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Anniversary Massage

My wife and I are best friends. We are pretty conservative sexually but at times I like to try to push the envelope. We are in are early thirties and both highly attractive as she was a former model and I was a former professional athelete. We play games in bed and ask each other questions and stuff to that effect but nothing out of the ordinary. One night while laying in bed she told me a story about once when she was in college she had sex with a black guy. Listening to her describe this guys penis was unbeleivable. The story really turned me on. For years following this and two children later my wife has become ultra conservative and a total mother. Well on our tenth anniversary I hired our trust worhty sitter for the night and got us a beautiful hotel room in Manhattan.

As we got to our suite the whole night was basically a surprise and I told my wife to shower up and get ready. My wife slipped out of her clothes and undergarments and gave me a kiss before she went to the shower. Rebecca is petite, 5'2 brownn hair and brown eyes with a small full b chest. She weighs 106 lbs and is in terrific shape. One of her biggest obsessions is the fact that she has huge dark brown areolas on her smallish breasts. She thinks they are disgusting where I think they are a huge turn on. As my wife finished getting ready she was beginning to ask questions about the night and I just told her to hurry up and get dressed. When she came out she was in a black min skirt and a nice silk blouse and looked incredible. As we got on the elavator we were alone and my wife lifted up her skirt and her beautiful bald pussy was staring right at me. Now this we the sexy young wife I remembered. As we got to the five star restauraunt in the hotel Guys were checking her out up and down. We ate a great meal and shared some wine and my wife really loosened up. It was a pleasure to see. After dinner we boarded the elavator again and I put my hand up her skirt and she was so wet. When we got into the room I told her to relax that I had a surprise for her because she was such a great wife and mother. I told her I arranged to have a guy up here to massage her. She was upset at first and just wanted to be with me when their was a knock on the door. I had this whole thing planned out to the minute.

I opened the door and their stood Marcus, a six foot three light skinned black Adonis. He came in and introduced himself to Rebecca and set up his table. I had set this up with him over the phone and everything was going according to plan. Marcus told Rebecca to go get comfortable and wrap herself in a towel. She called me into the bathroom and told me she was going to put on her bra and panties. I told her to wear what she wanted but to relax nothing will happen if you don't want it to. I left her and she came out a minute later, wrapped in a towel. In her left hand was her bra and she put it on the bed and got up on the table stomach down. Her towel covered her butt and back. I sat down and Marcus went to work. He peeled back the towel so it was just covering her cheeks. Marcus rubbed hot oil on her shoulders and back and arms for what seemed an eternity. My wifes eyes were closed and I knew she was turned on. This was incredible to witness. Marcus told my wife that he had to use the little boys room before he started on her legs. She moaned in acceptance. As she heard the door lock she quickly pulled her panties off that she had put on after dinner and threw them to me. They were soaked. rebecca was facing me as the door unlocked and could not see Marcus come out of the bathroom. I was shocked to see that he was totally nude and gave me the whisper sign. His cock was huge, limp. It was a good nine inches just flopping down. Marcus began on her very sensitive feet and she had no idea he was nude. She was maoning softly and told him how good it felt. Marcus told her to close her eyes and just relax. His hands slid up to her thighs and he worked them for minutes. He moved the towel down covering her thighs and asked if he could work on her cheeks. She muttered yes and he began to knead my wifes gorgeous hard ass. He rubbed oil on her cheeks and she loved it. Marcus then made his big move and slid his right hand up and enevloped her pussy lips which brought a big moan. At this moment I freed my cock and began to play with it.

Rebecca gyrated her hips up a bit and Marcus began fingering her with intensity. After about three or four minutes Rebecca shifted up and saw that Marcus was naked and went onto the bed. She took Marcus in her mouth and was sucking him like a porn star. Marcus motined for me to get a condom out of his bag and I did. My wife looked at me and said please put it on him. Hello! I took his long hard cock in my hand and gently put the condom over him. Marcus proceeded to give my wife the fucking of her life. He was a marathon man and sweat was everywhere. This was a night i will never forget.

When we awoke the next morning my wife was very sore but told me that it was great fun.

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