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'the Hot Tub'

Larry and I got to the hot tub first, while Peggy made a stop in her bathroom, not wanting to add our combined love juices to the clear waters of the tub. I climbed in first and found my favorite seat in the deepest water. I enjoyed being covered to my neck, then, Larry got in opposite me and moaned out loud. We were joined by Peggy in just a few minutes and she was soon scooting down, to bring her nipples to water. For a while we were lost in thoughts of our early morning sharing and quietly relaxed in the warm water. When I opened my eyes, Larry had moved closer to Peggy but seemed unsure, again, weather, his touch would be welcome.

Soon Peggy reached over and wrapped her hand around my cock and I could see that she had Larry's cock in her other hand and was slowly jacking the both of us at the same time. She had her head laid back with her eyes closed and I wanted Larry to see just how playful I knew her to be. By now, he was getting back into her mood and I was beginning to get another hard on. With a gentle tug on her arm, I slid her onto my lap and wrapped my arms around her. I think her comment was something like "I hope this isn't going into turn into a tug of war. You guys be nice now and take turns." My hands were cupping her tits and I was making motions like I was offering them to Larry, but when he started to move over toward her, she raised her foot and began massaging his cock. This firmed me up even more and she wiggling her ass on my cock. Since the hot water removed her juices and made entering her uncomfortable, I was content to touch and play. I could see that she had both her feet between his legs, squeezing and massaging him . She turned her head toward mine and gave me a soft kiss. I closed my eyes to enjoy her kiss, and sensed that she was lifting her body, so I brought my hands around behind her, supporting her right at the waters surface and when I open my eyes, Larry had moved off his seat and was gently kissing the inside of her thighs. Peggy had one leg on each of his shoulders and was pulling him closer with the backs of her feet. He was holding her up and massaging her ass at the same time. Peggy and I both watched as he finished kissing her thighs.. then all around her pussy.. and finally, looking in her eyes, parted her lips and began a very warm tongue-fucking.

She turned her head and gave me another deep, long kiss, probing my mouth and placing one hand on the back of my head.. her other hand on the back of his head.. Her orgasm came quickly and with a series of shutters. Her whimpers were muffled by my mouth but her intensity was unmistakable. ( We use to joke about the perfect moustache ride. ) This had to come close..

I backed up some as Peggy released her grip on his head enough to allow her body to sink back into the warm water. Larry moved over to the highest seat and Peggy moved between his knees. She gave him a big thank you kiss and with her tongue still in his mouth, she started massaging his cock. At the same time, Larry started playing with titties in one hand and fingering her as well.

I was trying to find some place to kneel, in amongst all the legs and feet, when Peggy got up , placed one knee on each side of him and slid into his lap. She continued her kiss and started to slow hump his thick cock. I moved closer, slid my hands around her, and gently started pinching her nipples. Larry was making his low grunting sounds again and for a moment, it sounded like he was ready to shoot another hot load. She was humping him pretty good and I was encouraging her with my hands on her hips, actually helping her fuck him. I wanted to feel her pussy lips stretched tight around him, so I moved my hand down to find her back door. It turned out that she was only riding his shaft like she had been doing mine earlier and as I began to finger her brown hole, his shaft was rubbing the back of hand. It was very natural to place my other hand under his swollen cock and hold it up against her pussy lips. Larry closed his eyes again as she quietly rode his cock .

With the hot tub water set to 104 degrees , all three of concluded it was time to get out and cool down. Peggy passed out some towels and both Larry and I had the same idea at the same time. Both of us started drying Peggy, I started on her shoulders and back and he started on her breasts and belly. By the time I started sliding my towel between her cheeks, his towel had already found her pussy. (I don't think I had to be concerned about him being comfortable with our sex play any longer. ) He was pleased, he got there ahead of me and said so. All we got from Peggy was "Be careful, you guys, the two of you have made me very sensitive. " Both of us grinned and continued drying her down to her toes. Her turn. I handed her my towel and stood in mock attention, and Larry was quick to join in the fun. In one quick step, he stood beside me with a little boy smirk and was ready to be dried. Ha. ( I think he was more ready for a blow dry.) She took our towels, stepped around behind us and did her best. We weren't helping very much and when she tried to dry my crack, I pinched the towel with my cheeks.

After scolding me she turned her attentions again to Larry. Quickly toweling his back she told him to spread his legs. He did so and then she told him to spread his cheeks. He did, and again, she gently dried his crack. With that, she stepped back, in front of us and finished. We stood there, first, just waiting, then each of us looking disappointed , then she finally smiled, reached out and wrapped her hands around our cocks. I smiled and gave her a small kiss while Larry played with her breasts. She knelt in front him, massaging him with both hands, holding his cock up and looking at it with a loving smile and finally licked the slit and kissed his swollen head.. Moving over to kneel in front of me now, she began jacking me off and at the same time reached her free hand between my legs to finger my ass hole. I was loving it, but I think Larry felt cheated. He was smiling and a little envious when she kissed my fully erect cock and slipped my swollen head in her mouth. Larry watched as Peggy continued to jack my meat and hold my cock head between her lips. He reached down to begin stroking his cock when she stopped him, saying "No no, these are mine to play with, you just be patient." When she was satisfied that she had me fully erect, she moved again, to kneel in front of him. She began by lifting his organ , feeling his weight, then lightly running her fingers around his pubic area , touching his sparse and short curls of black hair and lightly scratching his nut sack. His sack had no hair at all and hung down at least 3 inches. She must have been doing something right, because his cock was inflating nicely and soon she had lifted it up, softly kissing and licking along his underside. Larry brushed her hair back so he could watch her lips and tongue working on him. She held his balls cupped in one hand and began jacking him off. She had his cock head in her mouth, gently pulling his dark skin toward her lips. After only a minute or so, I could hear her jaw pop. I knew it was painful because it had happened to us many times before. She only paused for a moment, then continued, she was determined to please him. I was fascinated, watching him grow in her mouth, knowing how she must have felt to have his huge cock inside her earlier. She continued pulling his skin and massaging his nuts, when her jaw cracked for a second time, I could see the pain on her face. She stopped this time, stood up in front of him and apologized for not being able to open her mouth wide enough. "You are just too large for my mouth right now, but I promise I will made it up to you. " With that, she rubbed his swollen cock against her pussy, then , continued to hold him between her thighs, and wrapped her arms around his neck. He smiled and agreed to her promise.
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