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Cherries for Maggs

It was hot, in fact Maggs thought it was too hot. The window was open but the curtains hung lifeless not even the merest hint of a breeze to disturb them. The flimsy cotton sundress clung to her body, her skin sticky with fine beads of perspiration. She had gathered her hair into a pony tail to try to get more air to her neck and shoulders yet stray strands still had become loose and they now also stuck to her face. Rocking onto the back legs of the chair she contemplated taking another cooling shower. Less than 2 hours earlier she had luxuriated in the cool water, enjoying the smooth contrast of lukewarm water with the heat of the day. While in the shower she had taken the opportunity to trim her pubic hair, she hoped it would help reduce the stickiness she felt in the hot weather. She had been considering shaving it all off but changed her mind at the last minute and left a thin, quarter inch strip of down where her chestnut triangle had once been. Sitting here now she wondered what had stopped her, it wasn't as if anyone else would see it.

That thought brought her and the chair back to earth. "You've got a great body" she told herself and got up gracefully out of the chair. Maggs crossed the bedroom to the full length mirror and examined the image before her, she nodded as if to confirm what she already knew. Almost without thinking she lifted the hem of the sundress and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of the white cotton panties. She eased them down over her thighs then let them fall to the floor. Stepping out of them with one foot she used the other with a practiced flick to send them to the laundry basket in the corner of the room. Lifting the hem of her dress again she admired her earlier handiwork, enjoying the freedom between her legs from lack of underwear. Relaxing down into the chair, she rocked back and put her feet on the bed. A whisper of movement ran through the curtains as a slight breeze entered the room, she found herself easing her legs apart to catch any benefit she could, the sundress riding up her long thighs. Her eyes closed as she allowed her head to drop backwards, extending her neck and letting the very tip of her ponytail to brush the carpeted floor.

"Hello, anybody in?" The voice sounded like it was just outside the window. Her knees slammed together, eyes flew open and she rocked forward her teeth clattering as the front legs of the chair hit the floor. Her vivid green eyes scanned the window for signs of movement. How much had the interloper seen? She rose to her feet and pushed her head through the curtains, curious as to the owner of the voice. Outside, about 4 feet from her window, was a tall, dark haired guy casually dressed in shorts and T-shirt and carrying a large bowl.

"Hi, I just moved in next door a couple of days ago." She had seen the removals van earlier on in the week and had speculated on who her new neighbours were.

"Hi" she said "Welcome to the neighbourhood. Can I help you at all?"

Her new neighbour grinned "Sort of, I bought too many of these" He indicated toward the contents of the bowl "and wondered if you could use them."

She leaned further out of the window as he tilted the bowl toward her, she could feel the heavy swell of her breasts falling against the cotton of her dress and she started to straighten and go back inside.

A puzzled look came over His face "Don't you like cherries?"

"Of course" she said "but why don't you go to the side door and I'll let you in." As she moved through the room she glanced sidelong at her reflection and smiled, confident her secret state of undress was secure.

Through the frosted glass of the door she could see Him waiting, she opened the door and beckoned as He hesitated on the threshold. As he entered she looked Him up and down, doing a mental assessment. Slim build, the exposed limbs muscled but not bulky, pleasant smile, about 170 lbs, agreeable bulge in the shorts, green eyes, between 35 to 40, small stud in the left ear. She silently read the logo on the T-shirt chest "Well, according to the ladies......" it read, she motioned him to turn around. The back completed the slogan ".....I'm an outstanding lover." Arrogant bastard she thought as He completed the 360 degree turn. He can forget any of that with me it's too fucking hot.

"It's a tag line from a radio show" he explained, colouring a slight pink around the ears. Smiling warmly she asked "Why have you got so many cherries?"

"Well I over estimated at the store, I'm not quite up to speed on American yet"

Quizzically she raised an eyebrow "I thought you had a strange accent, where are you from?"

"The UK, I'm here for 2 years on a job exchange."

While He was talking she had turned to a wall cupboard to reach for a bowl, as she stretched up her sundress rose up showing off the firm curves of the start of her bottom. Ooops, she thought, will he say anything? As she turned holding the bowl, He appeared not to have noticed but was now sitting on the edge of her table.

"I don't think they'll all fit in there" He said.

"Never mind we can eat the others now" she said selecting a large, ripe, deep red cherry and pressing it through her lips into her mouth. She delicately snapped off the stalk and tossed it onto the table, the cherry in her mouth popped giving up it's juice for her, using her tongue she stripped the soft flesh from the stone then spat the hard centre into her hand.

"Mmm I love cherries" Maggs grinned. Helping himself to a handful of fruit He watched her head off to the freezer and return with a tub of ice-cream. Holding out a hand she offered Him a spoon, He plunged the spoon into the tub and scooping out a generous measure offered it to her. Opening her mouth wide she felt Him slide the spoon onto her tongue, she closed her lips as He pulled the spoon back keeping the rapidly melting ice-cream on her tongue. Popping two more cherries into her mouth while He helped Himself to the tub, she waited for Him to speak. He just scooped more ice-cream onto the spoon and held it out for her. As she leaned forward she opened her mouth, however the ice-cream slipped from the spoon landing silently at the top of her cleavage. She inhaled automatically as the freezing cold blob hit her chest, almost immediately it started to melt and slide down between her breasts. Before she could move He pulled the front of her sundress forward and scooped the errant treat back up with the spoon. Continuing the movement He placed the spoon in his mouth and licked it clean.

