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Weekend at the cabin 2

By Cathryn

We just stood there looking at each other for a minute or so,I could tell she wanted to leave and I began wondering why I had invited her for coffee.We had only met each other a couple of times and I didn't even know her first name even though we had bought the cabin over a year ago.She must have thought I was some kind of a nut being outside nude the way I was,but at the same time I hadn't been this sexually excited in months.I felt flushed and I could feel my nipples getting harder as we stood there.Now I wanted more than ever for her to stay,I needed someone to exhibit my nakedness to.

I started talking, telling her I was just trying to get some sun while the weather was so nice.She smiled like she knew what I was talking about and after some more coaxing agreed to some coffee.I led the way up onto the porch and motioned for her to sit down while I went inside for the coffee.I knew she thought I was going to put something on while I was inside but instead I filled the cups and went back out just the way I was.

I was getting moister by the minute and my nipples were as hard as they could get.I handed her her cup and sat down across from her at the table.As we talked I knew the table was large enough that she wouldn't be able to see anything from just below my tits on down so I was able to spread my legs and allow the slight brease that was blowing to carress my clit.Taking a sip of coffee I glanced down and could see that my lips were open and my clit was erect and exposed.glisening in the sunlight.

Beth,I finally found out her name,and her husband were up here for the summer and she was taking her morning walk when she had cut across our property not expecting anyone to be here and had bumped into me.She joked that the last thing she had expected to see that morning was a naked flower gardener.I made up a quick story that we were going on a cruise and wanted to get ahead on my tan.And seeing that I had never seen another person while up here I thought this would be a good place to get rid of any tan lines I already had.I asked if my being nude the way I was bothered her at all and she said that it was my property and if I wanted to go nude while I was here that was perfectly all right with her.

While she talked I had been sipping my coffee using my right hand and non-chalantly let my left hand move down to my lap.As we continued talking I was now slowly massaging myself,gently flicking my thumb across my clit and exploring my opening with the tip of my index finger.By now she seemed to have gotten used to my nudity and the way I seemed so at ease with being naked in front of her.At the same time I was beginning to wonder how much longer I could keep up the act I was putting on.Without her knowing it I now had one of my fingers buried in my pussy as far as I could get it and was close to cumming right there.I was having a hard time concentrating on our conversation now and knew that if I didn't stop fingering myself I wouldn't be able to hide the fact that I was having an orgasm while I talked to her.Not really wanting to I slowly slid my finger out and put my hand up on the table.

We talked for a few minutes more and then she said she had to get back before her husband came lookig for her.She joked that she didn't know if his heart could stand seeing me the way I was.I walked with her off the porch hoping that she wouldn't notice how damp and matted my pussy hair had become.She walked back toward her property and I went back and sat on the porch steps waiting until she was out of sight before spreading my legs and continueing where I had let off.Two fingers slid into my open pussy and my thumb worked on my clit and with-in minutes I was cumming out in the open air.

I was still excited after that and went into the cabin to take a shower planning on doing myself again.I was in the midst of trimming for my swim suit when for some reason I kept right on going and shaved myself completely.I had never done that before and after I was done and looked at myself in the mirrow I wondered why I hadn't.It looked so much better without that thatch of unruly hair.I was amased at how much smoother it not only looked but felt while I put some lotion on myself.It was like my finger automatically went across my clit and into my opening.Again I was cumming with-in minutes,this time standing in front of the mirrow.

It wasn't even noon yet and already I had exposed myself to my neighbor and cum twice and I still had more than 24 hours before it was time to head home.This was going to be a great week-end.


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