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Clowning Around

Henry rolled over to shield his eyes from the morning sun, he had a killer headache…and something was sticking into his side, he reached down and pulled out a small cylindrical object, bringing it up to his face he saw it was a stick of lip gloss.

"What the fuck…." Henry was totally confused.
He heard a murmur and looked over to see a stunning naked woman beside him. The night before came flooding back.

He'd gone out for a night at the pub with the boys. Halfway into the night he went to the bar for a top up and spotted a gorgeous girl sculling slippery nipples between vodka sodas with her friends. She stood out a mile from her group of rather dull companions.
She had on a backless top with a tight black skirt. She had glorious long black shiny hair cascading down her spine and Henry had felt a twinge in his groin as he imagined stroking that hair as it splayed out over his pillow. He remembered how she had looked over to him and smiled, displaying a thousand perfectly straight bright white teeth. He had imagined she must have been the most perfect woman in the world. Henry totally forgot about his friends and spent the rest of the night guzzling various cocktail concoctions with the dark haired beauty and her friends. Eventually everyone had left and Henry and his mysterious woman sat alone at the bar still competing over their drinking ability. They had stumbled out into the cool crisp air around 3am, and the doorman poured them into a taxi.

Henry didn't recall much more about his night, just that they had gone to her house and removed all their clothes before they reached her bedroom, engaging in wild drunk uninhibited sex and passed out side by side.

Henry had developed a large bulge under the sheet just thinking about how her body had smelt.

She murmured again and Henry rolled over so he was lying just inches away from her beautiful face. She stretched a little and opened her eyes, smiling warmly as she saw him watching her.

"Hi, my names René" she giggled, "I've never done anything like last night before, it feels so weird…I don't even know your name"

Henry smirked. "My name's Henry… it's VERY nice to meet you René"

"So…what do you do Henry? Besides fuck like a pro that is."

Henry was getting more turned on the longer he looked at her. "I own a pet shop…down on the pier"

"Ohhhh I know that shop!" She exclaimed excitedly. "I love saying hello to all the puppies on my way to work"

"You work on the pier?" He inquired.

"Well…sort of…I'm a clown, I do street theatre when I'm not working in my sisters clothes shop" She blushed slightly. "Not a freaky clown! I'm so embarrassed, that came out all wrong. I'm part of an acrobatic group, we dress up as clowns though, and it tends to draw the crowds."

"Are you hungry?" she asked.

"Not really" Henry replied. "You know what I would like though? To kiss those soft lips of yours."

Rene smiled and pressed her lips to Henry's. She ran her finger down his side and he moaned in delight.
Henry heard her gasp and realised that she'd spotted his cock standing to attention beneath the sheets.

"Can I touch it?" She asked.

He nodded and she lifted the sheets off him and smiled. She ran her small hand down his stomach and rested it on his pubic hair.

"Hey I've got an idea!" Henry blurted. "Have you got any of that clown makeup lying around?"

Rene smirked and ran to the bathroom. Henry watched her gorgeous arse bounce as she went.
She came back with a box of paints and a fine paintbrush.

"Can I paint you?" She asked shyly.

"That's exactly what I had in mind" He replied.

Rene sat on his stomach; he could feel her warm pussy on his skin and the crack of her arse cheeks cupping his rod. She gingerly licked the tip of the brush and dipped it in a pot of paint.
She bent down close to his face and whispered, " I'll start from the top"

His cock contracted at the tone in her voice, sexy and soft was the ONLY way to describe René.

Before long she'd finished her masterpiece, she stood up over him on the bed and admired her work. From this angle he had the perfect view of her cunt, he could see it was already glistening with juices.

"Hurry up look in the mirror! You look so cute!" She enthused.

The whole time Henry had been aching to grab her and fuck her stupid, but he held back and revelled in the torture, every inch of his body was tingling from her light but constant touch and his cock was the hardest it had ever been.

He stood up and looked in the mirror. She had painted his entire body in clowning colours, from head to toe. His face was done up like a crazy clown, and his bulging dick had it's own little mask identical to his face! The rest of him was a variety of wacky colourful stripes, dots and an array of other patterns.
Henry shook his head and grinned.

He turned around and saw René lying on the bed with splayed legs slowly stroking her pussy.
"You like my masterpiece?" she asked.

"You are a masterpiece!" He replied hungrily.

"No you naughty clown, do you like your outfit?"

