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A Religious Experience

We sat on the deserted beach staring at the setting sun behind the most beautiful pink and orange clouds behind a cobalt-blue sky. The waves gently lapped against the shore and soothed any hint of tension away. I held Jenny, my wife of 25 years in my arms and felt her warmth against me. We came here for our anniversary to explore new frontiers of our love for each other. She smelled so good. Like a fresh rain or a clean breeze. She turned her head to kiss me sweetly and our lips met softly. A tingle went through my body as she pressed her breasts against me and inserted her tongue into my mouth and sucked my tongue lovingly. After all these years and four children later, she could still send shivers down my spine and into my cock. She kept her figure well and stayed in shape by regular exercise. "I want you," she said as she gently squeezed my cock, "just like on our wedding night." She slowly undressed me taking off my bathing trunks and lowered her mouth onto my penis. Her tongue beat a gentle rhythm until I was rock hard. Then she removed her bikini top and squeezed her breasts pinching the nipples until they were also hard and pressed one, then the other to my lips and tongue. I sucked gently on them as she moaned softly. Finally she turned her back to me and slipped off her bottom to reveal her firm behind. She spread her asscheeks apart and fingered her vagina and then her asshole. Jenny then took her fingers and spread her asshole wide open and said, "This is for you, my love." I dove forward to her ass and started licking her asshole as she moaned and pushed back against my tongue. My mind raced back to that night. Indeed it's indelibly burned into my mind. She gave me one of the most intense experiences of my life then. I almost shudder to think at one time I could have lost her.

I was an average teenager but raised in a strict household. I didn't usually get into trouble, but I could be mischievous. But a religious experience changed me then. I became a "born again" Christian at about 15 when I heard about heaven and hell during a sermon at a friend's church. I was told Jesus was the only way according to the Bible. The guy at the football games who held up the "John 3:16" sign caused me to look it up, and sure enough, that what it said. Well, I didn't want to go to hell so I got what they call "fire insurance" and gave my life to Christ. Well, the raging hormones of a teenager made it difficult to remain a virgin and a good Christian. Anyway, as I was finding out, many of my "Christian brothers" were porking their girlfriends on the side despite their profession of faith. I probably would have done the same if given the opportunity, but I couldn't find a girl. So, I went along jerking off, first to some of my Dad's Playboy magazines, and later porno novels he had hidden. He even had some movies on grainy black and white 16mm that I secretly masturbated to. I felt guilty every time I did this because I was serious about my faith, but my hormones usually won out.

Then at a Christian retreat, I met Jenny. She was he most incredible girl I ever met. Jenny was a smaller girl, maybe 5' 2", 100 pounds. She had chin-length, straight blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She also had a warm smile that made you feel happy just looking at her. From what I could tell, she had a nice body, too. She was very athletic and was better than most guys at baseball, football, or just about any sport you could name. She was also very smart and was an honor student as well. But most of all she had a good heart. She was kind to the most unlikable stranger and would stay behind to help someone in need when everyone else would run off to have a good time. I guess it came from her faith because she really lived it. I never thought I would have a chance with her. She could have had any guy she chose. But for some unknown reason only God knows, she seemed to like me. As time went on our friendship grew into love and my hormones kicked in. Many times when we were alone, I started the usual petting that most couples do. Jenny would let me hold her and even kiss her a little. But when I tried to go further, she would stop me. Once I "accidentally" fondled her breast during an embrace and she gently scolded me. She said, "Darling, I do love you, but I want to give the man I marry the gift of my virginity on our wedding night." She would often tell her girlfriends that were sexually experienced, "Any day I want I can be like you. But you can NEVER be like me." Jenny knew I was a virgin, too up to this point and was one of the reasons she liked me. However my passions of youth made me want to fuck anything or anybody when I was aroused. But I never got the opportunity. Maybe God was keeping it from me because every time I might have got the chance, something interrupted. Anyway, I did love Jenny and hoped that someday I could marry her. We seemed to know each other like friends as well as potential lovers. She always knew my thoughts and needs, except one.

