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Got my eye on you

I'm not a prude and had always considered myself fairly open minded even though I wouldn't consider some of the more extreme activities that I've seen on the net. However it was only when I tasted some new activities that I realised that maybe I was too vanilla for my own good. I'd like to share one of my awakenings with you and hopefully you'll enjoy my reminiscence as fondly as I do.

Grant had been my lover for quite some time, and we had always enjoyed good frequent sex. We had covered a lot of ground, but had now reached the stage where we seemed to be doing the same things each time. This always resulted in satisfying orgasms, but it somehow seemed a bit routine. I always hit that point with each new lover, and although the routine is different with each one, it still seems to follow a set pattern. Usually from there, its not long before one of us starts to look for a new partner. I sometimes wished that I could just find new things to try with a "comfortable" partner, rather than moving on. Grant, bless his little heart, must have been a mind reader.

So far, everything was going according to the regular plot. We had both rubbed each other with essential oils, the aromatherapy essence was quietly simmering in the lamp dish, and my bed was lit by the two down lights which spotlit us and faded out the rest of my bedroom (which Grant always found a bit too "girley" for his macho tastes). The only difference was that I had added musk to the sandalwood and citrus oil on the burner. I'll never really know if that was the magic ingredient, but all I can say is that it is now always part of the routine!
Anyway, I had primed myself enough that as Grant lay back, I straddled his chest and leant over towards his penis to get going with a "starter". I'd like to tell you all about my fantastic oral skills and how I can do amazing things with this little mouth, but that may have to wait for another time. Why? Because Grant started us on a new path, that's why!

As I was working away and complimenting myself on what great headjobs I gave, Grant was polite enough to reciprocate at his end. Grant also had "above average" oral skills but I had become so accustomed to his actions that the rhythm was satisfyingly familiar, rather than mind blowing. And then my heart skipped a beat! Had Grant touched my anus by accident or was it something more?

I'd always been somewhat hung up about the whole bottom thing. Although I liked to think I was open-minded, there was always this guilty hang-up about anything to do with bottoms. Even though other people's bottoms didn't worry me, I was rather precious about mine. Firstly, I firmly believed that it was exit-only. Secondly, I was always worried that it might not be as scrupulously clean as it should be, and I always had this obsessive fear that if a guy was at work on the "front", there might be a smell from the "back". (Pretty silly really, when I'd never worried about my cunny smelling.) Anyway, I always found it embarrassing if a guy seemed to have his nose too far back when he was eating my vag. I'd roll over onto my back so he could only eat at the front door, and I'd keep my little freckle hidden.

Now here I was perched over the top of Grant, and wondering just how uptight I'd seem if I had a problem with my regular lover touching my dot. Then I noticed the new sensation. A shiver ran through me and I nearly choked on his willy. Was that Grant's finger or was it something else? My brain split instantly split in two. One half was savouring the most exquisite sensation, and trying to make me moan for more. The other half was screeching, "I can't believe he just licked your arse!"

The truth was I didn't really know what was happening. Was it a finger or was it his tongue? Curiousity was winning out over embarrassment. Curiousity, and a raging yearning exquisitely hungry sensation that seemed to be emanating from the most unlikely spot. Guilty pleasure was odds-on to win this bout!

I finally worked out that it was a combination of fingers and tongue working on my anus, slowly teasing and stretching it while he played with my clit and labs with his other hand. I was having trouble concentrating, and I realised that the moaning noise I could hear was me. Grant's penis had dropped out of my mouth, and I was sprawled across his pelvis with my eyes closed, and my rear up in the air hungrily wanting more of whatever he was doing. I opened one eye to look at myself in the mirror at the end of the bed and I didn't recognise the person staring back at me. I directly faced some frantic looking banshee whose breasts hung down like pointed weapons. My face bore the most hungry erotic snarl I've ever seen, and this stranger's face was towered over by a perfect pear shaped rear propped straight up. It was almost like some weird out of body experience. Then I noticed the reflection of the soles of Grant's feet below my chin and with a giggle I came back to reality.

Grant stopped to draw breath and I turned to look back as he looked up. Without really speaking, we both just seemed to shrug and nod. I knew what was coming next.

