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Laid back, playful and relaxing afternoon.

By this time it was well after 1pm and the three of us were ready for some winding down. Peggy wanted a little more sun and we thought kicking back for a while was just what we needed. Peggy took one of the towels and walked down to the low wall separating our yard from a small stream. She looked very sexy, lying there with just her panties on. Larry had retrieved his cutoffs and flip-flops and was stretched out on the lounge, I had my favorite chair. About half way through my cold beer, Larry wanted to know if we were still going to work on the deck?, "and what, ruin a perfectly good day to relax." Judging from his smile, that was the right answer.. Now that the quiet part of our morning was gone it was time for some good music, so off I went to turn on some light jazz and asked Larry to go down and see if my wife had planned anything for lunch.

Larry was walking back across the deck and mumbling some message from my wife, but I missed it completely , as I was still distracted by the bulge his love muscle made in his shorts. He had touched places in my wife that had never been touched before and stretched her to a point, where I was expecting her to react in pain. (Boy was I wrong.) I tried not to envy him.

Peggy finally came up the steps with her little nipples bouncing in the sunshine.. I made some comment about 'sleeping beauty' and Larry just put on a big smile and greeted her with, "Nice tits lady." That got a chuckle out of both of us, I guess it was time to stop worrying about his comfort level. Peggy said, she had some nice steaks in the frig and turning her body, wiggled her tits at Larry in mock tease. " I'll cut up some salad and veggies, who wants to help me?" Larry was quick to volunteer, on his feet and reaching for her as she went through the door. She was ready for him this time.. she stopped and bending forward a little, was rewarded with his cock pressed to her butt. She wiggled, against him and scooted off to the kitchen.

(Just in case you are reading this without having read the first parts, let me tell you about both Peggy and Larry. Peggy and I have been married for fifteen years, she's 5'4"and weighs 107 lbs. She is proud of her size 34 titties and is a very loving and sexually playful girl. Larry is a good friend and helps out part time in our business. He is about her age, 5'9" , maybe 160 lbs and the finest young black man we've ever met. Enough said. ) Can't do steaks without cleaning and heating the grille. I had it all ready in about 15 minutes so off I went to see how they were doing in the kitchen and wasn't surprised to find them together. Larry's arms were around her from behind and Peggy had her hands inside the front of his shorts. " That's a strange way to make salad." was the best I could come up with, as I was passing through on my way to get rid of my morning coffee. We had diner out side with Peggy seated between the two us. Both our conversation and the touchy-feely stuff had warmed to nice level. When we finished lunch and had carried all the stuff back into the house, Larry said something about getting ready to leave… it was my turn to keep our warm day from ending. "We're not doing anything special, why don't you hang for awhile?" "If you leave now, Peggy's going to think you don't like her cooking or worst yet, your already tired of her." That produced a whole new look on his face and it was obvious that he really wanted to stay. The sun was now on the other side of the house, so we headed upstairs for the remainder of our afternoon. Peggy had put her favorite little top back on and led the way up the steps much to Larry's delight. I asked Peggy if she was up for watching a re-run of our favorite classic (Behind the Green Door)?" She said "sure, why not." and plopped herself down. Larry moved in next to her and she quickly curled up close to him. A couple of minutes later and the three of us were being entertained by 4 or 5 healthy women bringing Gloria ( a very young Marilyn Chambers ) to a very well done orgasm, and knowing we were about to see the Green Door open. Peggy was quietly massaging Larry's cock, her hand disappearing inside his cutoffs, while Larry watched the show . I gently rubbed her thighs and love nest though her panties. When the Green Door opened and the co-star walked over to Gloria with his thick, black cock fully erect, it was time to remove Peggy's panties for the second time today. She lifted her butt as soon as my fingers were under the elastic, and no sooner were her panties gone did she have her little shortie top up, over her head and on the floor with her panties.

