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'Sleepy time'

It must have been about 2;30 or 3;00 in the am when I woke to his snoring. The musky smell of our seed was strong as I reached down to touch Peggy's love nest. Her crack was still very wet and my fingers played over her brown hole and to the edge of her lips. She responded to my touch by backing closer to me and parting her legs slightly. I kissed her shoulders and continued fingering her as she reached her hand to play as well. Soon she was tasting and licking her finger tips like a school girl. I wanted to feel my stiffening cock in her again so I pulled her butt closer and slid between her legs. My cock was soon coated with our combined love juices and slipped in her pussy with ease.. slow pumping and softly touching her back was just perfect. We called these our quiet fucks, each time we played did not have to be a mind blowing experience. My cock would slide in deeper if she would slide down some and angle her butt more at me, so I gently pushed her shoulders away from me and she ended up with her head resting on Larry's stomach and his soft cock in her mouth. What a perfect way to wake up. The slow fucking was great but Larry's cock got hard again and in another minute he was positioning himself between her legs . I quietly pulled my cock out and lay beside them as he worked his cock in and started fucking her again. Peggy held my hand as he slow pumped her and continued to grow inside her. All three of us were just quiet and warmly sharing each others body.. filling each other's needs.. This time he fucked her very gently, just slow and quiet , looking directly into her eyes as his nuts tightened and his lot load filled her. He finished and rolled off her and I took his place. Again his hot cum bathed my cock and I knew this was going to be regular event in our lives. In just a few minutes I was adding my cum to his and Peggy was completely full again. Some real sleep was welcomed. I was still up early , about 6 or 6;30 … I put some coffee on and headed up to the loft to catch the early morning news. An hour or so later, I was finishing my second cup of coffee, when I could hear the unmistakable sounds of Peggy whimpering. I quickly muted the sound on the TV and listened quietly. I reached down and massage my cock as the now familiar sounds of their tempo increased .. the slapping of their bodies and finally his grunting as he emptied his load in her belly. I waited few minutes and went down to join them. Peggy was just coming out of our bedroom, pulling her shortie top on and Larry was standing in the kitchen looking a little lost. I greeted them both .. "Who's ready for some coffee?" Larry said he would like some juice but he really had to get going. I got a nice good morning kiss from Peggy and as she walked over to fix her coffee, I could see his cum leaking down her thigh. She finished fixing her coffee and headed off to the loft to enjoy it.

Larry sat at the kitchen table, he seemed quiet again, like he wanted to say or ask something. It came out kind of awkward, but he managed to ask if he would be invited to do this again. I gripped his hand and gave him a strong hand shake and told him he was welcome anytime. His ability to please Peggy would have her needing him often. I invited him to spend each weekend with us and rummaged through a drawer looking for our spare house key. "Here, I told him, take a key to our home and know that I start my days early, so if your nuts are full, just come over and wake my wife. She has always enjoyed early morning fucking….. and we'll plan on you spending your weekends with us." That really produced a smile , and a vigorous hand shake in return. He finally had to go and called up to Peggy. She was downstairs in a flash, giving him great good buy hug and kiss. He pressed her body to his , kissed her and left wearing a nice bulge in his cutoffs.

I wrapped my arms around my wife and we both watched as his car went up the drive.. she turned around still in my arms, kissing me and said she needed me right now.. I followed her back to our bed and watched as she slipped out of her top and laid down, pulling me gently down on top of her. The musky aroma of warm sperm hung in the air and as I knelt between her legs, I could see his cum still coated the inside of her thighs and pussy. She smiled, looking into my eyes as I worked my cock in and said in a very soft voice, "I want you to get used to finding me like this. I want his cock in me often.. I want to feel his hot balls on my cheeks and his cum filling me…." I smiled and after a few strokes my cock and balls were again coated with a warm mixture of his cum and her juices. What could I say. I didn't tell her about next weekend.

Every detail is true … only the names have been changed to protect the well fucked.

We strongly recommend you try this at home……….

Double Stuff Weekend…
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