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A Fun Story II

By Christopher Fitzpatrick

The gentle swaying of the ship had an almost hypnotic effect on Lady Brooke. Though reading an interesting correspondence from her brother, Marquis Valance, the ship seemed to endeavor to pull her into an Orphean state. Having paid well for the soundproof room she resided in, the Lady was unaware that pirates were besetting the good ship, Lupus Fugit, while she read. But shortly, the lady was awakened from her reverie by the harsh sound of two large wooden objects colliding. And although in here little wooden cave she was still oblivious to the screams and yells of the word "Pirate" or to be more accurate the words "GOD SAVE US ITS PIRATES!" the lady quickly realized something was amiss. This feeling was further compounded when the door of her stateroom burst open to reveal a rather large man with a bandanna and bad teeth. Immediately upon setting eyes on the well-endowed and shapely wench the brigand let out a roar of appreciation. The Lady screamed.
"A vast, a dainty little morsel for Avor the Despoiler!" The large mustachioed man said with a leer. The Lady continued to scream. "Why don't you calm down, milady? Struggling will just make it the less pleasurable for ya!" With that Avor reached a meaty paw and caught the lady by the waist. The Lady, yet screaming, was quickly turning blue. Moving towards the bed Avor unceremoniously dropped her on the bed before pinning her by the chest with one of his ham fingered appendages. The Lady stopped screaming, took a deep breath, and resumed screaming. With the other he lifted up the dress and the slip the lady was wearing, maneuvering it underneath the hand on the Lady's chest. He then pulled down her dainty frilled panties, took a quick look at the "dainty morsel" before diving in between the swollen pink lips with his tongue, whereas the Lady immediately stopped screaming and let out a loud moan. Avor paused briefly from his ministrations to let out a ribald laugh. "It always be like this, as soon as Avor gets his hooks, or should I say tongue, in ya, ya always start moaning!" The Lady responded by pushing Avor's head back into her now sopping pussy. The cutthroat licked up and down the Lady's slit, making the Lady thrash about like a fish out of water. The Lady's moaning got louder and more stringent as Avor's tongue lashing continued. Finally deciding it was time Avor began to concentrate on the little pleasure nubbin that he knew brought most of his conquests off spectacularly. Just as he predicted the Lady redoubled her efforts and pushed him in so far that he started having trouble breathing. But then the lady spoke, or rather screamed,
"Oh god, I'm cumming!!!!!! I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm -"

"- cumming, oh god here it comes!", and with that the Lady, or rather Brooke burst from her dream with a prolonged climatic scream. "Oh god that dream felt almost real," she panted to herself after she finally came down from her orgasmic high. When to her utmost horror she realized, it was. Slowly something slithered towards the front of the bed using her to pull it forward. She was then even more horrified to see the face of her son grinning up at her, her juices glistening on his face. "JOSH!!!!!" She yelled. "What the FUCK do you think you're doing?"
Josh seemed to casually take this in stride. "I was eating you out. Why what did it feel like I was doing?"
Brooke was taken aback by this insolent reply. "I'M YOUR MOTHER!!! WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO DO THAT TO ME?"
Now it was Josh's turn to be taken aback. "You did. Don't you remember yesterday?"
"What the hell are you -" Then with crushing realism she did. She remembered watching her son jerk off to a porno not knowing she was there. Then she saw herself become overwhelmed with the urge to suck her son's tasty cock. She watched herself, stunned, as she first seduced him and then watched helplessly, as he turned it around and took over her. Then it culminated in her promising to do whatever he wanted when he wanted it. She then remembered every single moment and how much sheer pleasure she had fucking and being fucked by her son. In effect she had handed over free rein to her entire body to her son. "Oh my god." She sobbed helplessly into her hands. "Josh you can't hold me to that! I wasn't in my right mind at the time!" She murmured helplessly.
Josh appraised her for a second before shaking his head. "Yes Mom, I can. But I'll make you a deal. If I don't give you a deliriously good time by Noon, I will call the deal off. I would agree because," he reached over to the nightstand and pulled a small audiotape off of it, "I have the entire incident on tape. And that tape can be easily edited it so that it comes off as you forcing me into letting you use me for sex. And then where would you be? Where would my mother the good church volunteer, the upstanding single woman, the paragon of the community be?" Josh finished with a malicious grin.
"My god, you hit the memo button on the answering machine didn't you?" Josh nodded. Brooke realized that she was backed into a corner. And with the resignation of one condemning herself to the gas chamber Brooke uttered the words that would change her life forever. "What do you want?"
"I want you of course. But I am a fair guy. Since you are obviously a little more reluctant than you were yesterday, and since your being unwilling would take a lot of the fun out of it for both of us…If I can't have you beg, ask, or otherwise in any way show that you want to use me for anything sexual by the end of the day, I will let you out of your promise and I will destroy the tape. Otherwise, you are mine for however long I want you. Deal?" Josh finished with a grin.
Brooke looked into Josh's eyes to make sure that he was really ready to go through with this heinous plan. In them she saw nothing but anticipation and triumph. He knew he had her right where he wanted to. "Fine. Until the end of the day" Now all she had to do was stay strong until then. But Josh had plans to prevent that from happening…

