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Saturday morning.

We had finished our coffee and were enjoying the early morning sun , and listening to some light jazz coming from our dinning room stereo. The day was still early enough not to be disturbed by the traffic noises as most folks were at home or maybe still asleep. Once all the leaves returned, our home was completely hidden from both roads and even the car sounds were muted and seemed far away. Peggy looked like she was almost asleep ( and very sexy with her hair pined up and wearing only her white cotton panties. ) I started to get all warm, just watching her and thinking about our fantasy love making last night.

A few minutes of this kind of thinking was all it took.. I wrapped my hand around my half swollen love muscle.. and started a nice slow massage. Peggy and I prided ourselves in being open to each others sexuality and would often just lay close, quietly masturbating ourselves while we talked about our feelings and explored warm thoughts. This morning was just perfect for that kind of sharing.

I was still lost in my thoughts when I noticed that she was massaging her breast softly.. even pinching her nipples. She was sharing some of the same warm feelings. Our chairs were close and I could easily reach over and touch her, but after last night it seemed appropriate just to be close and share the warm morning.

After a few minutes of wandering in our warm thoughts, I was fully hard and Peggy had slipped her hand under the elastic of her panties. I continued pumping my cock and reaching for the squeeze bottle of Peggy's favorite lubricant… my thoughts, were to put a few drops on my cock and then help Peggy remove her panties and squeeze a few drops on her flower. Before I could get the bottle opened, we heard someone coming down our driveway, so I quickly put the lubricant back into my robe pocket and ducked in the house to grab my shorts. Not surprising, Peggy simply removed her hand from her panties and continued to enjoy the morning sun………..

By the time I got my shorts on and back out to the deck, our visitor had parked over in front of our garage , so I headed down the steps to greet them. It turned out to be Larry. As the two of us were coming back up the steps, I told Peggy who it was, giving her a chance to cover up, but , it was no surprise when she kept her eyes closed and called out a pleasant "Good Morning Larry". He following me up the steps and I watched his expression as he stepped around from behind me. Peggy was sunning not far in front him, covered only with warm sunshine and her little cotton panties, I watched as he pointed and a smile came over him, like a little boy who's mom had just handed him a fresh package of cookies, saying he could eat as many as he wanted… I just smiled, and asked if he wanted some coffee. He was obviously distracted, but eventually reminded me that he didn't drink coffee and maybe some juice or a soda would be just fine.

I went in to get him some juice and yelled back "Sit down and relax.. enjoy the morning". I delayed my return just a moment by standing in the shadows of our dining room. I wanted to see how they would react during their first quiet moments together. Larry retreated to the corner of the deck, quietly watching her warm nudity, and Peggy was enjoying every moment of it. I think Larry was about to start some small talk when I came back with two large glasses of juice. I sat in my chair and motioned for Larry, pointing to the end of the lounge that Peggy was lying on and at the same she moved her legs over to make room for him. ( Let me take a moment to tell you about Larry. First , I have to tell you that he was one of the finest hard working and quiet guys we ever worked with. He got along with everyone and always did more that his share of any job. He was never sick, never missed a days work and was only late for work once. Since most of our other help had missed whole days without any explanation, I wasn't too concerned, but Larry said he was sorry and would explain later.

As I was closing up, Larry said that he wanted to explain what happened. I told him not to worry about it, but he insisted and went on. Apparently he had a late evening the night before and all the gas stations in his neighborhood were closed and when he awoke the next morning, he left without thinking about his gas situation. He explained that between his home and his job were all of the old ethnic and very white communities and that from past experience, a single black man could not but any gas, nor for that matter even stop and ask for help, without getting into trouble. He said, he did the best he could to stretch his fuel but could not make to the safety of another black community or at least a neutral one. His fuel ran out and so did his luck. In fifteen minutes a police car stopped and after some unfriendly questioning, looked like he was going to have to go to the police station. Another friend drove by, recognized Larry and stopped to see if he could help. Well two things saved the day. First his friend had spare gas in his trunk and second his friend was white… Larry said again that he was sorry and I told him that I couldn't see where it was his fault and shook his hand. (It's sad to think that we still live with such prejudiced people. )

