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Matt's Lesson.

Ms. Baker a 24 year old teacher in High School looked down at Matt, one of her students . He was looking at a PLAYBOY issue while the lesson. She said "Matt, I'm afraid I will have to take that" and she took the magazine away. She added "You have to stay after...So i can think of a punishment for you" "Yes" Matt said while staring at Ms. Baker's tight ass. The be;; rung and Matt stayed in. All he could think about was that tight ass. Ms Baker came up to him and leaned over his desk so Matt saw her breasts. He tried not to look. She said "Matt, I have to teach you a lesson". "Yes Ms. Baker" said Matt. "Since you like looking at the magazines so much I am going to show you the real thing" Matt could only imagine what she would do....But was it was he thought it would be?

She locked all the doors and put a sign up "Ill be back in 30 minutes" and told him to snand up and so he did. She mumbled something about sexuality but Matt couldnt quite hear her. But she unzipped his jeans and stuck her hand into his pants. Matt led out a soft moan. She asked "Do you like that?" he answered "Yes it is wonderful" "She suddnely stopped and said

Now...Heres the lesson." But instead of a bring lecture he expected she told him to sit down. SHe sat down on him and unzipped his pants while french kissing him. She unbuttoned his shirt and said "You have a nice body Matt." He blushed. She turned around and unbutoned her shirt so she was only in a bra. She took his hand and let it touch her 36D breasts. Later she led his hand to undo her skirt. She was standing there only in her silk panties and her bra. Matt was amazed. Ms Baker kneeled and pulled down his pants so he would be in his shorts. She got all excited about seeing his penis trying to get out. She smiled and pull down his shorts so his penis was showing. She french kissed Matt again and he knew what he had to do. He pulled her panties down and took her bra off. She giggled and said "Now here's the next part of the punishment'' '"Yes Ms Baker" Matt answered really happily. "Please call me Carol" she said as she went to her desk and took out the magazine. Carol said "I was skimming through it and I noticed couple of sex positions. Would you try them with me?" Matt didnt say a thing just took the magazine and smiled at her. After a while he said "Let's try the first position" Carol giggled excitedly. She read "Kiss her nipples.somach and go into her vagina" Matt did that. Then she read to herself and smiled. She took out a rope and tied her to the chair. She said to Matt to sit on top of her and let his penis slide into her pussy. She moaned and then she began to cum. Matt sticked her tongue into her pussy and licked all that juice off.

Carol then danced on her desk like a stripper for Matt and he cummed really hard. She licked all his sweet cream off. They were naked sitting at the chair. Carol whispered to Matt "Let me ride you" and she sat on top of his penis yelling and moaning. She forgot one thing..She didnt lock the back door. An 18-year old girl came in and was shocked. Ms.Baker stood up and took her by the arom and said "This is only a lesson child. Don;t be afraid" Matt came up to the girl and said "Hi Laura" and started unbuttoning her shirt. She was uncomfortable at first but then she felt reliefed after she was all naked. She came up to matt and ecided to suck him off while Carol was licking her pussy.When Matt was being sucked off he was licking Carol's pussy. Everybody was cumming. Laura stood up and said ''I got to get to class..Bye Ms Baker..That was one heck of a punishment" As she dressed and left. Carol stood up and said "Well the punishment is over..You should go now" They started putting their clothes on. When they were dressed Carol said ''if I catch you again with that kind of Magazine You will have a worse pusnishment" she said stricly but sweetly. Matt smiled and said "I hope"

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