My need for sexual release became more intense as time went on and despite my persistence, Jenny would not let me fuck her. So I turned to porn to help satisfy my urge. First I went to a few porn theaters, but the clientele there was sometimes scary. To my relief as videotape became more popular, I was able to acquire more and more of a porn collection. I liked straight sex initially, but then got into oral, then anal sex. I didn't like bondage, gay or lesbian stuff. My collection grew quite large as my lust continually needed to be satisfied. I did feel guilty about it as my Christian beliefs went against this. However I convinced myself that at least I wasn't hurting any one else and staying a virgin for Jenny. Obviously I could never tell her about it.

Finally one day I proposed to Jenny and she joyfully accepted. We set the wedding date and made plans for our new home, an apartment near the graduate school I was studying. During that time, she came over to visit the apartment and wanted to watch a movie together. She brought out a tape she rented,"When Harry Met Sally." When she went to put the tape in the vcr there was a tape already in it. She said, "What's this?" and pressed the PLAY button. Suddenly I went into a panic. I remembered I left one of my porno tapes in there during a jerk off session I had prior to her arrival. I sometimes did this so I wasn't so horny when she was around. The tape came on in mid cycle showing a man fucking a beautiful young girl in the ass. His cock was at least 10 inches and he was plunging it into her wide open asshole. Jenny stared at the screen for what seemed to be an eternity. Her back was to me, so I couldn't see the expression on her face. She turned off the vcr and turned around to face me. Her deep blue eyes were welled up in tears and she looked at me with a look of profound hurt and sadness. I pleaded, "Jenny, I'm sorry. Please forgive me!" I was in a panic, my heart and body was shaking in a intense agitation. I wondered if she would call the wedding off. I tried to embrace her but she stiffened and pushed me away. "Please, Jenny let me explain. Please talk to me!" I said. She said nothing but quickly stormed out of the apartment, slamming the door as she left. I spent the next few hours crying and sobbing over losing the girl of my dreams, my soulmate forever. Waves of shaking and uncontrollable despair swept through me. I felt as if my life was ruined and over. I prayed that God would find a way and asked Him to let Jenny forgive me. I tried to call her numerous times, but all I got was her answering machine. Finally after a sleepless night, a knock on my door woke me up. I opened the door and there stood Jenny also looking like she didn't sleep either. She came in and said, "We need to talk." I said, "Jenny, If you'll forgive me, I'll never watch pornography again." "Why did you have that tape?" she said. I explained that I had a need for sexual release and I wanted to stay a virgin for her. "But you know that Jesus said that even lusting was a sin," she said. "I know," I confessed, "But sometimes the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak." "How many tapes do you have?" Jenny asked. I sighed and said, "Quite a lot, I'm really sorry." "I spent all night crying and praying and wondering what to do. I really do love you deeply but I didn't know this part of you. I wondered if our marriage was a mistake," she sobbed. "Jenny, I don't know what to say but please try to give me another chance, I really love you, too. I would do anything for you, even die for you," I pleaded. She melted into my arms and sobbed uncontrollably as I did the same. We both collapsed to our knees onto the floor, holding each other in a tearful embrace. After our tears were spent, she wiped her angelic blue eyes and said to me, "Do you promise never to watch those tapes again?" I eagerly replied, "Never again, honey. I promise." She got up and said, "Would you give them to me to get rid of them?" "Of course, I'll get them right now." I got up and went to my hiding place for the tapes and collected every single one. It filled nearly one big box holding about 50 tapes with every possible sexual activity a man and woman could think of. I almost feared Jenny would get mad again when she saw the volume of porn I had, but she took the box and left. However my fears were stilled when she kissed me before she got into her car and drove off.

The next few days and weeks were somewhat uncertain in our relationship as I tried to read how Jenny was feeling. For a while she seemed strangely distant as she was thinking deeply about something. But after a while she became more like herself and was laughing and joking with me like she always did. Her kisses even seemed more passionate than before, but she still didn't let me go any further than that. I didn't want to, either. I learned my lesson. I loved Jenny more than anything else in this world and I didn't want to jeopardize that. I never watched porn again and I stayed away from situations that came near it. My bachelor party was even pretty tame as my buddies and I went out to dinner and then a baseball game to celebrate. My only embarrassment was that they made me dress up in a white Elvis costume and wig .

