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In The Woods

By ChZ

B was an amazing girl. I always knew I loved her, from the first time I met her. She has shoulder-length blonde/brown hair, blue eyes, and the best body you had ever seen, full rounded breasts, which must have been a Double D cup, even though she was only eighteen, like me.

After a few months, B and I became good friends, you could even say best friends, we used to go all kinds of places together, swimming, bowling, the cinema, everywhere!

One Sunday we decided to go for a walk along the river, so we walked along the towpath arm in arm. Now previously we had never let anything seriously physical spoil our friendship, but today, B seemed very excited, I do not know how, I could just tell.

We stopped about half way along our walk, and walked down a woodland path, and found an old secluded picnic table. It was badly vandalised, and had teenage scribbling all over it, but we sat down anyway.

I think B must have realised that we could not be seen by anyone, and so she leaned over, and lightly kissed me, just on the cheek. I turned to her and said I liked that, and she said that we could kiss properly, if I wanted. I did not answer her, I simply took her in my arms and gave her the most passionate kiss I had ever given before. As my tongue explored her mouth, I wondered if she was good at sucking dick.

As if she had sensed what I was thinking, she slowly moved her hand down to my cock, and started rubbing it through my pants. We stopped kissing for a second, and she said to me, "Do you like that?" I nodded and we resumed our kiss. Now, she slowly unzipped my pants, and pulled down my underwear, exposing my hardened cock to the summer forest.

She slowly began to run her hand up and down it, very slowly, and eventually had it fully gripped in her hand. She stopped kissing me again, looked me long in my eyes, and moved her head down to my cock. She started to lick it first, just the head, then all the way to the base, and back again.

I loved this feeling, her gentle tongue brushing against my shaft. She looked up at me again, and slowly put the cock in her mouth, and began to suck. Just lightly at first, oh it felt so good having her lips on my pecker.

She slowly began to suck harder and harder, until it developed into a full-on BJ. I stroked her hair as she sucked, and sighed with pleasure. This was an amazing feeling, and I think that we were best friends made it all the better. I wasn't sure if we would develop into sexual partners after this, but that was hardly the most important thing on my mind as B's tongue sucked all the pre-cum from my head.

I told her that I was about to cum, and she didn't try to take her mouth away, she kept it right where it was, sucking harder than a vacuum. As I released my sticky load deep down her throat, she swallowed the whole lot, looked up to me and said "Let's go back to my place…"

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