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Feet Feat

Ray pulled in to the gas station and parked. He wasn't getting gas, but just running in for a six-pack of Corona and ice. He thought a few cold beers would be a nice alleviation on a hot San Diego summer afternoon. It was so got that all he had put on was a tank top, shorts and shoes. And boxers, of course.

As he rounded the corner to enter the store, he was glad to see that he wasn't the only one cutting back on clothing. Pumping her gas across the lot was a dark-haired, tanned woman, wearing only a neck-tying tube top, very short shorts and black high-heeled sandals. Immeditately his cock hardened, and he realized he had stopped dead in his tracks. He stared for a few seconds more and entered the store. Finding the Corona, he purposely took his time, waiting for the woman to enter the store so he could get a closer look. He grabbed a lime and the ice and headed for the cashier, when she came through the door. She was clearly latina, with dark, sexy eyes that matched her chin-length hair. They both got to the register at the same time and Ray waved her ahead of him. She smiled and stepped up to the counter.

"Just gas," she said, handing the cashier her credit card.

While the cashier ran her credit card, Ray took a good look at her body. Brown, smooth skin, especially her legs. He saw no tan lines, and the outfit she wore didn't leave much to the imagination, so either she tanned in a g-string, nude or was naturally dark. Her short hair revealed her kissable neck and shoulders. He scanned down again to her ass and felt his cock harden even more, which seemed impossible. Then he looked down her sexy legs and stopped at her feet. They were beautiful. Small, tan, smooth. She had the nails painted silver and wore some toe rings. They were the sexiest feet he had ever seen.

She signed her credit slip and turned to leave, and Ray brought his attention to her face. She turned, looked at his half-naked muscular chest for a second, then smiled at him and walked off. Ray turned and watched her go. When she got to the door, she turned around again and caught him staring. She smiled, half-rolled her eyes and went through the door. For a second, he thought about chasing after her to get her name and number, but he reminded himself that he had a reason not to.

He payed for the beer and went home.

After grabbing a two glasses, Ray went through the back door to the pool area and saw his reason for not chasing after the girl. His girlfriend Gina was laying on a chair, stomach down, her big, firm ass displayed nicely. She wasn't naked, but was wearing a white g-string bikini. He looked at her for a few seconds, seeing that her ass still looked as good as it did 8 months ago, when he had first met her. The first time they had fucked--had met, for that matter--Gina had been pregnant. It had been the best sex he had ever had, and they wound up being together. They had made a deal: if either had the urge to have sex with someone else and wanted to act upon that urge, they would tell each other. So far, they had kept each other satisfied.

Ray walked up and slapped her ass. "Hey."

"Ray!" Gina said.

"Sorry," he said, smiling, setting the bag down. "I couldn't resist. Why you here so early?"

"Want me to come back later?" she asked, glaring at him with her sexy eyes. "We got off of work early so I came over. I thought I'd wait out here for you."

"And the baby?" Ray asked.

"At my mom's for the weekend."

"Good," Ray said, smiling. "Why don't you swim? I pay money for this nice house with a pool and no one ever swims."

"I'd rather just lay here," Gina said, wriggling to get comfortable, her ass bouncing as she did so.

"On second thought, I agree," Ray said, rubbing his cock through his shorts as he looked at her body.

"Oh, is it hard?" she asked, eyeing his dick.

"Let me check. Yep."

"Why don't you take your clothes off?" Gina asked.


"Do it. It's not like anybody is going to see."

"Okay," Ray agreed. "Take yours off, too"

"Don't you see enough of me already?"

"Baby, I never see enough of you," Ray said, kicking his shoes off and throwing his tank top onto another chair. He then pulled his shorts and boxers off in one swipe, sat down and slowly stroked his stiff cock as Gina took off her bikini. Her g-string fell to the ground and she turned around and looked at him.

"That cock looks so good. It always does. Remember the first time I saw it? How hot I got?"

"Ohhhh yeah," Ray said, nodding. "Of course."

Gina sat on his lap and kissed him. "Do you love me?"

"Very much so."

"I love you and I love your cock," she said, kissing him again, this time with some tongue.

"Remember our deal?" Ray asked.

Gina looked at his suspiciously. "The deal?"


"Yes. Tell me."

"No, I didn't do anything, and I don't plan to. It's just that...something that happened at the gas station. There was this gorgeous Hispanic girl. Not as fine as you, though. Actually, I'd like to see you and a girl like her get it on."

"We've had this discussion before, hun," Gina said.

"I know, but it isn't that, either. She had sexy feet. They were so nice."


"Yeah. I mean, I have always thought your feet were nice, too. Just like everything else you have. But, we never use them. The first time we fucked, I titty-fucked you, got a blowjob, all that. What haven't we done since then? We have done it in every position in the book, I've eaten your pussy in different postions, we've fucked in different places, I've even fucked you in the ass a couple times."

