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Homecoming 5

After the last party all I seemed to think of was the feel of mom's lips on my cunt and dad's cock in my mouth.I tried to think of a way to do it all over again.

Later that week we were all in the kitchen after supper.Mom was doing the dishes and dad was standing next to her talking about his day at work.He put his cup down and said he was going to take a shower and shave the stubble that had grown in over the last couple of days.Jokingly I asked if he needed any help and was suprized when he said if I wanted to I could come along.Mom said that if we could wait a few minutes we could all help each other.

We went into the main bath and mom got up onto the counter pulling her legs up as she did.Dad lathered her up and then gave me the razor to finish the job.I took my time making sure I didn't nick her but also making sure she was as smooth as could be.Dad ran his toungue over her pussy a few times after I was done and ok'd the job.My turn was next and mom made short order of shaving me,checking with a couple quick licks.She asked dad what he thought and he ran his fingers over my lips and mound.

Dad leaned back against the counter and mom asked if I wanted to shave or hold him.Seeing I had never helped with him before I said I'd hold while she took care of the shaving part.This certainly wasn't the first time I had held his cock, but it had always been fully erect before, this time he was soft at least for now.It felt completely different, solt and flexable and his balls hung low and loose.I moved him as needed as mom shaved up and down his shalt and then his inner thighs and scotum.When she was done she wiped him with the towel and asked what I thought.I moved my hands around the parts she had shaved and said he felt pretty smooth to me.She said that it was pretty hard to tell with just my fingers and that the best way was to use my toungue to feel any stubble that was left.My eyes lit up,she was giving me to go ahead to do what I had been thinking of all week.

I wanted to feel him grow so I immediately took as much of him in my mouth as I could.It was solt and smooth but as my toungue carressed the tip he grew until I could hold only just the head and a few inches of shaft between my lips.I worked up and down trying to get more back inside me,but it seemed like no matter how hard I tried more than half of him was still outside my mouth.I concentrated on the head working the tip of my tougue around the underside of his shaft.
Just then mom said it was to crowded in here and we should move to another room.We moved to the living room with me leading dad along behind me by his now fully erect dick.Mom was already on the floor with her legs widespread waiting for us.Dad went right for her and buried his toungue in her open pussy.I tried to get down next to him so I could keep sucking his cock but he laid down on his stomach and covered it so I couldn't get to it.I was beginning to feel left out until mom motioned me to sit on her face.She went right for my clit and sucked on it the same way dad was sucking hers.We kept this up for a few minutes and then mom pushed my hips until I slid down her body until our pussies were even with each others and our nipples were rubbing.

I thought we were going to mutually masturbate until I felt dad's cock slide down between my thighs.I think he was trying to get into mom but even he wasn't long enough to do that from this angle.I closed my legs around his cock holding it tight as he moved up and down along my outer lips.He pulled me upright keeping his cock between my thighs moving back and forth sliding along my pussy.Mom got to her knees in front of us and tryed to lick its head as it appeared below my shaved cunt.She swung around and forced my knees apart until she could get her head between my legs.Now she could get at dad's cock again and she pulled it down in to her mouth.Dad pushed me over until my lips were on mom again.

I was really into eating my mothers soaking wet cunt when I felt her fingers pull apart my own inner lips.Then I felt her guide the head of dad's dick to that opening and he slowly pushed himself inside.Carefully he went deeper until I though he must have all ten inches in side me.I reached down to hold him and felt that he was only halfway in,he kept going and finally all of him got inside.I had never felt anything like that and started cumming almost instantly.I could feel him swelling inside me and just when I thought he was going to cum he pulled out.Mom was waiting and took him back in her mouth.She tried to swallow it all but some of his cum leaked out around the corners of her mouth and dripped down her neck.

We laid there in a heap,all of us spent and happy.


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