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Homecoming 6

Now that the final taboo had been broken none of us made any attempt to hide our longings.All three of us had what it seemed were uncontrolable sex drives and me and mom spent each day in each others arms waiting for dad to get home so we could fuck the night away.I don't know how he managed to keep up but somehow he did.

One night mom got the idea to let him have some time to himself.She said she wanted to do a little shopping and I should come along with her.

I was going to go to my room to put on some clothes when she said to just grab a coat and follow her.I put on a knee length rain and shine coat and she put on a light weight jacket that came between her waist and knees and we got into the car and went to the mall.
We had spent the afternoon sucking on each others nipples but niether of us had cum yet so we were both still really aroused.Mom had left the last few buttons on her coat undone and as she drove she kept her left hand busy between her open legs,staying ready as she put it.After awhile she used her left hand to drive and used her right to slowly massage my bare pussy.
At the mall we looked around a few of the stores until finally we got into the lingerie shop.I didn't really want anything but mom picked up a few pairs of nylons in some new colors they had.She also found a pair of the smallest g-strings that I'd ever seen.I don't think the front patch was big enough to cover one outer lip much less two.She gave them to me to check out because she said she looked to old to buy something like that.We looked around for another hour or so and then she said it was time to go home.The trip home would be more arrousing then the rest of the day had been so far, I was soon to find out.

When we had pulled into the mall lot mom had parked in one of the first spots she saw so we were a couple hundred yards from the buildings.About half way back to the car mom stopped and said she wanted to do something exciting on the way home.I asked her what she had in mind and before I knew it she had taken off her coat and told me to do the same.I have to admit walking thru a brightly lit parking lot nude carrying your coat over your arm will difinately get your heart going.When we got to the car I was just starting to put the coat back on when she opened the trunk and threw hers in and told me to do the same.

She said I should drive but to make sure I didn't break any laws on the way home.Smiling like she always did she said she didn't want to have to talk to any cops tonight.Luckilly it wasn't to far and there wasn't much traffic and I don't think anyone saw us.I do know that I was soaked the whole way home and mom spent most of the trip playing with her nipples and the last block with two fingers buried in her cunt.I was glad when we pulled into the garage and was just about to press the door opener button to close the door behind us when mom took it out of my hand.She told me to get the coats out of the trunk while she opened the house door.At first I hesitated but as turned on as I was I got out and went around to the back of the car and opened the trunk.Mom stood by the door waiting as I leaned in and got the coats.Any of our neighbors that happened to have been watching were getting quite a show.My ass sticking up in the air and mom standing nude by the door of a brightly lit garage

Once we got into the house niether one of us could keep our hands off the other.We stood in the hallways kissing and groping each other our coats piled on the floor at our feet.Dad who was sitting watching tv asked if we were alright,niether one of us had even seen him when we came in.Right then I didn't know about mom but I did know that he wasn't going to get any rest from me tonight.

He was nude like we all usually were around the house and I brushed past mom and went right for his cock.A few strokes a couple of licks and a few kisses and before he was even fully erect I was trying to stuff him into my cunt.I was so wet by then had he slid right in.I pushed him back down on the couch and rode him for all I was worth.It only took about a half dozen strokes and I could feel myself ready to cum and he wasn't even fully erect yet.I couldn't help myself and came before I really wanted to.I slid off onto the floor trying to catch my breath.
Mom stepped over me and was going to finish what I had started.She lowered her mouth over his cock and was starting one of her slow blow jobs,the kind dad loved so much,but I guess she was just as hot as I had been because after only about a minute she lowered her open pussy over his cock and started to cum almost immediately.She too slid off and left his cock waving in the air.

I couldn't and didn't want to leave him like that so I wrapped my lips around part of his ten inches and started sucking.By now he was as hard as a rock so I slowly worked my hands up and down his length.I loved watching him cum and wanted it to happen while I held on.Myself and mom's hornieness must have worn off because after just a few minutes I felt him tense and he started squirting his bueatifull cum over my hands and wrists and his stomach.
Mom had recovered from her orgasm and she helped me lick both of us clean.The rest of the night we all sat on the couch and told dad what had happened at the mall.Naturally as we talked we took turns stroking him like we did every night and by bedtime mom led him away buy his dick


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