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Anal birthday suprise

i had always had the hots for my sisters friend named melissa, long dark hair, brown eyes, and gorgeous long legs that ended at a perfect tight round ass. my birthday was today, and melissa told me that she was coming over to give me a birthday suprise. she had promised to give me a real treat. now i'll tell you i've lost count of the wet dreams i have had of screwing that nice ass of hers and i would get to live a wild dream for my birthday.

i was nervously running around getting dressed up, straiting up my apartment and just trying to stay busy till she arrived. i heard melissa knock on the door and when i answered it i was bowled over and stripped naked by melisa and janice, two very horny girls. my eyes and my cock were bulging, i layed back to enjoy the pleasure that melissa and her bisexual friend janice. melissa smiled and said "hi hot stuff..." she was fulfilling my fantasies by straddling my ever growing cock. melissa said " i've brought janice to give you your birthday treat!" janice spoke up as she stripped off her top "hold on honey, you are in for a wild ride!!"

with my hands full of janice's tits, i tried to keep from shooting my load as melissa sucked on my cock. i was on the brink of filling her mouth cum as melissa squirmed onto my lap facing away from me, she slid her wet pussy all the way to the base of my loaded weapon. at the same time, janice stuck her smooth shaven cunt into melissa's face so she could tounge fuck her pink pussy as well as get her cunt fucked ful of my cum.

after draining my heavy balls of its sticky spunk, melissa slid off my lap, turning her but to me while janice bent double with her ass in the air and sucked my half hard cock into her mouth. i rubbed my fingers along melissa soggy cunt, i twiddled around the nub of her clit. my fingers were drenched with the creamy overflow from her cunt, she wiggled against my finger moving it around to the pink puckered rim of her asshole. then i realized she wanted her sweet ass poked, i teased her saying "you're not the lady you pretend to be, are you? you like getting that cute ass of yours fucked, huh?" melissa was beyond answering, pumping her round ass onto my hand, my middle finger disappearing into her secret passage.

i couldn't believe it, my cock was rock hard again as janice's sweet mouth pumped away. she got on all fours, her sweet ripe ass curving out to me, usingone hand to stroke along her shiny clit. melissa got down to join her, leaving me to beat my meat at this incredibly erotic sight of these anal-obsessed girls in a 69, tounging each others puckered assholes. wetting there tiny fingers to slide them into each others assholes. even my own wet dreams hadn't been able to come up with anything as kinky as these two horny babes with there tushes to me. side by side on all fours, cheeks spread and ass holes glistening with a slippery mixture of spit and love-lube. i dove in like a thirsty man into an oasis, lashing my long tounge around each tight little bullseye and juicy clit before sinking my rock hard cock into each velvet-walled asshole. i fucked one tight asshole as i fingered the other.

i humped away, pumping what seemed like gallons of hot sticky cum into each of these sweet anal obsessed women. the girls carried on far into the night, playing with each other and putting on a horny show for me every time i had to take a rest. watching them eat each others out inspired me to rock hardness time and time again all night long. i would be ready to do what ever they wanted and how ever thay wanted it done. with a total of 6 holes to use as i wanted, they fucked me all night long. by the end of my birthday, we shared special secrets i'll never forget. they were so impressed by the way i could satisfy there needs, they have promissed to bring over more of their girlfriends, and they are anal lovers as well.


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