Josh quickly put the rest of his plan into effect. The first rule he instituted was no clothing in the house for the remaining of the day. He knew that his rock-hard member (which would stay that way with his naked mom around) would have an effect on his obviously already horny mother. The second was no masturbation. He knew that if he gave her an outlet his plan would never work. Then he turned on the house wide stereo system. He put on his favorite porno and turned up the volume loud enough to be heard over any household appliances that could be turned on. He felt as if he was missing something but quickly dismissed it. He decided it was time to put phase two into action.


You can do this Brooke. You just have to stay strong Brooke thought to herself over and over. She was in the kitchen making Josh's favorite food (a non-sex related demand) peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes when she heard the music go on. Wait that's not music that's…oh my god! It's a porno! The moaning and groaning of two people obviously having a good time made Brooke wet despite herself. She calmly repeated her mantra though. She heard Josh enter the room and pad over to stand beside her. "Hi hon-" she said sweetly before gasping as Josh started to fondle her large breasts.
Josh moved one hand down to her cunt and slid a finger in before exclaiming "Geez, Mom, you're wet! That porno is really turning you on!" He vigorously frigged her for a minute as she stood there in stoic silence. Still, she did get even wetter although Josh didn't realize it. It took all of her will power not to turn him around, throw him on the ground, and fuck him right then and there. After a minute of (to him) no response he quickly lost interest and plopped himself down at the table. "When is breakfast?"


Josh made several more attempts throughout the day but whether he tried oral stimulation or by using his hand he just couldn't seem to get her more aroused than she already was. He didn't realize that it took longer than he was going for to really get his Mom going. Twice though it was a close call, and all the times were a serious drain on Brooke's willpower. She didn't know how long she could hold out if he decided to do it for a protracted period of time. But in the end it wasn't Josh that pushed her over the top.

Around 4 o'clock in the afternoon Beth was lying on her bed just having finished reading a boring textbook for work. She had tried reading a romance novel earlier but that had gone disastrously resulting in the closest call of the day. She considered starting on the next book in her work stack when she decided she would go watch her favorite soap. Every week she taped her favorite soap because she was at work when it was on. Before going down the stairs she made sure that Josh was busy. He was in his room surfing the net and talking to friends. She quickly scampered down the stairs making sure not to draw Josh's attention. She walked into the den before remembering what was on the screen. The porno Josh had put on was on continuous loop. There on the screen in vivid detail, a black haired girl was staring at two massive cocks. The anticipation of what the raven-tressed woman was about to do instantly made Brooke gush. That girl is going to go down on both of those men at the same time!! As the brunette's hand wrapped around the men's towering cock she engulfed the other in her luridly red lips. Involuntarily, a moan fell from Brooke's lips. Unbidden, images filled Brooke's head. Every single guy she had blown (and there were a lot of them) filled her mind. Brooke began panting and her hand crawled towards her dripping snatch. She briefly relieved every single time she had drained a guy of his tasty jizz. Shamefully she watched as just the previous day around this time she had sucked her son, her own flesh and blood, dry. And shamefully she remembered how good it had tasted. The feel of her finger penetrating her cuntal depths was electric. She gasped in delight, in spite of herself. She staggered back until she was against a wall as she furiously frigged herself and rubbed her stiff-nipped tits. Caught in the throes of burgeoning ecstasy her moans and gasps got louder and louder, intermingling and providing counterpoint to the sounds of the brunette slurping on the two men on screen. She could hear Josh calling but was so caught up in getting off that it didn't even register. All that mattered was getting to the big O. She had almost reached orgasm when her arms were pulled away from their position and she was pulled away from and then slammed into the wall.
Brooke writhed in his grasp trying to free herself so that she could climax. But her son was too strong. Immediately a different tack came to mind. It would mean completely discarding all of her moral values and giving up and sense of self respect she had for herself but it would also mean that she would always have a tasty cock to suck and someone to relieve her itchy cunt. Sex or dignity? And with awful uncertainty, Brooke realized what would win every time.