"Well if you don't want it" he laughed. She looked down, her sundress still pulled forward, a thin pale line of melted cream making its way slowly across one breast, she lifted her head, to see Him looking directly into her eyes, a spoon of ice-cream held poised in his hand. As He saw her eyes meet His He tipped the spoon, this time the cold lump hit her halfway down her left breast. Now he didn't bother with the spoon but dipped His head and slowly licked upwards lapping the ice-cream into His mouth as he went. She could feel her nipples hardening with the combination of the cold ice-cream and his touch. His head dipped again and she could feel the tip of His tongue tracing the line of the milky rivulet. A small shiver ran through her like a mild electric shock, she couldn't believe she was letting someone she'd met 10 minutes earlier do what He was doing, and she couldn't believe that she didn't want Him to stop either.

Her hands moved to the top of His head, her long fingers running through the short dark hair, pressing His face into her flesh, she could feel His lips and teeth on her, tenderly kissing then nipping at the ivory skin. On the outside of her thighs she could sense His hands rising up taking the material of her dress up to the curve of her hips, as she moved closer a hand slipped in between her legs, the sensation against her newly trimmed mound was different but not unpleasant, involuntarily her legs parted slightly and she felt her lips part as He pressed two cherries into her sex.

"Don't squash them" He breathed as His hands continued to lift the sundress up and over her head. Standing there naked in her own kitchen she suddenly felt very exposed, however her visitor took all these thoughts from her as he deposited a large handful of ice-cream between her tits and started to spread it over each nipple. Recoiling with shock, she laughed "You bastard" Taking a handful of the cold desert she lifted His T-shirt and rubbed it into His chest and stomach. He grinned and gripping the hem of His T lifted it off.

Lowering her lips to his skin it was her turn to taste the delicious merging of the sweet melting ice-cream and the salty sweat of a hot body. All the time as her tongue flickered across His abdomen she was acutely aware of the small lumps gripped inside her. Teasingly He took another small blob of ice-cream and placed it carefully between her shoulder blades, she nipped Him just above the navel with her teeth as she felt the coldness start to liquify and run down her spine. As it melted she could feel the creamy white stream cross each vertebrae on it's downwards path, the small downy hairs in the small of her back stood on end as the ice-cream finally disappeared between the cheeks of her ass. Temporarily distracted by this new sensation she felt the cherries being pulled from her by their stalks. Looking up she saw Him holding them at the junction of both stalks the cherries, glistening with her juice, dangling in front of Him. With a hand under her chin He lifted her to face Him, taking one of the cherries between His lips He gestured her to do likewise. Again she experienced contrasting tastes, the sweet taste of the fruit and the deep musk flavour of woman. Crushing herself to him, her breasts flattening against his chest, her pussy pressed to his leg, her lips and tongue met His in a frenzy of activity, soft tongues, hard cherry stone s, saliva and cherry juice passed numerous times between their hungry mouths.

Maggs' hands ran to the top of his shorts, tugging frantically at the drawstring and rubbing the growing bulge through the heavy cotton. With a little squeal she pulled the shorts over the now fully erect cock and placing a hand squarely in His chest pushed Him backwards over on the table. Before He could sit up she climbed up onto the table and straddled Him, keeping the one hand on His chest pinning Him, the other hand snaked between her legs take a firm hold of Him and slowly rubbed the rounded end along the folds of her wetness. He lifted His hands to her breasts cupping them and stroking His thumbs over the pert pink apex that flowered from each one. As she ran His cock along the length of her slit, He teased and pulled at each nipple, she halted her stroke and held His cock steady as she ever so slowly lowered herself onto it, pushing down until their pubic areas meshed, a low moan of pleasure escaped from His throat as she took in His complete length. Enjoying her element of control she initiated a small figure of eight grinding with her hips, keeping all the movement lateral, rubbing her clit along his pubic bone, not moving up and down on Him at all. Deep in the pit of her stomach she could feel the first shiverings of her building orgasm, changing tactics she squeezed her knees and lifted her pelvis, almost dismounting but keeping the very tip of His cock in contact with her, then slowly, so very slowly, she lowered herself back down until she could feel Him against the farthest reaches of her inner sex. Grinning down at him she lifted herself again, her vaginal muscles rippling on the up-stroke and gripping the end before lowering again, each time He tried to thrust she countered by lifting with Him, then continued the easy rhythm. By now the tingling had reached the top of her thighs and she started to speed up, each stroke was now harder, faster, deeper than the last, her desire taking over the sense of control, He sat upright putting his arms under hers and looping them up over her back to grip her shoulders, she wrapped her legs over His hips and around His waist as she bucked against His solid frame, both bodies were in unison seeking the pleasure that each sought so ravenously. He buried His face in her neck and bit hard as the first great rush of His climax hit Him. The ferocity of His reaction took her by suprise but her own insatiable lust drove her on, fucking Him, calling to Him, urging Him further on, He pulled down on her shoulders impaling her on His cock as more cum exploded into her, her fingernails dug furrows into His back and buttocks as she writhed and squirmed against Him, her cunt clenching as each thrust pushed into her, her body tensing as she revelled in the pleasure she was giving Him. She gripped harder with her legs milking every last drop of his energy from Him and then collapsed forward onto his shoulders gasping for breath. The scent of their lovemaking was heavy on their bodies, she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, turning it to a sigh of contentment as she breathed out. Her lips scattered tiny kisses across His shoulders as she rested against Him, leaning back she looked into His green eyes, sparkling as they gazed back at her, a soft smile turned up the corners of her mouth as He leaned forward and licked the end of her nose,

"I missed a bit" he whispered, His voice as soft as the breeze that was now blowing through the curtains. She smiled as she got off the table and reached for her previously discarded sundress.

"I've got a bottle of red wine that is perfect for sharing" he said as he slid off the table, "I'll go fetch it" As He walked out of the door pulling on His T-shirt she saw the slogan again ".....I'm an oustanding lover." She smiled to herself and thought "Arrogant bastard"…………

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