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I asked him to "be gentle", "I asked him not to put his entire cock in her unless she really wanted him to". He looked up and started to ask how he would know as I explained, when she wanted my deepest penetration, she would pull her knees all the way up and use her legs to pull us together. Hell, I was starting to feel like I was Larry's trainer. I lost his attention because Peggy was massaging his thick cock and encouraging him to touch her swollen pussy lips with his free hand. I handed Larry her lubricant and motioned for him to squeeze a few drops between her legs. I didn't know that watching another man pleasing my wife was going to be such a turn on, but, I was really enjoying myself . It was time to squeeze a few drops on my own swollen cock and I handed the bottle back to Larry for him to do the same. Peggy continued stroking him as he leaned over and began to gently examine her pussy lips.. exploring her most personal parts, tracing the entrance to her love canal, but not touching her sensitive flower bud. This was too fantastic for words, but I'm doing the best I can. There was no air moving and the sun was adding to our heat. I could now, clearly smell the sexual aromas coming from the two of them. Peggy reached down for his hand and gently slid his fingers in. Larry's answer to this treat was to bend over, gently kissing and touch her with his tongue. I wasn't able to watch his fingers any longer , but her slight smile and increased breathing told me that he was providing her with exactly what she wanted. Peggy began pulling lightly on his arm and he moved his body over hers, looking up at me, as if to say, is this ok?

The answer was obvious by my smile, and I motioned for him to pay attention to her. She parted her legs allowing him room for his knees and wrapped both her arms around his shoulders. Although, I couldn't see it, I knew Larry's cock was against her treasure and that she was feeling his heat for the first time. Larry was being very cool.. slow soft kisses.. probing with his tongue.. and then whispering close to her ear. I wasn't able to hear what he said, but I watched as she reached down between them, wrapping her hand around his swollen cock. Larry lifted his body a little, giving her the room she needed and soon she was massaging and rubbing his cock against her slit. There is no way for me to describe how exciting this was, watching and knowing what was about to happen.. seeing my wife openly sharing with both of us.. we were hers.. the stark contrast between her white and pink, now being covered and about to be penetrated by his powerful, black, thick…….

I must have closed my eyes for a minute, because I heard Peggy let out a little moan and when I looked again, she had slipped about half his love muscle inside her. My coaching was working and I could see that Larry was holding back.. only the first 4 or 5 inches were inside her and she was truly enjoying every bit of it. Each stroke was slow and easy. He would stop at the bottom and then slowly do it again. My cock was rock hard and my mind was awash just trying to imagine what my wife was feeling. Larry was kissing her softly.. then biting the bottom of her ear and whispering again. (There will never again, be a day, when I can't visualize her, with her knees spread wide, welcoming him, and needing him.. encouraging him and making the little girl sounds that she always makes when she's approaching her orgasm. ) I really wanted to reach over and touch her but kept my hands to my self ( literally ) slowly massaging my cock, enjoying and sharing their pleasure.

Since Larry was still holding back and was in fact supporting his body a few inches above her, she was able to move and express her intensity by arching her back and humping him in the same way she does with me. It seemed like they slow fucked for half and hour, but it was probably more like 10 or 15 minutes and now it was obvious that Larry was about to sample one of my wife's orgasms up close and personal. With her arms wrapped around his neck and her tongue buried in his mouth, she curled her body up against his. Her orgasm was much longer this time and would not completely go away until she was fully satisfied and exhausted. They laid there quietly for a few minutes and I was beginning to wonder weather Larry had shot his load and I had missed it. I felt kind of stupid asking so it seemed like a better option to give my wife a long kiss, tell her again how exciting she was and maybe she would let me know.

Larry pushed himself up on his knees, leaving just his cock head inside, where I could see his cock was coated with her fresh love juices, but, there was no sign of his seed. I guess it was time for me to mind my own business and encourage them to finish what they had started. I slid back into my chair and squeezing Peggy's hand, placed it on her wet love nest. ( This is one of her favorite sex play activities, I would sit between her legs just like Larry is doing now.. my cock head still inside, and encourage her to masturbate.) Fantastic… Larry was taking it all in and loving every moment of it.

In just a few minutes, she was there.. he leaned over her, resting on his arms, with his head down watching every moment of her orgasm. He started pumping her again with his cock coated in her hot juices. Her arms were around his neck and pulling him to her in a more demanding and intense way as he continued to slide more of his cock in on each stroke. Larry was also getting to the point where the slow and easy was no longer foremost on his mind.

