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I was in one of my moods again and it was time to try or do something completely out of the ordinary for me.My huisband wasn't going to be able to get away for the weekend,matter of fact he told me was going to work both days so I decided I'd go up to our cabin by myself.A couple of days out of town felt like a pretty good idea.Friday afternoon I threw a few things in the car and then took a shower and as soon as he got home from work I left.

Theres a big rest stop about a half hour from town and as soon as I got to it I stopped and went inside the ladies room to change.I took off my jeans and shirt and then my bra and panties.I put the shirt back on which covered me to about mid-thigh,rolled my undergarments in the jeans and went back out to the car and threw them in the trunk.Back on the road I got into the right hand lane and set the cruise for the three hour trip to the cabin.The sun was just setting and it was starting to get alittle dark and as soon as I figured no one could see into the car I unbuttoned the shirt completely and let the wind caress my semi-nude body.With-in a few minutes the slight chill from the breeze and the excitement of being on the open road almost nude had my nipples fully erect.

About a hundred miles from home I decided to stop and get some gas so at the next exit I got off and looked for a station that wasn't right next to the expressway.A ways down the road I found one that had a bunch of pumps but no-one else was there so I pulled in and used the car and pumps to block the view from inside.The pumps allowed you to use a credit card with-out going inside so I didn't bother closing up the shirt.right away.Standing outside like that got my juices flowing and when the tank was about half full I took off the shirt and put it on the back seat.I finished filling the car completely nude,then got in and headed back to the highway.

Driving along in the dark with only the dashboard lights illuminating the inside of the car I was sure no-one could see the condition I was in.I was so keyed up now that I had a really hard time keeping my fingers from wandering down between my thighs or across my nipples.But I wanted to stay in this hightened sexual state as long as I could.

I was now getting hungry,since I hadn't eaten anything before I left,so I decided to stop at one of the fast food places along the road.I started to pull over and stop to put my shirt back on but then I thought that at this time of night there would only be a few people working at the place so I stayed the way I was.I pulled in and placed my order at the first window and as I started to move forward I wondered if I was making a mistake and should have put the shirt back on.It was to late now and when the girl at the drivethru handed me my food she didn't even seem to notice that tits were out in the open.I left as quickly as I could hoping she wasn't on the phone calling the police.Before getting back on the road I put the shirt next to me hoping that if I was stopped I'd have enough time to put it back on.

The rest of the trip was normal and I pulled in about midnight.I opened the cabin and before I knew it had fallen asleep on the couch.

My plan was to stay nude the whole weekend no matter what but Saturday morning I discovered we were out of coffee so I had to go into town to get some.Still nude I went out to the car and put on just the shirt and drove into town.Although the shirt came down to the middle of my thighs the part that was actually buttoned ended only about an inch below my pussy so I had to be very carefull about the way I moved around.The coffee was on the top shelf and I'm sure that if anyone had been looking they would have seen my ass cheeks as I reached for it.At the counter paying for it I was sure the clerk could see my hard nipples clearly outlined thru the shirt but again she acted nonchalant about it.

Back at the cabin I got out of the shirt and made some coffee then went out on the porch to sit and get some sun.The cabin was off the road behind a screen of trees and the nearest neighbors were a couple hundred yards away so I wasn't worried about any one seeing me.I got up and was picking some flowers in the back yard when I got the feeling some-one was watching me I turned around and my neighbor was standing next to the cabin.

When she saw that I had seen her she tried to excuse herself and was about to leave when for some reason even though I was naked I envited her to stay for coffee.I could see that she was embarrassed about my nudity but I didn't want her to leave.
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