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Sexual Awakenings

He was lost to her now......she wondered if it would be forever or if this was some kind of test she had to pass. She would think back to when she first met him. How electrified she was by him from just a look or a glance. She thought of all the awakenings he had caused in her, would anyone else ever be able to do that to her? She thought he was beautiful from the moment she laid eyes on him. He was exactly her type......tall, dark features; eyes that were almost black when he was excited. Chiseled upper body with broad shoulders and thick hands rough from working. His chest was like something that had been carved, and tapered down slightly to his waist. And his ass......he had the greatest ass she had ever seen on a man.........rounded and hard. That he was attracted to her as well, always amazed her. She rarely gave herself enough credit for how attractive she really was. She had long brown hair that was streaked blond from the sun, not a curl in hung like silk past her shoulders. She was thin and slightly muscular with long legs and a tight little ass that never failed to grab attention. Small perky breasts that she always wished were slightly bigger but were in perfect proportion to the rest of her body. She was tanned from a recent tropical vacation and when he saw her he knew that he would have her even though she was not his type at all. He usually went for the buxom blond girls, tough girls that wore too much makeup, their clothes too tight. But there was something about this girl, the way her silver jewelry sparkled against her tanned body at this odd time of year, it was March when they met. How unselfconcious she was.....totally unaware that most of the men were watching her. How casual she looked in her jeans, tshirt and cowboy boots.

They met one night in a local bar. She was with a bunch of girls, they had gone out for dinner and were enjoying some cocktails at the bar afterwards when they noticed eachother. She would sneak a look over at him and he would always be looking at her. Head slightly dipped....the sexiest eyes she had ever seen, peering at her from underneath his baseball cap. He was making her rather nervous. She was recently seperated from her husband of sixteen years and hadn't really thought about being with another man since then. He finally came over to her and said , "What do you say me and you go somewhere and get nipple to nipple?" The boldness of his statement annoyed her. But she couldn't deny the physical reaction she felt toward him immediately. Every inch of her body tingled from the sound of his voice. His voice was deep and sensual......the man exuded sexual energy. She was realizing just how long it had been since she felt aroused by someone. The thought instantly made her wet. She tried desperately to stay cool, to brush him off. But everything in her body language gave her away. He knew that she wanted him. In her mind she was trying to rationalize things. She wasn't a young naive girl. She didn't believe in love at first sight. But every fibre in her wanted to leave with him that instant. See him naked, have him touch her. The thought was almost painful. Her body was reacting in ways she had forgotten, possibly never experienced before. He laughed and continued talking to her. She had no idea what he was saying. She was only aware that the deep, sexy sound of his voice was doing things to her body she just couldn't believe. Her breasts were swelling under her tshirt..........nipples turned into tight little nubs. Her nether region swollen as well, she was feeling moist and squishy in her jeans. All these feelings were making her squirm in her chair. She ached for him to reach out and touch her. And had he actually had the nerve to do it in this room full of people, in front of her friends she knew she would be powerless to stop him.

Once he started talking to her, she lost track of everything else around her. Her friends, the crowded bar had disappeared for her. She couldn't think of anything but him and having him touch her. He told her he lived a couple of doors down from here, asked her to come to his house for a beer..........

And so it began, the love affair of her life, full of sexual experiences she had never imagined.

They left the bar to go to his house. She was vaguely aware of the looks of disapproval from her friends. But the situation was beyond her control. The drive to become intimate with him was overwhelming. Something unexplainable if it has never been experienced. He would always have this affect on her. A look, a nod of his head, something subtle whispered in her ear and and she would catch her breath, her knees would weaken, she would do whatever he wanted. When they arrived at his house he cracked open a couple of beers for them and told her he was going to take a shower. She sat in the living room listening to the water run, sipping her beer, imagining him naked in there rubbing soap all over himself. She was sitting on the couch and the thought of it made her legs start to sway back and forth, moving them in rhythm with the pulsing in her pussy. He finally came out of the shower, glistening with water, a towel wrapped around his waist. The sight of him made her catch her breath, her breathing became shallow. She couldn't take her eyes from him. Drinking in every detail about him. His damp dark curly hair, his slightly hairy chest glistening with drops of water. The towel cinched tightly around his waist, the not so subtle protrusion under the towel. His knees and legs that looked so strong. He was walking toward her on the couch. He thought how incredible his luck was, she looked so innocent to him and yet here she was sitting on his couch, looking a little nervous. Her legs still moving involuntarily in anticipation. She could feel the heat coming off of him as he approached her. He bent down and kissed her lightly on the lips. Her head was swimming from the beers and the sensations he caused in her.

