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After the Game

The game of Rugby had been particularly aggressive. I ached from head to toe as I had been on the bottom of a number of rolling mauls and had taken some hard tackles. Now I was lying on my bed in the Brisbane Sheraton where the team was staying, and trying to get some of the kinks out of my limbs.

Thankfully my girlfriend Danielle was a skilled masseuse. This was a natural gift rather than a profession by training, but she could soothe tense and tired muscles like no-one else I had ever been massaged by. While discussing her natural gifts, I should also mention perfect 34c tits which perkily hung from her creamy shoulders, a natural wasp waist and a real woman's ass like a giant fuzzy peach. Her greatest natural gift however, was a complete curiosity towards sex in all its manifestations.
Sometimes it took her a little while to get around to things, but if you'd mentioned some new activity, it was usually just a matter of time….

As I lay face down, Danielle kneaded my lower back, and I dreamily relived some of the great trysts we had enjoyed, including the standing quickie in the corner of the Sheraton Lobby, and the fast fellatio in the skyrise observation elevator. There was nothing to match a head job while flying upwards at 30 feet a second and looking out over a busy city centre from your glass elevator car. I wondered if anyone had been looking up and had seen my obvious pleasure….

I suddenly realised that Danielle had moved down to my buttocks but I was surprised that she was no longer kneading with forearms and fists. Instead, she was licking and nibbling at my cheeks. My mind started racing. We had occasionally talked about anal stimulation, but we'd never got around to actually trying it before. Was this a prelude to a new experience? I unclenched my cheeks to see what would happen, but I didn't say a word. Danielle's tongue found the line into the valley between my bruised buttocks, and she started urgently lapping along the dark length of my crevice. When we'd talked about anal-play, I'd always thought the end result would be me teasing her little starfish; I'd never really considered being on the receiving end so to speak. Still, it felt so good, I was loath to interrupt. I knew that I'd get my turn later.

Danielle started making little moaning sounds between each lap. She really seemed to be getting off on it. I concentrated on trying to relax and as I did I must have pushed out slightly which was all the opportunity Danielle needed to seize my sphincter. It's hard to describe exactly how she seemed to capture it, but suddenly there seemed to be a fury of tongues and teeth, teasing and torturing. Danielle then groaned loudly so I half rolled over, only to see that she had her own hand working busily at her snatch. Since she was straddled over my thighs, I couldn't really roll any further, and I was captive to her current intentions. Her head dived back down and she only stopped plunging her tongue long enough to gasp that she knew very well that I must want to do the same to her. I dropped my face back down in a meek surrender and I listened to the splashing noises of her hand in her succulent dripping vagina.
Danielle then slid this slippery hand around my waist and grasped my penis underneath me. I slightly raised my hips to give her a little more handroom, and without a word she started pumping.
"I know you want this, even if you've never thought of it", she rasped, "Welcome to your Prostate!"
And then she couldn't speak because my poor little twitching sphincter was again filled by her darting tongue, which she somehow curled up inside my ring, and hit the "magic spot". Almost instantaneously, a great wave of orgasm seemed to pulse through me. It started in my belly, tore through my genitals and transformed into the World's Biggest Ejaculation; a giant squirting wad which managed to hit me in the head in a burning stream. Danielle nearly fell off my thighs as my body pulsed.

Momentarily, it seemed impossible to consider that I would come good for a return bout. After all I'd been half killed in the Rugby game, and had now been milked of not only today's jizz, but probably all of next week's as well. As usual though, I hadn't counted on Danielle….

One look told me that this woman was rabidly demanding sex. Her face was flushed, her breathing rushed and when she tried to speak, she sounded like some beast growling. Between pants she hoarsely gasped, "Just do it…" . But this was no NIKE commercial. Her blonde hair was hanging in damp limp strings. Her vulva glistened with her juices, and a little stalactite of mucus hung between her legs. Her inner thighs glowed red from the earlier efforts of her hands. This was going to be animal and frightening…..

When I'd previously dreamed about enjoying Danielle's ass, I'd always devised long plans to gradually get round to it; to make it somehow seem like an accident: a little touch here and a slip of the toungue there. I thought it would need some teasing and gentle stretching before it could accommodate the idea.
And now here was Danielle obviously ready to completely accommodate whatever my manhood was willing to offer.