I added my shorts to the pile and Peggy was tugging on Larry's cutoffs as she sat down again. I retrieved the lubricant.. put a few drops on my cock and watched Peggy as she lightly scratched her nails along the length of Larry's cock. ( Our movie had progressed to the point where 'Gloria' was still warm from her oral orgasm and was watching her partner slide his cock into her for the first time. If you pay attention to her eyes and nipples you can see she's not acting. )

All three of us were warming to each others touch again and anticipating more. Peggy was cupping his balls and kissing him lightly as I was unfolding her moist lips and massaging my cock . Peggy knew from the sounds, that our movie had reached the point of 'Gloria's serious fucking and wanted Larry's cock in her mouth while he watched the orgasm. I could see her tongue making circles around his cock head as she began jacking his shaft. After just a few more minutes 'Gloria's cunt was being filled and soon we were watching her co-star pull his glistening cock out. In an effort get more comfortable, I kissed my wife's pussy and asked if they would like move down to our king size bed? Peggy nodded and led the way downstairs. Peggy and Larry started in playful conversation. He was gently pinching her nipples and trying to kiss her as she playfully pushed him down on the far pillow. She continued, playfully examining his cock and asking him how much he masturbated. She wanted to know if he jerked off every day and then got him to promise she could watch. Meanwhile, she continued playing with his nut sack, lifting and scratching beneath them and at the same time slowly stroking his shaft. I could tell she was in her 'let's play at fucking' mood. I rubbed her back and was thinking about working my finger into her crack when she lifted one leg and straddled Larry. Even though her mood was playful, I knew a few drops of her lubricant would be welcomed. She leaned back allowing me to lubricate both her lips and his cock as it lay there against his stomach. Larry made some remark about "no longer being responsible for his actions" and Peggy's response was a playful "Be quiet and fuck me." I placed his hands on her breasts, and leaned over, telling her "Ooooh……your going to be a bad girl again.", then bending over to kiss and encourage her.

She gave me deep, wet kiss and I could feel her lifting and working his cock in.. when our kiss finally ended, he was deep inside her. The three of us just talked and did soft touchy things until Peggy needed to kiss him. With her tongue in his mouth and her tits pressed tight to his chest, her pussy lips and brown hole were exposed and continuing to do my part, I squeezed a few more drops in her crack, knowing she would welcome my finger. I only touched lightly.. first her cheeks with both hands.. then her crack with just my finger tips.. and finally working down to her stretched pussy lips. I watched, as his cock slid slowly in and out….. Peggy was doing all the moving and he was loving it.

My finger had worked into her brown hole a little when I heard her asking, if he would like to fuck her doggy style.. I made some room for them and Peggy was soon bending over, deep kissing me as Larry was sliding his love muscle in from behind.

The kiss was fantastic, ( your wife gives you a very different kiss when another man is working his cock deep inside her.) I could tell from the motion, he had started slow pumping her and her mood started to change from playful to hot. She stopped massaging my cock and moved her head down to take me in her mouth. She had her leg knees spread wide, allowing him room and I could see his balls swinging a little with each stroke. He had one arm around her, playing with her breasts and supported himself with the other and I massaged her mound and softly ran my finger tips over her clit.

Peggy was in little girl heaven and was rapidly getting to the point where she needed a serious fucking.

Her body shuddered with another mini orgasm and in another minute she let me go and pulled away from him also, laying down again in the middle of both pillows. She asked for her other pillow as he was positioning his cock again, and lifted her backside enough for me to slide the pillow under. Larry started slow fucking her and even took a minute to slide his fingers down, massaging her clit to another warm series of shudders.

Soon, it was time to get serious. He laid down on top of her with his weight now on his elbows, starting a series of long deep strokes. She was encouraging him quietly with "I need you Larry. I need your cock now. I need you to be hot, and fill me with your cum.".. and.. "Fuck me… Fuck me good." I leaned over to the other side of her head and spoke her quietly.. "enjoy baby. . be hot.. and full.. I want to watch him fuck you and fill your beautiful pussy.. then to Larry.. "Thanks for sharing her with me and doing for her what I couldn't. Fuck her good, my friend, fuck her long and deep. " I moved back to my knees and down a little so I could watch his cock sliding in and out of my wife and began jacking my own cock slowly. The sight of his thick shaft stretching her lips with his balls lightly resting on her brown hole was simply, unbelievable. Larry was more intent now and the tempo of his long slow strokes had quickened. I had to stop massaging my shaft and squeezed my cock head to keep from shooting my load. Peggy was making her little girl whimpers and Larry had begun his low grunting, I really wanted to watch his cock stretch and fill her at the same time so, I reached over with one hand and lifted his dark sack up, wrapping my other hand my wife's stretched lips. It was obvious that both of them enjoyed my help and soon Peggy was curling her pussy up under him and pulling her knees back to her shoulders, giving him the deepest penetration possible. I watched Larry's back and ass muscles for indications of his orgasm while feeling his shaft slide in and out. Peggy's orgasm started first.. her fingers digging into his back and her feet clamping him into her wetness. In another minute, his back muscles knotted and cheeks clamped together.. and finally his nut sack tightened in my hand and his thick, hot seed was flowing into my wife. I encouraged him to fill her more by gently massaging his nuts and watched as his strokes became shorter.. and shorter.. his hot cum filling the deepest parts of her. They laid there quietly for a while , draining his cock as I continued to massage his balls. Finally when he got off her, he looked over, gave me a big grin and a " Thanks for your help." "Relax , you two were fantastic.. it was all I could do not to shoot my load here on the bed."