Our wedding day finally came and Jenny was beautiful. She looked like an angel with her beautiful white gown (that she made herself) and the radiant smile she couldn't get off her face. I went through all the motions as most grooms do. Pictures, family, reception, toasts, etc were tedious but traditional. All I could think of, of course, was getting to make love to Jenny. My cock was in a constant state of flux. Every time I looked at her, a mixture of intense love combined with lust went through me. I had to hide my erection several times from family and the photographer. Jenny would occasionally flash a glance at me with love, but also a hint of something mysterious, like she was hiding a secret or a surprise. After all the hoopla, Jenny and I were able to be alone. The hotel where we had the reception "gave" us the bridal suite for the night as part of the package. My heart was pounding as I carried my bride over the threshold for the first time. I laid her onto the bed and passionately kissed her. She threw her hands around my head in a tight embrace and inserted her tongue into my mouth trying to suck the life out of me. We separated and she said, "Let me get ready for you, darling." She went to the large bathroom with a small case and closed the door. "Don't go away!" she giggled before she shut the door. After what seemed like an eternity to me, she came out. My breath almost left me as I beheld the vision of my new wife. She was "almost" wearing a sheer black see-through peignoir with matching black panties. Her honey colored shoulder length hair cascaded sexily across her piercing blue eyes. Her breasts protruded against the sheer fabric with the nipples firmly creasing her nightgown. Her long, athletic but feminine legs stood starkly in contrast to the black peignoir. The blonde triangle of her vagina could clearly be seen beneath the transparent fabric. She came over to the bed where I was still dressed and leaned over to French kiss me passionately. She brought my hand to her left breast and pressed against it. I swear I could feel her little heart beating away. We were still for a while, enjoying the contact and eroticism of the moment. Smiling, she turned around. I watched, amazed, as she began to pinch her nipples beneath the gown until they were firm and tense. She turned around and bent forward, slowly removing her panties exposing her round but firm athletic bottom. She took her small delicate hands and spread her asscheeks wide apart and said, "This is for you, my darling." She looked at me with love and submission. But there was also a sly smile of mischievousness as she moaned, "I want you to do everything you saw in those tapes to me." "Fuck me every possible way you can." I was dumbfounded. "You mean you watched ALL those tapes?" "Yes, ALL of them" she said, "I wanted to know what you watched and what turned you on." "I didn't understand why guys liked sex so much so I wanted to see what kinds of things they liked. At first I was disgusted but as I watched, I slowly started to get a little aroused myself. They seemed to be enjoying it at least." "So what do you think?" I said. Jenny replied, "I asked some of my girlfriends what they thought and they said it was common for most of their boyfriends to watch porn. Most of them even had had sex with them and other girls as well. They thought it was remarkable that both of us were still virgins." "I only did it because I love you so much," I said. She squeezed my hand, "I know, sweetheart, I realized that you were not perfect, but still special" "I was confused for awhile, and even wanted to call off the wedding. I did a lot of praying and asked God what to do. And I searched the scriptures. But while reading the Bible, I came across Proverbs 5:18-19 which said "Rejoice in the wife of your youth as a loving hind or a graceful doe. Let her breasts satisfy you always and be thou ravished with her love." I couldn't find any scripture that went against sex or lust as long as it remained between husband and wife. In fact, the Song of Solomon (Song of Songs) is one long poem about lust and lovemaking. And a verse in Ephesians 5:22 tells a wife to be submissive to her husband" "I came to the conclusion that there isn't anything wrong with sex, any sex, and lust as long as a husband and wife commit to each other, love each other, and stay faithful to each other. I love you with all my heart and want to be submissive to you, darling. And if sex is one of the ways that makes you happy, I will let you do anything you want to me to keep you from wanting anything or anybody else. I give myself to you totally, darling, as the most precious gift that I can give," Jenny said. "Take me and love me as you wish!" I almost cried when she finished. I picked her up and kissed her passionately, "I will never want anyone else of ever want to watch porn as well." "You are the most remarkable woman in the universe. I also give myself to you as my most precious gift. I will love you as long as I have life and breath." We clenched in a passionate embrace for a long time just kissing each other, hands and fingers probing each other in either a gentle caress or lustful