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Weekend at the cabin 3

I spent the afternoon just kind of laying around the cabin not doing much of anything,mainly just trying to keep my fingers off my newly shaved pussy.I was hard to believe that just shaving off a handfull of hair could make me feel so erotic.Somehow I had to figure out a way for someone to see me,I wanted to show off.

I decided I'd go back into town and and go into some of the different stores,but first I needed something to wear.We didn't keep to many extra clothes at the cabin,mostly just coats and heavey winter stuff.After a little bit I found a lite weight coat that was just a little longer than the shirt I had worn on the drive up,it came half way between my knee and crotch.The two top buttons were missing so my cleavage was exposed but that was ok because I didn't plan to keep it closed anyway.

Driving into town I noticed that the coat had ridden up my thighs and I was fully exposed for anyone that looked inside my vehicle.There were quite a few people in town walking on main street and it looked like the stores were pretty crowded so it took a while to find a place to park.Walking down the street I wondered if any one quested that I was completerly nude under my coat.I went into the drug store first hoping I'd find something on a top shelf to reach for but was dissapointed to see that there was no-one there besides a bored looking teenage clerk.

My next stop was a little gift shop where I spent quite a bit of time looking at all the stuff they had.A couple of times I reached for something and once bent over to look at something on the bottom shelf.I could feel the coat ride up my ass cheeks as I did but weather any one was looking as I did I had no idea.Hopefully some-one had caught a quick glimce.Finally I went into the grocery store and spent some time filling a cart with stuff.There were mostly mothers with kids in there so I was careful about how I moved.When I checked out the girl asked if I needed help loading the stuff in the car.The kid they had bagging looked to be in his late teens so I thought maybe I could brighten up his day alittle.He followed me out into the lot and I unlocked the trunk and then made leaned over to move some stuff around.I could feel that the coat had moved half way up my ass so I leaned farther into the trunk and at the same time raised one leg for balance.I glanced back and saw that his eyes were right where I wanted them to be.In the position I was in he must have been able to see not only my ass but my open lips and clit.I straightened back up and leaned over to get one bag out of the cart knowing that he was now able to look down the front of the coat.He made no attempt to avert his eyes and I knew he could see my hanging tits and erect nipples.We finished loading the trunk with him never once looking me in the eyes.

On the way back to the cabin I pulled over to the side of the road after I got out of town.My little escapade with the bag boy had gotten me excited again and I thought of getting myself off right there at the side of the road but instead I took off the coat and put in in the trunk,driving back to the cabin in the nude with no way to cover myself.By the time I pulled into the driveway I was soaking wet and my tits ached,but I still didn't want to cum just yet.I had to think of something else to do.I quickly took the groceries into the cabin and then went back out to the car and started it up and went back out onto the highway.Before I knew what I was doing I had pulled into Beth's driveway.


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