Both of us gently rubbed her breasts.. touched her cheeks.. then slowly, he pulled his cock out and made room for me. Peggy never opened her eyes, her pussy still curled up over the cushion, the only trace of their love making was a thick, white foam ring surrounding her pussy lips. By now my cock was aching for her love nest and anticipated being coated by the thick hot load he left in her. I slid my cock in, laid down slowly, not putting any weight on her, talking quietly at the same time.. "I love you baby, are you ready for another load in your hot pussy". "Fill me again. . Just take your time and fill me again." My cock disappeared in her pussy, bathed in his cum and engulfed in her heat. It's just not possible here, for me to do justice to how good it feels. ( I suggest, you find a good friend and try this with your wife.)

I fucked her slowly, wanting these feelings to go on forever, but she was whimpering again with each stroke and soon, sharing another beautiful orgasm. That's all it took .. it felt like my seed traveled from my toes.. burning and flowing into the hot mixture she now had deep in her.

I continued, just slow stroking her and talking to her softly. When I turned my head, I could see that she had been massaging Larry's sticky cock as I fucked her and he was actually quite erect again. I just smiled and told her, "Your being a bad girl again. See what you've done. I think this nice man wants to fuck you again." I pushed myself up and watched as my glistening cock slipped out of her. A long string of cum plopped back on her thigh as I moved over making room for Larry.

They were both smiling at each other as he positioned his cock again, continuing to look in each others eyes as he moved his body over hers, sliding the full length of his meat back into her. The mixture of warm cream, was now oozing down her crack and forming a dark puddle on her pillow. I leaned down close to her and asked if she was ready again, telling her softly, "This time will last longer than the first and he will be fucking you, deep and hard." She turned her head and kissed me quiet as he began to slow fuck her for the second time tonight. And again, her kiss was told me just how much she loved his cock buried deep in her pussy. She squeezed my hand and as I was moving back down to watch, I placed her hand on Larry's ass and encouraged her to pull him to her. How fantastic. I was able to slide my hand between them and rest my fingers on her stretched pussy lips and at the same time resting my other hand on his ass, following each stroke deep into my wife. I told him "Fuck her good, my friend… fuck my wife good. . . no. . fuck 'OUR' women good."

I could smell the mixture of our musky cream oozing from her and feel the heat building again in both of them. Finally, his strokes were getting shorter and her whimpers were running together. I squeezed more lubricant over his nut sack and gently massaged them with both hands and then, reached a finger down to Peggy's brown hole, working some of the oozing cum in with my finger tip. She was floating high in almost continuous orgasm now just waiting for his hot load.. her fingers were clamping his back muscles.. demanding his cock… demanding his hot seed.. the sound of his body slapping hers.. the heat coming from both of them.. his grunting.. and finally his muscles knotted and I could feel his balls tighten.. his load was flowing. I could feel balls and cock pulsing as he continued pumping his hot load.. It was finally time to lay still and drain his seed, his cock muscles constricting and pumping the remaining seed into my wife.

Even though my cock was rock hard, I needed time to recharge. Larry finally slid his cock out and laid on his side beside her. The three of us curled together spoon fashion, with Peggy in the middle facing his back and my cock resting in her hot oozing crack. I could see Peggy's arm around him, I'm sure she fell asleep with his sticky cock in her hand.
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