Danielle leaped forwards as I fell back. Somehow she had again managed to straddle me, although this time I was on my back and had my face buried in her thighs as she lay along top of me. I pushed her ass up in the air and ignored her cunt as my teeth locked on her dot. The smell was an amazing mixture of something I can't really describe but it was so overwhelming and powerful. It was savoury, it was sweet, it was salty and it was really damn "bottomy". Mostly though, it just tasted of her exquisite vagina flavour, no doubt due to the former flood between her legs. As I continued to lick at her date, Danielle again plunged her hand into, over and around her thighs, which were glowing so red that it looked like her perineum had been painted with lip gloss. She growled like a tiger as her juices splashed back onto my face and onto her arsehole, which was now taking my whole tongue prisoner.

"Do it now," she groaned, "Just do it!"

I pushed Danielle forwards as I slid from underneath and then drew her back into an ideal doggie posture. Our heights were perfectly matched so that my aching cock was at the same level as her tempting arsehole. As I wiped my cock along her fork soaking it with her juice, I watched her anus pulsate with little twitches. Danielle was obviously trying to open it up for what was to come. When I had been licking it, it had changed in colour from browny-pink to a darker crimson. Now as it winked up at me, it was almost purple. With the tip of my glistening member sitting in the little cup in the middle of Danielle's anus, I got ready to push my way in. As usual I didn't count on Danielle! She growled and moaned all in the one breath, and jammed herself back towards me. The impact on my knob was unbelievable, and I'll swear I heard a cracking sound. I looked down to see my prong buried half length into her rectum. I could feel one band of muscle gripping around the head of my penis and another band constricting where the shaft disappeared into her bum. Danielle now seemed possessed. "Leave this to me!!" she cried, as I struggled to stay in an upright kneeling position. While I tried to keep still, she slowly started a slight rocking motion. It started as a quarter inch, backwards and forwards, then it became a half inch as she slowly kept rocking. My cock was being squeezed so tight I thought it was going to burst. Danielle was keeping her left cheek open with her left hand and working her cunt into a lather with her right. Then she scooped along the length of her snatch with the right hand and reached back to slop her natural lubrication onto my shaft. This was the moment of victory. As soon as the juice hit, her arse let go and my cock fully disappeared inside her. Now I started rocking, but after the third plunge, I popped out.
Again, I placed my eager member on the spot, and now it was me who pushed. This time I fully appreciated the sensation of breaching Danielle's sphincter. Words can't describe just how exquisite it was; if it was a drug, I'd be an instant addict. I could feel both the tight little rings pulling and squeezing , tightening and relaxing. It felt so much hotter than her cunt. I was hooked. I started pumping like a demon, all the while reaching round to her cunt for more juice which I kept wiping on. And Danielle kept moaning as she worked her clit to a pulp.
Danielle then started making a really low continuous guttural gasping noise, and I could feel her ring start to clench. I knew she was fighting it, but there was no escape; she was going to come whether she wanted to or not, and it was going to hit like a freight train. Her hips started to heave and while her body convulsed in waves, her arse went into an absolute spasm. I tried to keep my cock moving, but it was no use. I was coming too, though who knows where this load came from. Nevertheless I felt my cock dancing to its own spasms as I let more jizz fly into her rectum. Maybe we'd both died or something?

We both stopped and dropped into a kneeling version of a "spoons" position. Danielle was crouched with me draped over the top of her, and we stayed still like that listening to each others' laboured breathing for what seemed some minutes. Surprisingly, I was still stiff and my cock was still skewered up her date, but we knew we'd have to move sooner or later.
We were now past the pleasure point, and would surely soon feel the pain. Gingerly I lifted my self from her back and sadly disengaged. As I did so, I couldn't resist looking at my newest familiar territory. Danielle still wasn't moving, and her bum was still rearing up to the sky. With my cock removed, her anus looked like some sort of spear wound, all red and glistening. As I watched, it slowly closed, like a camera aperture in slow motion. I tenderly brushed it with a gentle kiss, and Danielle fell over sideways onto the bed while with a very ladylike, "Well that's me fucked."

It's stating the obvious to say that Danielle and I enjoyed a whole lot more adventures involving a couple of willing arseholes, but it's also safe to say that none of them was ever quite as memorable as the first one.

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