Josh was livid. I can't believe that she would do that! I specifically told her that she couldn't do that! Josh shook his mother harder. All of his pleasure at finally being the ones giving the orders had turned into almost homicidal rage. Then it happened. He felt his mothers hand wrap around his member. He immediately came to attention. It worked! He thought wonderingly. It worked! Josh then realized that he had better make sure he wouldn't have to do this again. Still holding his mom while she stroked his cock he asked quietly "Are you sure that you want to do this?"
Brooke looked into his eyes for a second before throatily announcing "Whatever you want whenever you want it as long as you fuck me good and hard and let me suck your delectable cock." With every word Brooke speeded up her hand motion.
Oh my god my mom is such a slut. I am going to get all the sex I want from my mom. Hell yeah! "Well if you want to be fucked you had better beg for it shouldn't you bitch? Beg for me to put you against the wall and pound you hard!" Josh commanded.
"Please Josh, fuck me. Place me against the wall and fuck me nice and hard with your rock hard dick. I need to be fucked. I am so wet I need to be fucked. I'll suck you off later but I need to be fucked so bad." Brooke pleaded. Josh just grinned maliciously and pushed his mom against the wall so that her nipples bored into his chest.
"I want to hear you scream or I am going to stop you got that whore?" Beth just lolled her head in agreement while reaching down to open herself to Josh. He slid in quickly causing Brooke to gasp. She quickly wrapped her legs around his back and started bouncing up and down furiously in her incestuous desire to get off as fast as possible.
Brooke was filled with pure animal lust. She didn't care that it was her son. With every grunt, moan, and pelvic thrust, her caring about anything but being fucked fast and furious slid deeper and deeper into the Necropian abyss. So pure was her lust that she didn't care if her daughter, Beth, or her next-door neighbor, or the President of the United States of America walked through her door. Never again would the taboo of incest dissuade her from this most enjoyable of deeds.
Brooke's shoulders and spine hurt from rubbing up and down on the wood paneled wall. Sweet streamed down her chest and fell in fat wet droplets off of her rock hard nipples. Fuckjuice streamed down her thighs to mingle with her sweat in puddles in the carpet. "OH GOD JOSH! MAKE ME CUM SO I CAN SUCK YOUR SWEET COCK! MAKE YOUR MOMMY CUM! YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO GOOD! OH HARDER! OH GOD JOSH! SO GOOD! OH Gahhhd! I'M ALMOST THERE! UUUUH! HARDER! HAAARDER!" Brooke felt herself start to shake at the base of her spine. A feline growl started building in her diaphragm. Slowly the shaking spread to her entire body at the sheer effort of holding off her climax. Finally with a primal scream, Brooke felt waves of pleasure radiate outward from her abdomen. Breaker after breaker filled her very being causing her eyes to roll back in their sockets. The orgasm lasted an entire minute before the shuddering stopped. "Oh god I've never felt anything quite like that Josh.
"Well, what did you think it would be? Of course I am the best you ever had. Born and bred to fit in there perfectly. You are never going to go unsatisfied again. Now you are going to get down and suck the cum out me before I bend you over the couch and fuck you again."
Quickly Josh and Brooke re-arranged themselves and soon the sounds of passionate sucking filled the air.

Stay tuned for the next installment in which Beth, Brooke's daughter, comes home from college at an inopportune time. Or is it inopportune? Only reading the next story will tell.

Thank you for reading this story. I appreciate any feedback you might give me. Anything will be appreciated although if you are planning to flame me I will laugh at you before destroying you fragile little psyche… *laughing maniacally* Not that I have ego problems. *G*

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