Peggy had both her hands on his cheeks and was encouraging him with each stroke. I watched as her fingers found his brown hole and she raised him to another level. In a few moments, she was pulling him tighter between her legs and pulling her knees up at the same time. The sounds coming out of her were absolutely earth shattering and it was now obvious that Larry had his had entire cock buried in her. I watched as he pumped and listened as she whimpered , calling his name, softly at first, but louder and louder, over and over, "Fuck me Larry, fuck me.. fuck me good." and "Don't stop.. don't stop now.. don't stop ever." ( I watched in fascination, almost trance like, what fantastic sharing, and I'm sure he had no intentions of stopping. ) Larry was truly taking my wife to places she had only dreamed of, and as I watched, he pumped and pumped, still permitting her the freedom to move. Peggy had curled her pussy up under him , with her legs wrapped around his back, providing for the deepest penetration she could get. With her pussy that high, Larry was stroking her with the full length of his powerful cock, his balls began to make slapping noises at the bottom of each stroke. Peggy's whimpering had now become louder and non-stop, but the slapping of his balls against her was getting my attention. I had to get up and stand by the foot of the lounge to see, and what I saw made me envious for the first time. Each time he would pull out , her pussy lips griped his cock like he was pulling her inside out. Her little girl juices, once clear and thin were now covering everything and were forming a milky ring around the base of his cock.

I have no idea how long Larry fucked her that hard, and only slowly did I realize that he was making a kind of snorting or grunting sound with each stroke, when finally a change covered his entire body. First, his loose sack skin tightened up, then each of his back muscles knotted, and finally his ass cheeks clenched together. There was no disguising the fact, that his load was on its way up from the depths of his balls, through his powerful cock and down again into my wife's stretched, hot pussy. When I say he was Cumming, I mean it was closer to convulsing. His paused at the bottom each time to deposit his seed in the deepest part of her. Finally he slowed.. then stopped……. Her pussy now full and completely coated with his hot sperm……… I sat there quietly listening to their breathing and waited while his cock finished draining into her.

I couldn't say a word, and wouldn't have even if I could. Larry moved first, pushing his upper body up and still looking down at Peggy. Finally, he withdrew his cock and I could see for the first time what my wife had known for some time. When I described his cock earlier, I thought he was fully erect. Now , his entire cock had thickened to the same size as the base of his shaft and his cock head bulged in every direction, turning reddish purple. As he pulled away, they were still connected by a thick string of his cum that finally broke from him and splashed back to her thigh. Larry stood up and it was my turn to fill her belly. She laid there quietly, her legs still spread, some of his cum just starting to leak out and run down her crack. I knelt between her legs and slipped my cock head inside. As I lowering my self closer I began t whisper in her ear. She spread her legs just a little allowing me to finish sliding in and I experienced for the first time, more heat and pleasure I never knew possible. ( We used to joke about sloppy seconds, and talked about it as though there was something wrong with it. ) Trust me, was I ever wrong. I didn't know it was possible for the human body to create this kind of heat and I'm still not sure weather it came from Larry or Peggy, but I was sure that this was one of the hottest and most exciting sexual experiences I ever had. Pumping her slowly, and whispering, I said, "I love you bad girl"… you have been very bad, haven't you."…(she nodded her head slightly) "Your hot pussy is all full of another man's cum, isn't it. " (she nodded again and held me closer.) "Thank you for such a hot fuck." Each stroke deep into her started her little whimper again and each stroke released a little more of his cum. Soon their hot mixture was coating my nut sack as well as seeping down her crack. There was no way I was going to match his satisfying performance nor was I even going to try. I just want to fill her with my seed and tell her how much I loved her. Larry was sitting close and as I was whispering and slow fucking her , he leaned over and slid his tongue in her mouth. This was all she needed to bring her orgasm back to a high level and her orgasm was all I needed to start my hot load flowing. Perfect… hot.. more completely satisfying.. still draining.. empty……..

I pushed myself up slowly and looked down to watched as my cock pulled out of my wife. My hair was matted and my entire nut sack was covered with a sticky mixture of their cum. Larry and I talked quietly and watched as the mixture of our love juices continued to ooze from Peggy. I could tell she was ready to come back into our world when she reached over and wrapped her hand around his cock again. It seemed like now was the right time to suggest a trip to our Hot Tub.
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