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Mutual respect

Tom and Cathy are on the sofa kissing each other passionately. They have been apart for two weeks and are making up for lost time. He has her tit's out, caressing them the way she loves, Her hand is stroking his cock through his jeans. "Oh babes." He groans "My ball's feel like they're gonna explode it's been so long since we made love." Cathy looks at him sceptically and says " I can't believe you haven't had a wank while you've been away, I know I have!" "YOU have!" Exclaims Tom " You've never told me you play with yourself before."

" Of course I do" Says Cathy "Why, do you mind?" Tom smiles at this "No, I don't mind. In fact the thought of you wanking turns me on. Tell me what you do" This makes Cathy giggle "No! It's embarrassing" "C'mon" Says Tom, almost pleading "We don't have any secrets from each other!" Cathys fingers dance slowly over the bulge in his jeans "Why should I tell you what I do? You've never told me how you wank" This makes Tom squirm a little, but the thought of Cathy rubbing her hot little pussy is all he can think about "Well" He says " I usually just... er..y'know.... watch one of our porno's or think about something we've done together, like the first time we had Anal sex, that was good for many wanks!" This makes her laugh. "Also" He says " You know how much I love eating your pussy?" She nods "Well sometimes I imagine you are sitting on my face, sucking my cock, that usually does the trick!" "Mmmm." Says Cathy "Sounds fun." Steve can feel his hard-on pressing against his underwear "C'mon please. Your turn" Cathy slides down in the sofa making her skirt ride up her legs, revealing her stocking tops and suspenders "The thought of me wanking has really turned you on hasn't it!" "Oh God yes" Tom moans, pressing himself against her stll dancing hand. Revealing her little secret to Tom has really turned Cathy on. She can feel her panties getting wet. She looks up at him and says "If you show me what you do, I'll show you what I do!" She feels Tom's Cock jerk as she says this "As I rub my pussy I want to see you wank that cock and make it cum. Do you fancy that?"

The look on Toms face is a mixture of shock and pleasure. He nods his head, unable to speak. "Ok!" Says Cathy "Lets get out of some of these clothes, we want to see whats happening" She stands up and removes her blouse, skirt and panties, leaving herself naked except for her stockings and black suspender belt. Tom looks at her and can see her dark brown pubic bush glistening with pussy juices. He jumps up and literally throws his own clothes off. They stand in front of each other, Cathy looks down at his erection and can see a drop of pre cum on the end. She slowly leans forward and kisses the droplet off, savouring the taste "That is the last time I'm gonna touch you" She says " The rest is up to you!"

She sits back down on the sofa with her legs open and motions to Tom to kneel between them. Tom complies and positions the head of his cock barely six inches away from her pussy as if he's about to enter her. He watches as her right hand travels down her body, over her breast, lingering on her erect nipple and then down over her stomach onto her pubes. She starts to rub her hand over her mound, teasing herself. Toms hand goes down to his cock and he starts to masturbate. He moves his hand very slowly, pulling his foreskin over his helmet enjoying the feeling. His eyes are locked on what Cathy is doing, he watches as she opens her legs wider revealing her pussy within which is glistening with juices. Cathy moves her middle finger between her pussy lips, onto her little erect clit and groans "Nice and wet, just how you like it. I bet you'd like to lick my pussy Tom!" " I want to bury my face right in it and make you cum" Moans Tom, the rhythm of his hand getting faster "I bet you would, but not yet. I wanna feel your cum shooting all over me first, Then I'm gonna suck you nice and hard. Then we'll do what ever you want."

Cathy slips another finger onto her bud and starts to rub harder and faster "Tell me what you're gonna do to me Tom." Tom is fast approaching climax but wants to cum with Cathy. He manages to keep control and says " I want to 69 you with you on top, pushing that wet pussy on to my face, smearing your juices all over me."

"Oh God yeah." Moans Cathy

"And then when you've got me hard with your mouth and tongue, I'm gonna slide my cock in your wet hot cunt." Says Tom, his hand getting faster "Do you want that Cath?" Cathys hand is a blur now, rubbing her clit. Tom can smell the musky, sweet scent of her pussy, which drives him wild. He looks down at her, she has her eyes closed, her left hand is tweaking her nipples. He looks at her pussy, her lips are wide open now and he can see the entrance to her vagina. He desperately wants to push his cock into her but doesn't. He wants to watch her wank herself off "Will you fuck me doggy style and play with my ass?" Groans Cathy getting close to the edge.

"I'll do more than that!" Says Tom "I'm gonna push my prick up your tight ass and make you scream when you cum." This is to much for Cathy, she loves it when Tom fucks her ass. She loses control and kicks her legs up in the air


CUMING......I'M CUMING NOW, SHOOT YOUR CUM OVER ME, SHOOT IT ON MY PUSSY!" Tom can see the ecstasy on her face as she cums, her hand is almost violent as she rubs her clit. Tom feels the cum start to rise up his cock, he throws his head back and roars. A huge jet of cum erupts from his cock onto Cathys belly and tits. A second and third stream land on her bush and clit making her scream as the white hot jism mixes with her own juices. Tom lays back on the floor, pulling Cathy down on top of him. Neither of them care about their cum splattered bodies.

They soon recover and within ten minutes Cathy is sitting on Toms face, grinding her pussy against his mouth as she licks and sucks him back to hardness A little while later and Cathy feels Tom pull his cock from her pussy and push it against her ass. As it slides slowly into her tight asshole she smiles to herself 'This evening should keep us BOTH in wanking fantasies for a long while' She thinks to herself!

The End

By I.A.S.

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