His kiss was so soft and inviting. It was like they had kissed before....their tongues swirling in perfect unison. The clean soap smell of him filling her nostrils, his hard on poking through the towel. The feelings he was stirring in her. It was almost more than she could be stand. She felt inhibitions falling off of her with this man she had just met. She pulled the towel from him and gasped at the sight of him. His hard on springing out at her. So hard and swollen almost purplish at the end, bending slightly to the left. She immediately dropped to her knees in front of him and started licking the end of it. Teasing the tip of his prick with her tongue. She would look up at him, wanting him to know that she was worshipping him. His hands were twisted in her silky hair as he stared down into her eyes. Watching her wrap her mouth around his manhood, his knees buckling trying to stay upright. They both knew at that moment that something extraordinary was happening here. He pulled her up off her knees, their eyes never leaving the others, lost in eachother, the passion was overwhelming. The rush they were feeling, full of lust and love and need. This was no casual one night stand. This was a union of soulmates.

He took her by the hand and led her into his bedroom. Even the feel of his big strong hand closed around hers was having an effect on her. They stood next to the bed, eyes never leaving each other. He slid her shirt and bra up over her head in one smooth movement. Her nipples immediately reacted to the cool air on them and he dipped his head to take one of her nipples into his mouth, cupping the other one his hand. Her head fell back from the feeling of him nursing on her, a moan escaped her lips. She pulled his head in closer to her not wanting him to ever stop. The heat was spreading from her nipples down to to her pussy. She let go of him for a moment to slide her jeans off. He stood back to look at her. His eyes moving up and down her body. He was whispering in her ear, telling her she was gorgeous. Placing his hands on her waist, sliding them up her back and back down.

Cupping the cheeks of her ass with his hands, pulling her closer to him.

Kissing her on the neck, the shoulders, the top of her breasts, her nipples. Her body was humming with anticipation. He felt so right next to her, a perfect fit. His hard on pressing against her pelvis. He slowly turned her around in his arms, still holding her close to him. His hard on pressing against her ass, she started to move herself against him. He was kissing the back of her neck. His arms wrapped around her squeezing her breasts, gently tugging at her nipples, gently pinching them. The feeling a mixture of slight pain and pleasure. Her hands were wrapped around his neck pulling his head closer to her. Their movements so fluid it was almost like a dance. He slid his hands down her belly with slight pressure so their bodies never lost contact. His hand finding her womanhood, the soft spot, swollen and wet. His hand cupped around the outside of her, pulling her ass back toward him, his hard cock pushing against her ass. She came. Juices flowing out on his hand, her knees giving out, her body shivered and spasmed against him. He held her up with his hands and let her ride out the wave. All the time whispering to her; "Oh my god you are so wet, thats right baby you cum for me." Her only response was the moans of pleasure that came from somewhere deep within her. When the wave had subsided slightly, her pussy still contracting from her orgasm she slid onto the bed on all fours, offering her ass to him. Guiding his cock inside of her with her hand. The feeling of him sliding into her making her cum again. He curled around the back of her. One hand on her tit, the other on her clit. Sending her over the edge again. Her whole body slamming against him till she felt him cum. Heard him moaning with release. Felt his hot cum shooting inside of her.......filling her up. They collapsed on the bed not seperating from eachother. A feeling of satisfaction and contentment spread through both of them. His soft member still buried deep inside her they drifted off to sleep.........

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