We began talking about working on the deck and it was obvious that Larry was distracted by Peggy, to the point that I motioned him to enjoy looking at her while we continued talking. Now, Its only fair to tell you that Larry's choice of working attire was always, faded, old, baggy, sweat pants on cooler days and a cutoff version of the same for warm days. He was about the same age as Peggy , just a little taller and also in very good shape. You know, one of these guys, that all women noticed because his body muscles looked like they were chiseled on. In addition, even with his baggy sweat pants, his soft love muscle stood out proud and made a very noticeable bulge.

We finished our juice and I told Larry I was going to gather up what we needed to get started on the deck. When I returned, he was watching Peggy intently. In my absence, Peggy's teasing mood warmed and she had started pinching her nipples and rubbing her mound through her panties again. I walked over and quietly sat beside her and motioned for Larry to come over also. The two of us just watched and said nothing to disturb her warm mood. We both knew Peggy was sharing one of those warm female moments that many guys dream about, but never get to see for real. Her mood hadn't changed from earlier and soon she had slipped her hand under the elastic of her panties and traced little circles on her flower. Her eyes were closed.. her lips parted just a little.. her nipples were firm and in a few minutes, she shared her first mini orgasm with us.

I had almost forgotten that Larry was standing quietly on the other side, only now he was gently massaging his cock. I smiled when he saw me watching him and went back to watching my wife. With her eyes still closed, she reached her left hand over and began rubbing my leg. She gradually worked her fingers under the edge of my shorts, finding and gently squeezing my cock head. It didn't take long for her to get me hard and in a couple of minutes her body shuddered in another early morning orgasm. I told her quietly.. "You are truly beautiful Honey, thank you". She just laid there for a minute enjoying her glow… and pleased with what she had started in both Larry and I.

I leaned over giving her a gentle kiss, and whispering to her "Would you like to play some more?" She quickly nodded yes and gave me another warm kiss.. I motioned for Larry to come over and take my place beside her while I retrieved her lubricant. Judging from the big smile on his face, he was getting over his awkwardness, as he quickly walked around and sat down. By the time I got back to the deck, Peggy was massaging her mound through her panties and had her hand under the leg of Larry's cutoffs. This was a new experience for all three of us, so I put my finger to my lips motioning Larry to be quiet. He smiled and started to get up and I quickly motioned for him to stay where he was. I could see that her hand was eagerly reaching for his cock and watched her mood warm up when she finally wrapped her fingers around him. Larry surprised me, he was being very patient and letting Peggy enjoy her mood.

My turn again. I stepped around to the other side of the lounge, slid my fingers under one side of her panties and motioned for Larry to help with his side. Peggy lifted herself just enough to allow us to remove them and giving Larry his first 'up close and personal' view of her shaved love nest. I sat down again, saying to Larry in as quiet a voice as I could muster, "Slow and easy guy.. just take it slow and easy, let her enjoy you quietly."

My cock had grown firm and I needed out of my shorts, so I got rid of them and motioned for Larry to do the same. I don't think Peggy wanted to let go of him, but that was the only was she was going to see his love muscle for herself.. His sweats were quickly down to his ankles. Larry to surprised me again. His cock was at least 3 inches longer that mine and huge around its base. His cock head was different shades of purple and black ( and Peggy's massaging had worked some of his pre-come to the end). Since I am endowed with just a little more 6 inches, he must have been 9 or 91/2" and he was still firming up. His cock head and the first 3 or 4 inches were about the same as mine, (except for the powerful black colors) but the rest of it thickened to the point that I was concerned about my wife. (After 15 years of marriage and sharing all of our sexual experiences with each other, I was sure that she had never been stretched by this much manhood.)
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