your neck, your shoulder. I pull away from you and look in your eyes, knowing that tonight will be a night I will never forget.

I kneel in front of you and look up, giving you my sexiest eyes. I gingerly pull the silk down from your hips, and away from your cock. While keeping my eyes locked with yours, I lean over and flick my tongue over the head of your erection. You jump with the contact, and a shiver goes down my spine. I begin licking your cock all the way from the base of the shaft to the tip, lingering on the head. With my right hand I lightly play with your balls, my left hand roaming your thigh, your hip. You begin to feed your cock into my mouth inch by inch, maintaining eye contact the whole time. Once you have half of your cock deep in my hot, wet mouth, you begin to pump, treating me like your fucktoy. When I sense that you are nearing orgasm, I stop, stand and lead you over to the bed. I sit, straddling on the bed so you have a show of my pussy, and I begin smoothing the oil over my body, covering every area, every crevice, creating a glimmer on my soft skin. I begin fingering myself, my already soaked pussy climbing the plateaus, bringing me to the boiling point. Meanwhile, you are jacking off, loving the show. Finally, you cannot handle it any longer, and push me down on the bed. You are over me, looking into my eyes, teasing my slit with the tip of your cock. With one thrust, you bury yourself deep inside of me, making me cry out in ecstacy. You pump full of your meat, bringing me to the edge. I roll you over and straddle you, sliding my soaking wet cunt down on your hard, thick cock. When all 7 inches are deep inside me, I begin riding you, throwing my head back and moaning loudly with pleasure. We come together, me crying out and you groaning deeply. With your cock still inside me, I lay down on your chest. We fall asleep like that, joined together as one.

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