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Sex In The Rain

I was in a business meeting when it started to rain. Just a slight drizzle. Throughout the next two hours of the meeting the rain got progressivly worse and buy the time the meeting had come to an end I could tell it would be a wet walk home.

I had asked my boss to carry my portfolio and breifcase back to the office with him and he had agreed. I slowly walked out the large gold revolving doors and into the wild wet that was the storm.

I had walked about two blocks when a car pulled up and asked me if I would like a lift. It was rainging buckets but I decided to walk and politely refused. I did enjoy the wetness. Something about playing in puddles with a versace skirt suit on.

I continued walking and decided to take a stroll through the park. Though it was only 3:30 it was almost black and the streetlights were on. My hair was plastered to my head and my shirt was sucking at my breasts with every step. On the other side of the walk I noticed a man walking slowly and just enjoying himself. He too was soaked to the skin and splashed in the puddles. When he got a little closer I saw how attractive he was. Late 30's brown hair, piercing eyes. As he approached I heard myself asking him to walk with me.

He nodded silently and clasped my hand and we walked further into the park. Near the edge of the botanical gardens he stopped and kissed me deeply. He smelled of rain and some expensive cologne. I kissed him back as our bodies molded together.

He asked me to follow him into the garden's maze of tree's shrubs and bushes. As we got behind some of the larger brush about 40 feet back he kissed me again. I began to take off my shirt but had a hard time of it. It was sticking to my body at every curve and was so wet it was like a second skin. He helped me remove my shirt, skirt, hose, pumps and lingerie. I was as naked as Eve. He began undressing himself. I got down on my hands and knees in the mid and helped pull his pants down.

I felt drawn to him and immediatly took his cock into my warm mouth. He seemed to grow instantly. I kneeled there in puddles and muck giving him a slow, delicate blowjob. He stopped me before he came. He lifted me up and moved me further into the garden. He lay me down gently under a few pretty bushes and crawled between my legs. He slowly kissed my breasts and tongued the nipples. Those ten minutes felt like hours and the rain kept falling onto our naked bodies. He began to move down to my puffy pussy and licked gently. He swallowed the water mixed with cunt juice and smiled. He dove his face into my sntach and ate me as I played with his wet hair.

I could feel the mud sucking at my back and I knew I looked a wreck. But the rain falling and the sound of the drops hitting our bare bodies left me so hot that we both continued without saying a word. Soon I felt waves and waves of heat pulsing at my cunt. The heat down there compared to the cool rain on my body left me panting. I came with a rush and he lapped at me for another few minutes.

We got up and smiled at each other. Soon I was rushing at him and we tumbled into the mud squlching underneath us. We wrestled lightly and were soon covered head to toe with water and loose grass. Slowly very very slowly he lifted me on top of him and put his thick cock inside my pussy. The minute he had entered me heat spread through me like fire. I rode him in silence and closed my eyes just feeling the rain and his huge meat inside me.

After fifteen minutes he flipped me onto my back and I pulled my legs over his shoulders. He began ramming me and pushing into me so he hit my cervix on every thrust. His cockhead was tingling at my entrence. Just a few minutes later we were both cumming. Afterward we lay in the grass and rain and listened to our own hearts beating and the wind blowing. Soon enough I was cold and decided I had better get home. I looked over and asked my silent but beautiful partner to help me get my clothes.

He smiled slyly and asked why, "there is no one around" and so it was. Not a single soul was out and the city seemed to have stopped. He offered me a lift and I accepted. We walked completely naked to his car about a block away. When we arrived at it, I noticed it was the same car that had offered me a ride earlier.

This time I asked him to come home with me for a warm bath and dinner. He accepted and we left the rain for the comfort of a dry car.

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