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Hitch Hiking Honey

By William Sinner

It started out innocently enough. I was on my way home from a weekend in Vegas when I saw her. She was standing on the side of the 138 highway with her arm outstretched, thumb extended. The road was pretty deserted, and it was a really hot day, so I decided to be a good Samaritan and stop.

I pulled over to the shoulder and rolled down my window, "Need a lift?"

"Obviously." She was really cute. She had a great body, and due to the heat

I could sort of see her nipples through her sweat drenched tank top.

"Where you going?" I asked, trying to sound as casual as possible. I think she could sense the nervousness in my voice. She smiled at me.


"Great," I replied, "I'm headed in that direction myself." I unlocked the passenger door and she hopped in. She had a really cute little body. She was really thin and had long, smooth legs. Her tits weren't too large, but on her little body, they looked to be just the right size. Up close, her face was kind of homely. She had a long crooked nose, and her teeth had a few gaps in them. She seemed to have some sort of acne condition, and her short hair was obviously not naturally platinum. But Hell, her body was hot enough to make her face seem kind of sweet. She seemed quite young. She slammed the door shut, and we were off.

Quite some time went by, and neither of us spoke to each other. She gazed lazily out the window, and my stare often wandered from the road, to her tits. I think she caught me starring, because all of a sudden she asked, "Do you mind if I take off my top? It's really hot out here."

"Wha. . . what?" I stammered, "I guess so. Sure." With that, her tank was off, and the only thing standing between me and those perfect little titties was a thin, white, cotton bra.

"By the way, what's your name?" As ridiculous as it sounds, I actually went blank on the answer. God, she just looked so fine in that thin bra and her short, little skirt.

"Joe," my answer finally came out, "Joe McGrath."

"It's nice to meet you Joe McGrath, I'm Honey." There was another moment of

awkward silence, and then, "Can I suck your cock?"


"Can I suck your cock, Joe McGrath?"

"What? No!"

"No? Why not?" She seemed genuinely hurt.

"Why not? Because it's probably illegal for one, that's why not! How old

are you?"



"In June."

"In June? That's not for another year! It's already July!"

"You know you want me to," she pouted, "I can see your dick getting hard

just talking about it."

"Well, shit! Of course I want you to suck my. . . uhm . . . penis."

"You can say cock. I'm not shy."

"Well, either way. You're a kid!"

"I'm not a kid! Jesus Christ! You know there's this girl at my school,

Gina, and all the boys wanna fuck her 'cause she's got boobs out to here," she gestured by bringing her hands three feet in front of her chest. And just 'cause I aint stacked like Gina, and I have a face like a pizza, none of the boys will even look at me."

"Well, they're idiots!" I felt kind of sorry for the girl, and She was making me horny as hell. I was beginning to cave. Fifteen or not, if a girl is insisting on giving you a blow-job, you'd be a fool to turn it down.

"I'll tell you what," I finally said, "It would be morally wrong for me to knowingly let you suck my dick, but if I'm just driving down the street, and you happen to un-zip my fly, take my cock out and go to town, there'd be nothing I could do to stop you."

"Really? What does this mean?" now it was her turn to be nervous,"I mean, I want to, I really do. . . but I . . . I never . . ."

"Shut up and blow me!" With that, she pounced onto my lap and had my dick in her hands in two seconds flat. She nervously licked the tip once or twice, then she plunged all the way down, taking my whole member in her mouth. I swerved a little into the on-coming lane as she bobbed her head up and down. She was gagging herself with my rod, but that didn't seem to slow her down at all. There wasn't much technique at first, but god bless her, she had heart.

With my left hand still on the wheel, I reached my right over to her tight, young ass. She was wearing a thin cotton g-string which my hand easily slid under. I began massaging her smooth ass, and carefully slid my middle and index fingers into her soft, wet cunt. She was really wet. She let out a little moan as the finger slid in and out, rubbing up against her virgin clit. This excited her very much, and in her enthusiasm, she nearly bit my cock off.

Needless to say, due to what was happening in my lap, my driving was very distracted. A large truck behind me was flashing me to pull over so that he could pass. When the truck passed along my left, boy did the driver get a surprise. He saw young Honey, on all fours, sucking away at my cock. When the trucker blew his horn to show his approval, Honey looked up, and waved my cock at him as if to say, hello. I knew this wasn't going to work much longer. I pulled off to the side of the road.

"What are you doing?" Honey asked, "Is everything okay?"

"We need a little more privacy," I said, getting out of my car. I opened

her door. "Come on." I lead her out to the side of the road, where there was nothing for miles but dead grass and some Joshua trees. I took Honey about two hundred feet away from the road, behind a rather large Joshua.

"Well," she said, "We can't get any more private than this." She tugged on my cock, "Shall I continue?"

"No," I answered.

"No? Why not? I was starting to get the hang of it, and I wanted you to

come in mouth."

"How would you like to be fucked, Honey? I mean really fucked? Hard." Honey once again became very nervous, but at the same time, she got this really sexy mischievous grin across her face.

"Okay." Without further delay, I pushed her to the ground, tore her panties off, and rammed my throbbing dick into her from behind. She screamed as her hymen broke, gushing blood all over my dick.

"Stop, please it hurts!" she screamed, "Please, please, please," that's when it kicked in, "don't stop! Oh God!" Her whole body was shuddering. I couldn't believe it she was coming already. "Jesus Christ!" She collapsed into the sand. "Thank you. Thank you," she just kept repeating herself, "Thank you. Thank you."

She may have been done, but I sure as hell wasn't. My dick was harder then it had ever been, and about ready to explode. "Honey," I shook her gently, "Honey."

She weakly looked up and smiled, "Yeah?"

"Do you still want me to come in your mouth?" She got a dopey gin on her

face and nodded vigorously. I gently pushed my dick against her parched little lips, and she gladly took me into her warm, soft mouth. Her tongue slid gently across my head, licking up the pre-cum. I guided her right hand to my shaft and instructed her to stroke it. Up and down, up and down. She started out slowly, but the action became more intense as her little tongue darted all over my cock. My head was spinning with ecstasy. I felt my body quiver and the muscles in my cock tightened. I shot a giant wad right into Honey's delicious mouth. She chocked at first and spit it out, covering my dick with its own juices. She profusely apologized and proceeded to lick up all of the excess cum, as well as swallow the few little spurts that were still coming out. With in three minutes time, I was completely clean, and Honey couldn't eat another drop.

When we headed out on the road again, Honey and I didn't talk for quite a while. I was worried about her. A young girl all alone in Los Angeles. I looked over at her, she was almost asleep.

"Do you have a place to stay when you get to LA?" She shook her head.

"Well, you do now."

"Do you mean it? I can stay with you?" I nodded, and before I knew what hit me, her arms were around my neck, and I was being covered in kisses. "But I don't have any money. How can I pay you?"

I smiled, "Oh, I can think of a few ways."

"How? Oh, you mean by fucking me? That's not payment, that's fun."

"Well, that's the deal, free room and board for exclusive rights to that

hot little body of yours."

"Oh! It's a deal!" She lay back in her seat looking ver contented.

"So," I asked her, "You ever been fucked up the ass?"

She shook her head and just started giggling. God, it was going to be a

good night.

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