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Mikes House of toys

Down the street from my house is a guy that not too many people know about. His name is Mike and he is a toy maker. Mike was walking past my house one morning while I was getting some sun. He mentioned that he had made some new toys and wanted to see if people would like them before he sent them off to his company. Mike told me to stop by when ever I wanted to check them out. I am not really interested in toys and thought It was strange for him to ask a grown person to play with his toys. Now I was kind of curious. I put some shorts on over my bikini bottoms and walked down to his house. I knocked on the door a few times and Mike appeared. He smiled and said "here to check out the toys"? Sure, I said to him and he invited me in. His house looked like any normal home I suppose, till he took me to the toy room. We walked through a beaded curtain (like in the 70's) and entered the "toy" room. I was shocked and really didnt know what to say. These toys that were all around the room, were sex toys! Now it all made sense why he asked adults to check them out. I was a little embarrassed and shy about what to do next. Mike told me that he would leave me alone for a while to "play" with the creations. Now alone in the room I saw various dildos on tables and some bondage stuff. Nothing you couldnt get at any store now-a-days. In the corner I noticed a large object covered with a drape. I wondered if this was off limits, but he didnt say not to play with anything, so I am going to peek. I took the drape off and had to stand back. There stood a large plastic Saddle (like a horses saddle) and a erect human like cock right in the middle of the saddle. I had never seen anything like this before. I suppose you sit on the cock and put a quarter in the machine and ride the thing. I walked away from this strange invention and looked around some more. Still wondering if I should go for a ride. I was getting quite turned on by all the sex equipment in the room and found myself getting wet. I took my bikini top off and continued to look at all the new "toys". I felt as though I was ready to giddy up on this machine. I took my shorts and bikini bottoms off and walked over to the machine. On a table next to the saddle were a bowl of quarters. I positioned myself on the cock, getting quite comfortable. It felt amazing!! So life like and real. I leaned over to the quarters and put one in the machine. The machine began slowly. The ride was like the horses outside grocery stores that children ride. It felt quite good, the sensation of the penis in me and moving like a horse. I saw a button on the side of the money box and decided to try it out. I pressed the button and the saddle moved much faster. It was so fast that my ass was lifting up off the saddle and slapping back down. My tits were bouncing up and down as I was. The sensation was wonderful! I was getting fucked good by this machine!! oh yes, I screamed and continued to ride faster and faster. I was totally getting off and loving this new toy! I moved my hips to get even better penetration and fuck this toy. After about 20 minutes the ride stopped. Oh hell no I thought I could do this for hours. I leaned over and grabbed some more quarters. Putting them in the machine fast and hitting the turbo button. I continued to ride and cum all over the saddle. I ended up using all the quarters and riding this machine for hours. My legs were quite sore when I got off the thing. Mike came in as I was just putting my clothes back on. He asked me what I thought. I told him, "I loved the saddle ride and how much is it"? He told me how much it cost and I ordered one. I also told him that If he ever wanted my opinion on anything else to PLEASE ask me and I will be happy to test any new toy out for him!!!

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