"What's your point?" Gina asked, kissing him on the neck.

"Let's do something with these," he said, rubbing her feet.

"You want to do something with them?" she asked, kissing him.

She then put her large, firm boobs in his face. He sucked and licked each one, rubbing his face all over them. They kissed again, licked tongues and he sucked on her neck. Gina grabbed his dick and squeezed it. Ray reached into his bag and pulled out the lime. He grabbed his knife from his shorts and sliced it in half. Taking on of the halves, he pushed it against one of her nipples, and squeezed juice over it. He sucked it all up and kissed her. Then he picked her up and layed her on the long chair. He got on his knees and kissed her leg, then moved down to her feet. He kissed a foot, then moved up to her toes and put two in his mouth and sucked on them. Gina rubbed her tits and moved her head slowly with her eyes closed. He sucked the toes on her other feet and then turned her over on her knees.

"Want to get this cunt eaten from behind?" he asked, rubbing her ass.


Ray looked at it, and saw that the shaven pussy was soaking wet. Before he tongued it, he went down and licked the bottoms of her feet, which were clean and smooth. He returned to the twat, and licked it twice, tasting the juices. He opened the pink hole, and inserted his tongue and moved it around the soft flesh. Gina moaned, so he sped up, then moved down to her clit. He reached under her and rubbed her tits as he worked on her cunt. He moved up to the asshole, and licked it a few times, making her shake. Ray reached down and grabbed a bottle of Corona, popped the top off with his knife and poured some of it down her ass crack and onto her pussy. Then he dove into the pussy, loving the taste. He poured as he licked, getting several good swallow of beer. Setting the beer aside, he concentrated on the pink, wet pussy. He placed his hands on her ass and licked and tongue-fucked her pussy.

"Oooooh," Gina said as she started to gyrate her ass. "Fuck yeah, keep going."

Ray flicked his tongue across the area below her clit as fast as he could. Gina pushed her pussy against him and moved her body with him.

"Ahhhh. Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! Gonna cum! Oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. Yeeeeees. Ohhhhhh."

Gina moaned for several seconds more, then turned around and grabbed his dick. She pulled it toward her mouth, readying to run her tongue up and down it, but Ray stopped her.

"Not today," Ray said, stopping her.


"Use your feet," he said, rubbing her feet.


"Like this," Ray said. He sat down at the end of the chair, with her feet in his lap. He took her feet and began rubbing them on his rigid rod. She got the idea and took over, running her feet all over his dick.

"Like that?" she asked.

"Yeah. Feels good."

Ray leaned back and watched Gina's pretty feet massage his cock. She took one foot and played with his balls with her toes. Then she fit his cock between the space between her big toes and the ones next to them and moved her feet up and down.

"Ah yeah," Ray said. "You sure you've never done this? You're a pro."

Gina smiled. Moving her feet to either side of his dick, she flattened them and moved them back and forth, twisting it. Ray took one of her feet and sucked on the toes, and kissed the bottom. He grabbed the beer and poured what was left of it on her feet, and sucked the beer off. She went back to rubbing his cock with her feet.

"This fucker is hard," Gina said in a horny voice. "Ready for it to cum?"

"Yeah," Ray said, grabbing Gina's tanning lotion. He opened it and squeezed some onto his hand, then rubbed it on her feet, and a little on his dick, stroking it a few times as he did so.

Gina wrapped her feet around his cock and began to move them up and down, jacking it off. She sped up, her feet becoming a blur. She took her right foot and used it to rub his cockhead, while continuing to stroke the dick with her other foot. This slowed her down, but made it feel even better. And look better. Ray watched Gina's sexy feet play with his cock a few moments more, and then he couldn't handle it anymore.


"Gonna cum?" Gina responded.


Gina stopped foot-fucking Ray's stiff cock and sat up, closing her eyes and holding up her boobs. Ray stood up before her and jacked his dick off. It was huge, red and shiny. And ready to cum.

"Shit yeah!" Ray said as the first shot of cum flew from his dick. It landed on her forehead, and was joined by two more shots, hitting her cheek and chin. The next shot blasted her in her thick lips. Ray stroked his dick as quick as he could, shooting the remains on her tits. Gina wiped the cum from her eyes and opened them. She then rubbed in the cum on her tits and spit the cum off her lips.

"Did you like it?" she asked, giving him a sexy smile.

"Ah yeah," Ray said, panting. "But I'd still like to see you with a girl like the one I saw today."

"You never give up, do you? Maybe we can work something out."


"If you want it that bad," she said, grabbing his softening dick and stroking it.

Gina got up and headed into the house to take a shower. Ray sat down, still naked, and felt glad that he hadn't chased after the hot Hispanic girl. If he had, what had just happened might not have ever happened. Still though, she had been one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, and if and when he did have a threesome with Gina, he wanted it to be a girl like that.

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