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I responded to an ad in a classified area of an Internet start page, Man Looking for man,
Section. Ad read wanted married man or men that would like to lay back and enjoy.
I sent a message telling him that I was very curious about having a guy get me off.

After chatting for four days he said that he would like to meet me. We agreed to meet at a local Burger King and chat to see if we hit it off. I drove up on the morning we agreed.

As I drove into the parking lot I noticed the car he said that he would be in parked in the back of the lot facing out. I drove up and said hi Jim I am Bob. He smiled and said hello.

I told him that I was nervous. Not to worry he said I am not a pushy guy lets go somewhere and have a drink. I told him that I had a motor home not far from where we were.

He said that he would get in my car and ride there with me. After arriving at the park we sat and had a beer, chatting about sex, and how much he liked to please a man. Sitting next to me on the couch he put his hand on my knee hey relax and just go with the flow. He ran his hand up the inside of my leg and started rubbing me. Set back and relax he said close your eyes and let it happen. I pushed back and let him unzip my pants, unhooking my belt he said just slip these off and let me show how good this is going to be. Pushing my hips up he pulled my pants and shorts off. Kneeling in front of me he pushed me back and started kissing the inside of my legs then put one of my balls in his mouth. Licking my balls he masturbated me until I was fully hard. Then I felt a warm wet feeling and glanced down. His head was going up and down with my cock in his mouth
As nervous as I was it was plain to see that I was going to like this. He stopped long enough to say lets get you comfy and lay you down where I can work on you. We walked to the bedroom at the back of the camper and I pulled the rest of my cloths off, and laid down on the queen size bed, He asked me to raise my hips and slid a pillow under my ass. I was rock hard at this point and as turned on as I had ever been. He went back to sucking the length of my cock in and out and at the same time playing with my balls.

I couldn't believe how good it felt to have this man sucking my cock. I closed my eyes and layback enjoying that best blowjob I had ever had. I have had lots of women give me blowjobs but never as good as this. He was an expert at it. At the point I was getting ready to cum he would stop and play with my balls and talk about how good it tasted.

It this point he asked if I had ever touched another man before. I told him that there had been one time when I was about 15 when an older guy down the street paid me to play with him. And had never had the chance to do it after that. Standing up he slid his pants off. Laying down next to me turning so we were head to toe, he said now if you want to see what its like to touch a man try it if not, no problem. He went back to sucking me. Turning my head to the side I could see that his cock was rock hard. I had to admit that I was curious about it and reached over and took it in my hand. The first thing I noticed was how hot it felt and that I could feel his heart beating in it. Pulling up and down from the base to the tip was a kind of turn on for me. Getting up on one elbow so I could see it more closely this feeling came over me like I wonder what its like to suck it. I don't know why but I just leaned over and put it in my mouth. At first I want sure if this was going to be something that I liked but the longer I did it the better I liked doing it. It dawned on me that he had stopped sucking me and was laying back as I sucked his.

He said that I was doing a good job on it. You want to get it off for me he said? I stopped and said that I would give it a try. I went back to jerking his cock, and playing with his balls like he had done to me. After jerking his cock for 10 minutes he said that he was getting ready to cum and wanted me to go faster. As I jerked him faster I could feel his cock pulsating and then all at once he let out a grown and out cum came out across his belly. After his cock stopped spurting he rolled off the bed and went to the bathroom. Come back he laid down next to me and asked if I liked doing it. I had to admit it was a turn on to make a guy cum. As we chatted he kept playing with my cock bring me to the edge and stopping. This went on for over an hour he would suck me then we would chat as he played with my cock. After we had been doing this for well over an hour I noticed that he was hard again. Reaching over I took his cock in my hand and started playing with him again. Again turning se we were head to toe I once again put him in my mouth. This was something that I did enjoy. As I sucked on him I was thinking what it was like to have a guy cum in my mouth. I had cum in the mouth of a woman and it was the best part of the blowjob. I rolled up and started sucking faster and playing with his cock. After about 5 minutes he said that he was getting close. I stopped long enough to say ok and went back to sucking him. All at once there was the feeling of his cocking swelling and a salty taste in my mouth, not stopping until he was done spurting I swallowed it all, It wasn't anything like I had thought it would be like. There I had done it after all the times thinking about it I had done it, and liked it. As I rolled onto my back he said you are a fast learner. And went back to playing with my cock, running his fingers up and down from the base to the tip, every now and the stopping to wet his fingers and playing around with the tip of my cock. I had never been this hot before or lasted as long as this. He had got me to the edge over 12 times and I was at the point of begging to go off. As I got close to going off he said now let it go and enjoy it, and as I came he pushed one of his fingers deep into my ass. It was like my head was going to
Explode and I was seeing starts. My cock was spurting cum like a fountain it felt like it went on for a full minute. I had never had an orgasm like this one; my legs were trembling like I had run around the block. After I was done we lay there and talked about what had just happened and how much he had enjoyed himself. We went to the kitchen both naked and got another beer. As we talked in front of the sick he started massaging my cock I couldn't believe it, I was getting hard again. I had never got hard this fast after getting off. Dropping to his knees he started sucking me again. In no time at all I was going off again jerking me off into a paper towel. After finishing our beers he said seat down and layback I think I can get you off again. We went over to the couch and I laid back and he went at jerking my cock and playing with my balls. I was hard in just seconds. Feeling the need to once again touch his I reached over and started jerking his cock. Rolling off the couch I kneeled in front of him and started jerking his cock as fast as I could, oh man he said I am going to get of fast this time go or it, he went off in long spasms hot cum all over my hands and down his legs. That afternoon we got each other off no less then 8 times in three short hours. We have made plans to meet again at the being of the week. Looking forward to it.

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