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We were getting ready for the last party of the summer and I was in my room trying to pick out something to wear.Instead of just comming in normal clothes and then stripping as usual all the women had decided that this party would have a sort of dress-up theme.I was digging thru the stuff I had and just couldn't seem to find anything that I thought looked sexy enough.Just about then mom called from her room and asked if I could come in and look at what she was wearing.

When I saw her I knew that it was going to be very hard to bear what she had on.She had on a half bra that pushed up here tits and showed off her nipple ring,which she had changed from a small hanging gold ball that she usually wore to one that was quite a bit larger and had some feathers on it.She had on thigh high stockings and a garter belt that matched her bra,but the most amazing thing was her,if I could call them that,panties.Her pussy was completely exposed but somehow looked a little different.I came closer and saw that all it was was a couple of ribbons that went on each side of her mound around to the back and up between her ass cheeks.I asked why her mound looked so pronounced aand she smiled and bent over a little.At the bottom of her slit was a triangluar piece of leather that pushed forward and up against her pussy and supplied enough pressure that it pushed her lips forward and made her mound protrude more.She looked great and I told her so.

When I told her that I couldn't find anything to wear she said she'd help me out and produced another outfit just like hers but in a different color.She helped me possition the panties and said I should walk a round for awhile to get used to them because they took some getting used to.It just took a couple of steps to know that I liked the way they felt.It was like I was walking with someone's hand under me pushing up against my pussy.

The party was set for Saturday night at one of the couples that lived across town.We left a little early because mom said we had to stop and pick something up on the way.I was just hoping we wouldn't get in any kind of accident on the way.All me and mom had on over our party oufits were light coats and dad was just wearing a sweatsuit.I had no idea what he was wearing under it.On the way we pulled into a super market and mom said I should go in quick and pick-up some snacks.Walking around that crowed market knowing that I was almost nude under my coat was quite a turn-on and with that triangle pushing up against my pussy I thought I was going to cum right there in the checkout line.

When we got to the party and the hostess took our coats we became the center of attention.Most of the other women were wearing nightgowns or their bra and panties and there was one women that had on a g-string and pastiesThe men were either in jockies or pj bottoms and when dad took off his sweatsuit and I finally saw what he was wearing I couldn't help but smile.He had on a pair of black nylon briefs thay mom had cut the front out of so his cock and balls hung out and on the tip of his cock there was a bright red ribbon tied in a bow.

The first hour or so everyone just talked and got re-aquainted.Mom and dad were over in a corner talking with another couple and naturally mom had dad's cock in her hand as they talked.He wasn't fully erect yet but I knew it wouldn't be too long until he was.I was seated on the couch with another couple and she was woking on him with one hand and used her other to lightly carress my nipples.My hands were also busy,my left on myself and my right working on her clit.It was still early and no-one really was trying to get any-one else off yet but the light pressure was getting all of us in a relaxed mood.

Mom and I exchanged glances a couple of times and finally she came over and sat down next to me.She laid back and put her leg over the top of the couch and I knew instantly what she wanted.I repositioned myself so I was kind of laying on her thigh,her bald pussy just a foot or so away.I used my index finger to slowly trace around her outer lips and across her clit's hood.She put her other foot on the floor and that movement opened her up to expose her inner lips and clit completely.I felt movement behind me and then my legs were being spread apart and I felt a warm wet toungue move across my clit.I looked down to see the women I had been fingering moments before bury her head in my crotch.I turned back to what I had been doing and slowly worked the tip of one finger into the wet opening in front of me.I felt her shudder and move her hips up to meet me.I inserted another finger and the decided to move our relationship one step further.

Although I had spent the summer comming to these parties and mutually masturbating with these people there never had been any type of sex besides masturbation and now I was being lickrd by another women.Her toungue felt so good and I wanted to experience what she was.My lips moved slowly down the inside of my mothers thigh and before I knew it my toungue was flicking her clit.I removed my fingers and licked her juices from them then pushed my toungue inder her opening as far as possible and used it to slowly fuck her.I moved in and out enjoying her taste and scent.Her legs came together and she pushed on the back of my head trapping it between her thighs,her pussy moving up to meet each of my thrusts.

I felt another presents and looked up to see the other people standing over us with dad right in the front watching intently.All the men now were fully erect and they all were either pulling on their own cocks or the other women were helping them.Dad's hands were by his sides as two different women slowly moved on his tremendous erection.He stood directly above me and I reached up and pulled him down towards me.When he was on his knees his cock was at my level and I moved it over until I could use it to rub against mom's clit while my toungue stayed in her open wet pussy.The tip of his cock was up against my nose now and I could feel the pre-cum that was at its tip.

My mouth seemed to move naturally from mom's cunt to dad's cock and soon I had three or four inches of it in my mouth.I kept moving resisting the urge to gag until I felt it at the back of my throat.Mom's hand was now around the rest of his shaft pushing,trying to get more of him inside me.My chin was pushing down on her clit but she didn,t seem to mind if I was causing her any pain,she pushed back and and then she started cumming with a strength I hadn't felt in her before.She covered the side of my face and chin with her expelled juices before she started to calm down and then I felt her trying to move under me.

She squirmed out from under me and moved around to the other end of the couch where I felt her toungue join the other one that was working over my now soaking wet bottom.I tried to concentrate on what I was doing with dad but the feel of those lips and tongues were making it very difficult.Now I felt my legs being pulled upward until my ass was off the couch and then other tongues on other parts of my body.My nipples were being sucked and so were my toes,then I felt a hot wettness on my ass that moved over until it was probing my asshole.I looked down to see the top of mom's head in that area and could only imagen ti was her.Dad was now increasing the tempo of his thrusts and I knew from all the times I had helped mom jack him off that he was getting close to cumming and so was I.I pulled him out of my mouth until just the head remained which was big enough as it was,and used my tongue as best as I could.His balls were contracting now and I knew he was just about to cum,his groans much louder.I pulled him out completely just as his first load came out spraying me and the two heads between my legs.Wildly I moved his dick back and forth as he continued cumming covering myself and anyone near us,causing a reaction among the rest of the men who all seemed to cum at the same time.Seeing all those dripping cocks was all it took for me to join them in the best orgasm I'd ever had.

The rest of the night seemed to be an afterclimax after that although everyone managed to cum a couple more times.Any clothes that remained were soon shed but I did keep on those magic panties that I was wearingThey seemed to keep me turned on,so much so that I rode home nude except for them and managed to cum one more time in the back seat with alittle help from mom.


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