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My First Bi-racial Experience

I'm single & live alone in a nice brick home with a pool & a big yard. Therefore needing a man to help with things from time to time. I have a nice guy that I can call on when I need help. I'm lucky in that way, I guess. I am 35 yrs old.

His name is Herbert. He is 6' tall with broad shoulders & a hard body. He is black. Herbert is 27 yrs old. He does many things for me & I feel very comfy with him. It was always strickly formal when he was here to do things for me. Well mannered & never overstepping the boundries. If any one every overstepped the boundries, it was me.
But only in the sence of fantasy. I would never allow anything to happen except in fantasy....and that was only when I was alone.

I am originally from the South & things like this can not happen in my family! It is frowned upon there. Even though times are changing, some things just do not & this is one of those things.

Herbert was over helping me paint a spare bedroom in July. It was so hot and although I had a fan running, it didn't keep me cool. With the windows up, the a/c was turned off. Herbert looked as cool as a cucumber while I was sweating my buns off. He suggested that I go take a dip in the pool to cool off while he continued to work. That was an idea, but I didn't really want to come back in with my hair all wet & unkept. I declinded & continued to work. Finally, I came off the ladder & went to pull my hair up in a clip. Herbert worked on a level below since I was much shorter than he was. I told Herbert to take a break while I went to take a cool shower.

The shower was so refreshing & the cool water seem to bring my body temp back to normal. I doned a fresh pair of white shorts with a draw string waist & a short tee shirt. It too was white. Since it was so hot the white was cooler & I don't usually wear undies anyway and didn't give that a thought as I was getting dressed.

I came back to the room to find Herbert sitting on a short stool & sipping on ice tea. He was kind enough to make one for me. I sipped the tea for a moment & got back on the ladder. Not realizing that Herbert had a great view of my bottom as I was climbing the ladder. I just wasn't conscience of anything happening so it didn't cross my mind that he would be watching my ass wiggle as I climbed.

I felt him more than seeing him. He was standing so close to me that I could feel his breath on the back of my legs just under the cheeks of my ass. I was afraid of turning around as I knew that his breath would be so close to my pussy. I was excited at the thoughts but knew that I had to keep my composure.
Then I decided what the hell & pressed my ass a bit closer to his face as I turned around & pretended that I didn't know he was that close.

Oh!! I said as I took one step down. Did you need something Herbert? He asked if I needed the ladder moved & I said no, not yet. He said you sure look cooler since you had a shower. I told him that I felt much cooler. I didn't tell him that I also felt more horney than before the shower. I sat on a step & brought my knees up as I planted my feet on the step below the one I was sitting on. Making a clear view for him up my shorts legs. I knew the moment that he noticed I wasn't wearing any undies.

He caught his breath as he eyes moved to my neatly trimmed pussy. His eyes met mine & we held them for a moment. I unconsciencely licked my lips. He knew that was a sign & easily moved in closer to my waiting crotch. He moved my shorts leg
over with one finger as his eyes held mine. His face was so close to my swollen pussy as if asking my permission. I leaned back as far as I possibily could on the ladder as I invited him to taste me. I closed my eyes & waited. Everything was so tense for a moment when he said No, don't close your eyes. I want you to see me when my mouth touches your pussy for the first time. I want you to remember not only what it feels like to have my lips & tongue in your white pussy but how it looks to see my black face inside you.

I was so wet at that moment & could hardly wait for the pleasures that I knew he could bring me. His head moved so close that I could feel his breath on me & I moaned loudly. At that very second his tongue found my clit & I thought I would die from the sheer pleasure. His hands on my inner thighs opened me more for his viewing & sucking pleasures. It was unlike anything I have felt before. The taboo of having a black man sucking on a white woman's pussy made it all the better!
As he was eating & sucking my pussy one of his hands found its way to one of my hard nipples. I was in sheer heaven!! My juices were flowing like they never have before. When he pressed his tongue deep inside me, I had the most awsome orgasim of my life!

I was weak from that orgasim & almost lost conscienceness. He lifted me from the ladder & walked down the hall to my bedroom. He lay me on the bed and I watched as he removed his pants. His shirt had been taken off hours ago. His chest was powerful & his stomach was flat with rippling muscles. When those pants came off, I noticed that his hard black cock was well into proportion to his well worked body. I had never seen a black man's cock before & was in awe of it.

When he was naked, he straddled my lying body with his & sat there looking at me for a moment. I was still coming down from that orgasim & he knew this as he could see the passion in my eyes. Gently, he reached out to pull my tee shirt off & when I was bare from the waist up, he stared at my naked breast. All he said was 'Beautiful'. He leaned down & took one nipple into his wet warm mouth. I was as arroused as I had been when I felt his warm breath on my pussy. I began to move my hips under him & took my hands and placed them on either side of his head.
I brought his lips to mine as I wanted to feel the tongue, that had just been in my pussy, in my mouth now. This man certainly knew how to use that tongue! Be it in my mouth or my pussy! He slid down the length of my body & when my legs were free, he pulled the string to untie it so he could pull the shorts down & off. He tossed them aside, but not before putting them to his face & breathing deeply into them.

He opened my legs & for a moment just looked at my begging pussy. My juices were flowing again. He inserted one finger & then another. Worked them around for a few moments & brought them to his mouth but only sucked on one. He offered me the other one & I took it and placed it in my mouth & sucked on it as if showing him a sample of what plans I had for his black dick. He moaned loudly. He slid farther down & in no time had his face back in my pleasure hole sucking & licking my hot pussy. My hips were bucking to meet his tongue. I reached for his dick so I could suck him at the same time. He turned in the bed & gave me what I was searching for.

He was on top of me with that big black cock hanging so close to my mouth. I flicked out my tongue just to tease the head of it. Holding on to it with one hand,
I started sucking on it as a babe would on a tit. Never closing my eyes as I wanted to see that taboo vision of black on white! The viewing had as much effect on me as the tongue in my pussy. Together we sucked & fingered as many places as were possible. I was the first to cum & how awsome that was!! The sucking sounds he was making told me that he was enjoying it as much as I was. When he sucked all the juices from my dripping pussy, he relaxed as I continued to suck his black dick.
I have always been good at sucking dick & learned how to deep throat just to give more pleasure. As I sucked on him, I could hear his moans of pleasure. But they were nothing compared to feelings he got when I took him all the way down my throat & swallowed. He went wild with fucking my face. I could tell he was moments from cumming but i didn't want to lose that so I slowed down. I told him that I wanted him to cum in my pussy. I wanted to feel him spurt his juices in my waiting pussy. He rolled over & as I climbed on top of him, I took hold of the very first black cock that I ever had inserted in my pussy.

Oh my God!!! It was to awsome for words! Seeing his black peter pumping into my wet, hot white pussy was glorious. I rode him hard for a moment & before I knew it, he had put one arm around me, rolled me over & was pressing me into the matress.
This man was fucking me so hard & I was loving every moment of it! Knowing that black dick was in me, made it all the more passionate. But when he leaned down to kiss me, having both his balck dick & his black tongue in me at one time was to much & together we hit that beautiful climax. The orgasim lasted for what seemed an eternity. We were both exhausted & washed down in sweat. He never took it out of me & lay on top until he could catch his breath. In no time flat, I was ready again. He said, I think we have done enough painting for one day. I said me too.
Let's just lay back & let me show you a few other things I want to do with that dick of yours. We both knew that would not be the last time we would fuck.
Can't wait until I have another chore that I will need his help with.


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