I half rose and perched myself into a doggie-style crouch while Grant pulled himself up behind me. As he drew himself behind me, my old fears started to come back. Grant could obviously see the physical indicators of this because he immediately started stroking my back with one hand and reached under for my clit and slit with the other. He was gently telling me to relax. I closed my eyes again, and tried to concentrate on what we wanted. Grant was teasing my little ring again and this gave me something to concentrate on. I tried consciously relaxing my sphincter but it just seemed to constrict. I tried to push with it and although I felt it "open", it quickly seemed to close again. Then somehow I managed to half hold one of those clenching exercises for your pelvic floor. It wasn't really either open or closed, it just felt….ready. I could even picture it in my mind, looking like a little fleshy crater.

To Grant though, it must have looked like an aiming spot. I could feel the tip of his penis resting in the centre. It felt warm and hot, and the contact actually made my little puckered ring start to twitch. Although Grant had licked me up to a slippery mess from front to back, I was suddenly worried about lubrication. However at the same instant, I was aware of the hot trickle down my crack, over and around my anus, and on to the end of my slit. Grant was dripping my crack and his penis with the hot aromatic oil. Excellent.

Grant started pushing, but ever so gently. Obviously this must have been something he'd done before! Why hadn't he ever told me? Had he known I was so uptight? Ouch. OOH that hurt a little bit….or did it? OH HECK, I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS…THERE'S A PENIS IN MY BOTTOM!!!!!!

Then Grant stopped moving. "C'mon Lover," I cried, "What are you doing now? Why have you stopped?"
"Um… I don't know," he said, "I've never done this before. I've never been game to ask a woman for anal sex…."

Great! I wasn't the only amateur. I then knew that I could take over. In the brief minute that I'd had a (substantial!) penis in my bottom, I'd become an instant expert. I have to admit it was a weird feeling though. I felt really full down there if you know what I mean (yes, I'm still too hung up so say I felt like shitting) but even though I knew it was a penis that both my mouth or snatch could easily swallow, it just felt so huge.
Grant tried to move a bit, but he just kept freezing. He kept on saying,"Oh God, so tight, so hot!", over and over. I clenched down there and he gasped. I knew it was going to be fun.

Grant was frozen in a kneeling position behind me and there I was, head down and arse up, looking at myself in the mirror. The best bit was looking at Grant's reflection. My poor lover was absolutely rigid, eyes closed, and mouth half open in a lip trembling smiling grimace. I watched myself pull forwards and push back, and I nearly laughed as I saw his throat pull tight and his eyes squint. But this was somewhat of a distraction from what I felt going on inside me. As I pulled forwards, I could feel the ridge around the head of Grant's knob pulling back. The ridge seemed to drag my bowels back towards the opening with a feeling like they were being sucked. As I pushed back towards Grant, It felt like some hot viscous limb thrusting into me. I couldn't believe I'd wasted so many years without doing this. It was sooooooo good. And all the while, Grant just stayed frozen, eyes shut, mouth grimacing and a funny gurgling noise coming out of his throat.

I smiled to myself. A few more pushpulls and I'll make this man come so spectacularly, he'll think his head has exploded. I was being so cool but then……

There was this overwhelming sensation starting inside me. It was happening so quickly. No ordinary orgasm ever felt like this. This wasn't coming from my clitoris. This was coming from somewhere primal deep inside of me. It was like …….

Again, I can only describe it as some sort of out-of-body experience. Maybe I'd been watching myself in the mirror or maybe not. It was surreal. It was like my clitoris suddenly engorged and popped. Spicy little waves ran back and forth along my slit. I think I had a female ejaculation; either that or I wet myself. My rectum started pulsing in what felt like contractions. I could feel the little bands of my sphincter squeezing as tight as they could. And somewhere through the fuzzy ringing sound in my ears, I heard Grant's pained cry, just before my arse crushed him and pushed him out. We remained joined only by the rope of semen that hung between my powerful bottom and his tortured member.

Wow. My arse burned with a strange ticklish, hot, open feeling, which I somehow knew could only be soothed by again gorging itself on a firm penis. The worried look on Grant's face told me that he knew this too. "Brace yourself boy," I warned, "I haven't finished with you yet!"

But that's another story. For another day. And if you don't post your thoughts on this one, I might keep my secrets to myself.

Bottoms up. And a kiss to Richee. Love always, Elouise.

(PS Someone should ask Grant for his take on this. He seems to think it happened somewhat differently.)
(PPS Why didn't anyone warn me about the giant fart shortly after anal sex? I think it really upset everyone in MacDonalds!!!)

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