"I love my outfit baby…. is this edible paint?" He felt a drop of precum ooze out of his dick and dribble down onto his balls.

"Hey! Mr Squiggle is smudging my masterpiece!" She mused. "Is Mr Squiggle hungry?" She teased, still stroking her pussy and now tweaking her already firm nipples.

"Oh baby Mr Squiggle aint hungry, Mr Squiggle is ravenous!" Henry groaned.

Rene smiled the sexiest smile Henry had ever seen as she took her finger from her dripping cunt and sucked her juices off it.

"Mmmmmm" She murmured softly.

That was all Henry could take and he dove straight in licking her pussy from bottom to top in one slurp. He worked his way up with his tongue to her mouth and kissed her so deeply she felt her head spin.

Then all of a sudden she flipped him onto his back and snapped a set of handcuffs around his right wrist.

"Naughty clown" She said… "Now I'm all covered in paint too! Just look at my cunt, its covered in juicy blue paint."

And indeed it was, Rene was absolutely sopping wet. She stuck her hand into her muff and covered her hand in juice; she then smeared her liquid all over Henry's throbbing shaft and flicked her tongue over its oozing head.
Swallowing his entire cock in her mouth she sucked and licked and kissed and nibbled till his cock started to contract with the beginning of a huge orgasm. Just as he was about to blow his load she took her mouth away and watched as his face contorted with the pleasure and disappointment of being denied the pleasure of cumming.
He grasped his cock with his free hand and tried to continue the senstation manually, but she grabbed his arm with unusual strength and handcuffed his other wrist the the bed.

"Nuh-uh…Mr Squiggle doesn't get to come just yet"
Henry was in an absolute frenzy of desire, his cock was spasming and begging to be relieved, but he had no way of doing so…he was totally at the mercy of Rene, the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen, he only hopped she wasn't cold hearted enough to not let him come at all.

Just then she sat on his prick and smiled at him.

"Okay now…I'm going to sit here, and I'm going to come…. a lot, but I'm not going to get you come until I'm ready. If you move, I'll hurt you. Understood?"
With that she reached over and pulled a big red dildo and a 30cm whip out, she rested both on his stomach. She then reached into the draw again and pulled out a big red clown nose. All that moving around on his rod was sending amazing feelings up and down his shaft. She then sat up straight and pulled the nose over her head, she left the whip on his stomach…as a warning that he would be hurt, and picked the dildo up.

She gingerly licked the big red cock from base to top, and performed a phoney blowjob; just like the one she'd given Henry a little earlier. She then hit a switch on the bottom and the monster started to hum. Rene rubbed it up and down her torso, massaging her breasts, her neck, and her stomach.

She teased her hard nipples awhile with the vibrating dick and Henry could hear her breathing heavily with every stroke.

She traced the dildo from her breasts to her belly button and slowly, anxiously lowered it to her drenched cunt. She pressed it lightly against her clit and jolted slightly.
Henry could feel her pussy contract.
She pressed it against her clit again, longer and harder this time, she started to move it around in small circles, covering the entire top half of her slit.

Henry was revelling at the site of her body tensing and relaxing, as well as her pussy tightening every so often, he could also feel the vibrations of the fake shaft against his own cock, which was now more that ready to blow a huge load into the dark haired beauty on top of him.

Evidently Rene had forgotten about her own strict warning, as by now she was rocking back and forwards on his dick and he was replicating her movements in a steady rhythm. Faster and faster she rubbed the vibrating dildo over her clit and faster and faster she rocked up and down back and forth moaning and groaning on top of Henry.

Just as Henry's cock started to spasm and draw closer to a long awaited explosion, Rene's pussy started to rise to it's highest point and her breathing stopped, her back arched, the dildo fell out of her hands and she grasped tightly to Henry's thighs and moaned loudly with a series of thundering orgasms. She rammed herself down and hard as she could onto his cock and he raised his hips in a severe thrust to meet her intensity. Henry groaned like a wounded bear, and Rene screamed in absolute pleasure before collapsing exhaustedly on his chest gasping for breath.

A couple of minutes later she fell asleep on top of him, with his cock still inside of her. Totally forgetting that she had him captive still. Henry lay there totally exhausted the thrill of what had just happened still twitching in his staff. He eventually drifted off to sleep as well, dreaming about what else this amazing clown woman had to offer him.

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