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As Jenny laid on the lounge beside her parents swimming pool in her barely visible bikini, she smiled as she thought how lucky she was. Her parents trusting her enough to leave her alone while they went to Europe. 18 years old and I'm on my way she thought. Two months away from starting college at a most prestigious school and on a cheerleading scholarship no less. Jenny looked down at her almost perfect, tanned body and thought to herself "I'M going to knock those fraternity boys dead" and laughed. She closed her eyes in the warm sun and thought of her date from the night before. Brad, so horny he was almost begging, trying desperately to get in her pants. He was cute and she had considered it but she knew his reputation for bragging and she couldn't afford to be tagged with a slut label now. She had seen Brad almost naked several times at pool parties and he admittedly had a beautiful body. She had really been nearly as horny as him last night and with her parents gone she could have brought him up and fucked him all night. Or as long as he could have lasted anyway, boys didn't seem to be able to hold off their orgasms very well after Jenny teased them mercilessly and then finally gave in when they were ready to give up. Oh well, he thought he probably just went home and jerked off thinking all kinds of nasty thoughts about me. Jennys hand slid under her thong bikini bottoms and adjusted them and noticed that she was quite moist. MMM she moaned lightly as she rubbed her clit, I wonder how big Brads dick is and if he knows how to use it. She slid a finger inside of her tiny pussy and shivered at how good it felt. She opened her eyes and looked around but knew it was quite unlikely anyone could see her with the 10' wall that surrounded their back yard. Jenny slid her hand back in her bottoms and pinched her left nipple with her other hand. I need an orgasm she thought as she increased her motion on her pussy. Maybe I should wait, Brad said he be over around 3 o'clock and its got to be 2:15. I could just give into him and really enjoy myself. She smiled and continued rubbing herself and thought this feels to good to stop though. BANG, BANG. The knock on the gate brought Jenny out of her ecstasy. Oh Brad is early and I am wet, his lucky day. She got up, straightened her bikini and looked down at herself. Mighty fine, she thought, know way he resists this. She noticed that her bottoms had a visible wet spot in the crotch. She considered putting a towel around herself but thought better of it. I'm to horny to play games, might as well let him know up front what he's gonna get so we can get right to it.

BANG, BANG Ok, Ok I'm coming she thought geesh whats the rush. Jenny walked over and, forgetting all the security measures she promised her parents, flung the gate open.

OH MY GOD!! she cried as the tall young black man stood in front of her holding a pool cleaning net. " Um hi I'm Tone, your father left a message for us to clean your pool once a week while their gone ma'am" he said. Jenny backed off and covered up as she noticed the man look directly at her crotch. "Oh ok I'm sorry, I was expecting someone else" Jenny stammered as she backed into the pool changing house. " Go ahead" she yelled out to Tone "I"ll be out in a bit" Jenny threw off her bathing suit and searched for her clothes "Oh shit I left them in the house" She picked the bikini back up and started to step into it when the door to the pool house swung open. "Don't come in here!!" she yelled but Tone smiled and walked towards her unzipping his fly as he walked. "I know you were expecting someone else to do some freakin' but how about some of this?" Jenny stared in horror as Tone pulled out his cock from his pants. It was so big that he wrapped both hands around it and several inches and its large pink head protruded out of them. Jenny had know idea that dicks got that big and she was stunned. "No way, no way get out of here or I'll scream" she said. No way in the world was she going to let some black guy she didn't even know touch her. He's probably a dope fiend with AIDS or something she thought. She realized she was naked and tried to cover herself as she backed towards the bathroom. "Goddamn bitch you got the hottest little body I ever saw on a white girl, I gotta make you squeal baby" Jenny saw that a couch was between her and the bathroom so she quickly tried to step up on the couch and jump over it. Tone was much to quick, however, and he caught her by the wrist, twisted it and let her fall on the couch with her stomach over the backrest. Jenny knew this was a very bad position, lying over the backrest of the couch with her naked ass in the air, so she tried to spin around.

