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Kissing the tattoo on his chest she traced it with her tongue and her lips. Then lying her head on his chest she began to play with his nipples. She heard a sharp intake of breath and decided to take one of the morsels into her mouth. Using her tongue she flicked it back and forth before engulfing it and biting down on it lightly. With this he raised upward towards her hot, tantalizing mouth. Placing his hand behind her head he moaned loudly as she increased the pressure of her teeth and gently pulled back on the nipple flicking it with her tongue.

Having gotten his attention she decided to take things a little bit further. This after all was their last morning together and she wanted to give him the send off of a lifetime. Moving her hand over his chest and abdomen she found the tight, curly black hairs of his pubic area. Running her fingers through them she continued her oral assault on his nipples. Sucking, licking, nibbling from one to the other. Oh he truly like the feel of her hot mouth on his nipples and the grazing of her teeth sent electric waves through his body. She liked the feel of the black curly hair as she ran her fingers over it. It felt so soft and silky.

Moving her hand lower she wrapped her fingers around his now hardening dick. It seemed the stimulation of his nipples and the nearness of her hand to his dick had caused it to come alive. His dick felt so hot to touch and alive in her hand as it began to grow harder, longer and thicker. She began to stroke it moving it slowly up and down. The veins filling with blood causing it to throb and pulsate. Oh how she enjoyed playing with his dick, feeling the smoothness, the hardness and heat. It was of average length but so thick. She enjoyed the smooth silkiness of the mushroom dick head as she ran her fingers over it.

Straddling him she places her nipple on his lips. Tracing it over the fullness of them. Wanting him to capture the nipple in his mouth, wanting him to suck it deeply into his hot, wet mouth. Oh how he used those lips last night to tease her nipples till they stood hard and aching. How he had kissed her until she was breathless and begging him to stop while his hands had busily teased her nipples He had asked her if she really wanted him to stop, looking deep into her eyes. Having closed her eyes she softly whispered no please don't and he bit down on her nipple and she felt her body begin to shudder.

Her hand never stopped the stroking of his dick and rubbing of his ball sac. His balls were filling up with the hot rich cum he so enjoyed pumping all over her body. He liked the way it glistened on her skin. He opened his mouth and captured a nipple causing her to moan softly. He felt her hand tighten on his dick and the stroking tempo increase. Her hand squeezing his dick just below the head and stroking down causing the skin to tighten.

He knew he could make her beg and do anything else he wanted by sucking, licking and biting on her nipples. Right now he wanted her to make him cum. He wanted to see his cum all over her breasts and dripping off of her hard sensitive nipples. Placing his hand on hers he directed her to on the tempo he wanted her to use. Looking up at him her eyes had a glazed over appearance, her breath coming in short pants. He had her and was going to keep her there till he was able to cum.

Her warm hand moved up and down over his now harder than steel dick. She could feel the heat radiating from it, the veins popping out on it, the throbbing and pulsating of it. Leaning over it she blew her warm breath on it then watched it jump in her hand. Moving her head back a bit she again blew on it causing a cool sensation to spread over it. Her hands massaged his cum filled balls. They were so full and tight in her hand and heat radiated from them.

Repositioning them on the bed with him sitting up against the head board and her lying across his stomach he began to stroke her breasts with his hand. Stroking his dick upward towards her she lowered her head to rub the head over her lips. It felt so hot and smooth. Opening her mouth she moved her head down over the head and began to lick around it, putting her tongue in the slit. She felt him jump and pinch down on her nipple. He had to restrain himself from pushing her head down onto his dick. He knew he had to allow her to go at her own pace.

Sensing his need she took as much of his dick into her mouth and began sucking and moving her tongue around it. It tasted of him, mild, and clean. Moving her head up and down, from side to side she sucked and stroked his dick. To her surprise its seemed to grow harder and longer in her mouth. Sliding up with just the head inside her warm cavity she used her teeth to graze the crown of the head. This brought a loud groan from him. He could take it no longer; flipping her around so that he could control her head he began to thrust his dick in and out of her mouth. Slowly at first then gradually faster and going deeper down into the back of her throat. She tried not to gag but did so causing him to go even further into her mouth and throat. As she gulped and gagged her throat muscles massaged the head of his dick. He was at the point of no return. Suddenly his dick began to spasm, he jerked it back from her mouth and began to pump it with his hand. Big globs of hot white cum began to shot from the end of his dick. It landed on her face, in her hair and then onto her breasts. He used his dick like a fire hose shooting cum onto her breasts and nipples. Oh how it glistened against her skin. He shot what seemed to be a quart of cum onto her tits as she massaged it into her skin.

Noting that he was spent she took the now deflated dick into her mouth and sucked it clean of any remaining cum. Licking her lips she smiled up at him as he pulled her to his body. Her cum covered breasts pressing into his body.

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