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An Adventure

There are times in my life when I've done things that I have not been very proud of. The trouble is I found that most of the time I enjoyed doing whatever it was I did. One of those things was having an affair with another woman. In fact she was an older woman. This began as an acquaintance that began in the office. It was during a Friday workday, the last day of the week. We started the day doing all the things you do in a day. I'm an engineer so my job consists of detailing parts that are required for a certain project. Her name was Millie and job was to check my work. On this occasion she found some discrepancies that made it necessary for us to work overtime to correct. We completed the project and both agreed to meet for a drink afterwards.

The place that we met was a fairly high-class place. My place was more of a beer bar with strippers on the boardwalk. But we met there anyway. Millie was not what you call very good looking. She was the kind of woman you have in most work environments. She was kind of plain looking except for one thing. Millie was about ten years older than I was. But she did have a certain way about herself. She carried herself with class. When she walked by you she had the walk of a model with one foot following the other. That walk made you stop whatever you were doing and stare. When she came into a room she had a kind of presence; she exuded an ambiance of a sexual nature. I was not feeling to bad being with her.

We stayed at that bar for quite a while. I think both of us got a little tipsy because we were touching and laughing. Maybe it was the drinks, but we both were in a jovial mood. She was not married or at least not at the time. I think she may have been married at one time. Now she was just another mature single lady. But let me tell you she still had that certain something.

As the time went by we told each other about our personal lives. She did tell me that she had been married. But her former husband would often hit and abused her. To me, there is no man lower than a man who hits a woman. She was living alone now and was happier now than she had ever been. Living alone no kids, no worries. Just doing whatever she pleased. The only thing she said she had a problem with is that she was sexually frustrated. Me being the kind of guy that I am, half hearted asked if I could help her out. To my surprise she said sure why don't you take me home. Millie sure as hell couldn't drive the way she was. So I took her out to my car and started to take her home. As it turned out she did not live very far from the bar maybe a block if that. I guess that is why she chose this place. Her apartment was on the first floor. So I didn't have to carry her, just help her along.

When we entered her place, she removed her jacket and told me to do the same. I pulled off my jacket and started to place it on the chair next to me.

When suddenly she stepped forward into my arms. She looked up and kissed me. It was a deep kiss. It first was just on the lips, but then I felt her tongue part my mouth and enter it. Her tongue swirled around and became aquatinted with my tongue. My tongue pushed against hers. Believe me when the tongues parted, it was as good friends. With her hands she moved to take off my shirt. And I struggled to remove her blouse. It came off and left her in a black bra. That bra showed a lot of cleavage but that was only for a minute.

As I kissed her again my arms went around her back and found the clasp that kept it in place. With a big sign it fell to the floor. I was looking at biggest pair of breasts I had ever seen. They were round and plump. They sort of hung there but they didn't sag with the nipples pointed upward. They looked real great. Her nipples stood out a good half an inch and were about the same around. There was a dark band of brown areola around them. The areola itself must have been a good 2 inches in diameter. Her nipples stood out like a couple of hats, sitting they're pointing towards me. I bent down to take what I could in my mouth. As I placed my mouth on one of them I could feel the nipple get harder. I moved my tongue around it and gently bit it. I went from one breast to the other. As I was playing with her breasts my hands and mouth I found the ties to her skirt. I open her skirt and let it fall to the ground.

She didn't have a slip or nylons on; she was left with only her panties on. From the look of them I think they were black thong panties. The front covered her bush and the back showed her butt cheeks. My hands felt her cheeks and my fingers went to her waist to pull them off. I pulled at them and slowly they too fell to her feet. She knelt down in front of me and started to unbuckle my pants. My pants soon fell to the floor as well. I was standing there in my boxers. She reached into my shorts and gently griped my penis. Next thing I knew she had her mouth over it. Damn, I was in heaven. I had a very fine mature woman giving me the best head I ever had; I had felt and tasted some of the most luscious breasts I had ever seen. What more could I ask for? I was soon to find out.

We broke apart and made our way to the bedroom. There we fell across the bed where I went down on her. Her pussy had a slight taste of piss and smelled of perfume. My tongue probed it with gusto. Her clit stood up and I could feel it with my lips. My tongue circled around it and a faint moan escaped her lips. I have to assume that what I doing was working. I moved up and kiss her again. I slowly began to make love to her. I entered her mission style.

Her legs encircled my back and pulled me into her with each thrust. Her arms held my shoulders; her nails scratched my back. We were making the kind of love where you made faces. Richard Pryor once called it fucking with your ugly face on. I was groaning she was moaning. As I pounded her and she thrusted her pelvis upward. It must have been a while since she had been fucked. She seemed to be able to make me feel like some kind of a superman. After a while of pumping I was ready to cum. I don't think she was quite ready. But in my state of mind I couldn't do anything about that. When I came it was like a fire hydrant; I could feel my juices filling up inside of her. I came more than I had ever cum before she became drenched. I stayed in her for a while not wanting to move. It felt so good being like that.

I knew she had not climaxed so I set about do what I could to relieve her. I placed my hand on her pussy and pushed my middle finger into it. Her pussy was still wet from the fucking I just gave her. My juices were warm on my hand. With my thumb I rubbed her clit. I may have had an orgasm but I wanted her to have an orgasm as well. I found her "G" spot and proceeded to rub and massage her pussy. My fingers made a slight slopping sound as probed and poked inside her. I was going to do what ever I had to, to make her cum. After a few minutes she let out a moan that I thought they could hear next-door. The load moan so surprised me that I almost felt like putting my hand over her mouth. She was arching up and thrashing about.

In a while, she stopped and clamed down enough to fall into a deep sleep. I guess our lovemaking relaxed her quite a bit. I went to the bathroom to clean up and get dressed. As I got ready to leave, I looked at her on the bed and saw that she fast asleep with a small smile on her face. I pulled a sheet over her. It made me feel as if I had at least done something right. I felt like I did her a great service.

Come Monday, when we saw each other at the office we made no mention of our liaison last Friday night. Which was ok with me.

But, she did smile at lot at me.

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