Tone was to quick and strong for her though and he pushed her head down on the back side of the couch forcing her ass higher in the air. "Shit" she thought, "I've got to do something" But as she struggled to slip away she felt the head of Tones massive cock against her pussy. "Oh no no, please don't do that, I'm not on the pill, I don't want to, please I'll take care of you another way, PLEASE" Jenny tried to tighten herself against his intrusion but her wetness betrayed her and Tone's cock began inching in. "OH GOD, please its to big UH UH stop" she cried. "I gotta tame this pussy baby, don't worry, it'll be much better soon" Jenny grit her teeth as Tone inched his naked cock deep inside of her and when she finally felt his hips against her ass she relaxed a bit to adjust to his size. He began moving his hips in small circles "EW yeah baby you started to get it now ain't you" "God he is so big" she thought " Am I ruined now? I can't believe he got it all the way inside me" "MMM god I hate myself but it feels good the way he moves his hips around" "Yeah girl I thought you"d come around" he said as he backed out of her slowly and then slammed back deep in her "UGH, Uh" she moaned and pushed her hips into him. " Baby your pussy too sweet, never been in a cunt so tight and hot as this, gotta make this last" "Still want me to stop baby?" Jenny shook her head no, and bit down on a pillow to muffle a moan."

Suddenly she realized that she was ovulating and said to Tone "don't come inside of me ok?" "We'll see baby, depends on what I get in return" he quipped.

Tone started pumping her faster and despite herself she began to moan out loud. As she felt a powerful orgasm building she gripped the couch firmly and began moving her hips in rhythm with him.

Tone suddenly pulled out and turned her over. He laid her back on the couch and began kissing her, she kissed him back passionately. "I can't believe I'm doing this" she thought but he was even a very good kisser. Tone took his cock in his hand and slid it back in her tight pussy, Jenny moaned and arched her back as she felt him push very, very deep inside of her. "Oh god its good" she screamed. She felt Tones hot breath on her ear as he muttered "Oh pussy so good baby, tearin this sweet ass up girl" Tone began slamming into Jenny with awesome power and as she felt his balls slapping her as and heard the loud smacking of her wet cunt being fucked inside out she again felt the swell of orgasm coming on.

Tones rhythm became hurried and she knew he was going to cum at any time and

she tried to force herself to ask him to pull out but orgasm came on to

quickly. "OH OH OH PLEASE I"M CUMMMMING" she screamed. "Say my name bitch

say my name tell Tone to fuck you girl" he said under heavy breath "OH TONE


THERE, THERE OH TAKE MY CUM UH UH" Jenny felt great loads of his cum shooting deep inside her.

Finally Tone pulled his massive cock out of her and she felt his cum oozing out over her ass. Tone kissed her and said " So sweet baby, hottest pussy in the world, I so hope you got my baby in you" "I'd marry sweet little white girl and fuck you twice every day" He laughed and got up. Suddenly they both jumped as the heard clapping at the door. "What a performance" Brad was smiling. "Shit" Jenny yelled and tried to stand but her legs were to rubbery. " Stay there " Brad yelled. He looked at Tone and said "Get your clothes, get the fuck out of here and never mention this again or I'll have dad lock your ass up, understand?" Without looking back Tone grabbed his clothes and said "Sure do, loud and clear" as he ran out the door. Brad walked over towards Jenny. She said " How long were you there?" Well long enough to go back to my car and get this" he said, producing a handheld video camera from behind his back.

"Oh god please don't tell anyone, I'll be ruined" She cried. Brad began stripping off his clothes, "Oh I think we can work out a deal" he smiled. Brad grabbed Jenny's ankles, spread them out and came in close to her cunt with the video camera " Here ladies and gentleman is the most beautiful pussy in the state full of the hot cum of a black man and below it is the most beautiful asshole in the world which yours truly is about to fill himself" Brad put the camera down and placed Jennys ankles on his shoulders. " Ok girl no more teasing, right?" Jenny laid her head back and said "No more teasing Brad, I'm yours now............

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