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The Photo Shoot

For months my husband had been hinting that he wanted some sexy pictures of me for our bedroom,you know the kind,shy smile over the shoulder dressed in a long nightgown.A few of our frends had them,taken by one of the photographers in town that specialized in that kind of stuff.I had checked into and found that they were really expensive and besides I didn't think I had the nerve to pose in front of a stranger even if he was a professional.

I mentioned my problem to my neighbor Chris one morning over coffee and she said that she had taken some photography courses in college and still had some of her equipment and if I wanted she thought she would be able to do it.She said that if I didn't mind black and white she would even be able to develope them.After a couple more cups of coffee I agreed and we set it up for the next day at her place.

The following morning I took a shower and did a little trimming,then gathered up the sexist nightclothes I had and headed over to her house.She looked over what I had and said that she had a bunch more and if I wanted I could wear some of her stuff.She had some great stuff including some that I didn't think I'd have the guts to wear.I picked out a couple of things and as I went to change she finished setting up her equipment.The first thing I put on was a long black night gown,actually a robe that didn't show very much.I kept my bra and panties on underneath just to be on the safe side.

Chris positioned me on the couch and for the next hour or so took a bunch of pictures in that outfit and three or four other ones.I was starting to relax a little and finally she asked if I felt like getting a little sexier.She said we should take some in just my bra and panties.Well the ones I was wearing were just normal everyday housewife attire and I told her they weren't really that sexy looking,she went to her bedroom and came back with some that she said might look a little better.After I put them on in the bathroom I was hesitant to come out because they were pretty transparent but I finally decided to try it.

On the couch I was trying to sit so nothing actually showed and Chris saw that I was feeling uncomfortable.She left me there and went out of the room and when she came back she had stripped down to her undergarents.She said that maybe if both of us were dressed the same I might be more relaxed.The problem was that even though I was wearing transparent underwear she was wearing a cut out bra and a very small g-string that clearly showed the outline of her mound.
She moved nearer and positioned me for a few photos and then suggested I remove the bra so she could take some semi-nudes.When i hesitated she took hers off and asked if that make me more comfortable.I guess I must have been getting more relaxed and used to what was happening because the next thing I knew I had removed the bra and Chris was taking topless photos of me.She showed me how she wanted each photo posed using herself as the model.The last one had me holding my breast and trying to touch my nipple with my toungue.By the end of that part of the shoot I was starting to feel a lot sexier than at the beginning and Chris suggested we take a break and discuss what we wanted to do next.We went down to the kitchen with me in just my panties and Chris in her g-string and made some coffee.

We talked for awhile and then Chris said it was time for some full nudes.She stood up and showed me what she had in mind starting with a shot from the back as I slowly removed the panties and then a few more shots until I was facing the camera.By now she had stepped out of her g-string and when she had fully turned to face me I saw that her mound was smooth and completely shaven.She made no attempt to cover herself and when she sat down I had a view of her open lips and slightly protruding clit.She wasn't at all embarrassed about sitting there like that and kept on talking like we normally did over coffee.When the coffee pot was empty she said our break was over and it was time to get back to work,but instead of going back to the bedroom she wanted some shots in the rest of the house.

She said she wanted to take the photos of me removing the panties in front of the fire place and it seemed like she took a whole roll of film before I finally had them off.By now my own nipples were fully erect and I could feel myself getting moist from how erotic this had become.She had me lay on the floor while she took some shots from above,standing over me with her legs spread wide,her pussy wide open just a few feet away.Next she squatted down over my hips for some low angle shots of my face thru the valley between my breasts.From this position her inner lips were visable and wide open allowing me to see the pinkness between them.She dropped down lower until her lips pressed against the fullness of my bush.

Then for some reason I did something I had never done before and reached up and put my hands on her full hanging breasts.

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