passion. We literally tore each others clothes off as we tried to merge our bodies and souls into one. I wanted to be part of her, inside her, completely and forever. Strangely, I felt the overwhelming presence of God seeming to give us His blessing. This is what love is supposed to be like He seemed to say. Both husband and wife willing to give to each other, trying to please each other because of the profound love they have for each other. Never needing anyone else because of this sacred, deep, profound bond they have together. Panting with passion, I asked Jenny, "What do you want, sweetheart?" "Just to make you happy, darling," she said. " I noticed you had a lot of anal sex on the tapes. Do you like that a lot?" she asked. I bit my lower lip and nodded sheepishly. I didn't know if it was too much for her initial sexual experience. Kissing me again sweetly, she said, "Well, come on, honey. Fuck me in the ass!" She smiled slyly, " And do a good job!" She turned around and presented her beautiful behind to me once again and spread her ass wide apart. "I won't hurt you darling, I promise. "I said. "I know," she said, "I trust you." My cock was an immense rock to this point. It almost felt numb. I reached out and touched her. I didn't immediately go for her asshole. I spent a minute just touching her skin. I ran my hand along the slight swell of her belly and around to caress her firm but soft ass cheeks. I had a better idea and told her to roll over onto her back. I wanted to see her innocent angelic face as well as her asshole. She submissively turned on her back and looked at me with love, "Hurry, sweetheart, I want you so badly." I kissed her again passionately and trailed my tongue down her body . I paused at her breasts until her nipples were stiff and hard. She smelled like a fresh breeze on a summer day. Her skin was smooth and unblemished, but beading up with sweat from sexual excitement.. Both of her breasts were quivering, the skin all goose-pimply. Now she was lying magnificently naked in front of me. She was visibly shaking, her nipples getting as hard as pencil erasers she was so excited. Her thighs were growing wet with her own juices. With my knees, I spread her legs wider apart. Then I knelt in front of Jenny. My face was just above the golden curls of her vagina that glistened in the soft light from the bridal suite. I gently nibbled her pubic mound and dipped down to the ridges of her labia and clitoris. Jenny drew in a sharp breath through her teeth and said, "Oh my God!" and grabbed my head with both her hands, pressing my lips against her vagina. Her aroma and taste were intoxicating and I felt like I was in heaven. I wanted to give her some oral sex, but I really wanted her ass. "Show your asshole to me, sweetheart." "OK," Jenny said as she shifted her hips upward and pulled her legs back up until her knees were up to her head. Then, incredibly, she locked her elbows behind the crook of her knees and pulled herself into a little ball bringing her perineum into full view. She reached down with her little hands to spread her vagina and asshole wide open for me. "Is that OK, sweetheart?" she smiled sexily. She kept rubbing her fingers up and down her vaginal lips pausing to stimulate her clitoris. I felt like I was knocked over the head with a sledgehammer. The sight of my precious, sweet wife with her still virgin vagina and asshole open and presented to me with such total vulnerability, love and submission was too much for me. Her labia were red and engorged dripping with sexual lubrication that dripped onto her tightly puckered , pink asshole. I almost came right there and then the sight was so incredible. I squeezed the head of my cock to still a premature orgasm and just stared at her. I wondered how she could perform such a gymnastic feat. Breathlessly I said, "How did you learn how to do that, sweetheart?"

Jenny giggled, "You know how much I can sense what you like, darling. When I saw those tapes, I figured you would like this, so I practiced it until I could do it just for you. Do you like it?" "Like it," I exclaimed, "I think if I died right now, I'd seen the most beautiful sight I could ever see. I love you so much."

Jenny fingered her clit and then her vagina and took some of the copious secretions and rubbed it around her asshole until it glistened. "I think it needs some attention, darling."

I knelt down to her pelvis and continued to stare at the wondrous sight before me. Jenny's asshole was incredible, tight and pink and adorned with just a few light hairs. I gently caressed her ass and cradled her pelvis in front of my face. Tenderly, I leaned forward and inhaled the scent of her asshole. The musky, pleasant aroma acted like a pheromone that drove me into throes of unbridled passion. I wanted to please her and give her as much pleasure as she was giving me. I stuck out my tongue and pressed it against her little hole. It puckered reflexively and Jenny moaned quietly. Her asshole was very warm. The puckered tissue seemed to grow even hotter as blood flow surged to her genital organs from her sexual excitement. I continued to tongue her asshole as she cooed hotly with each tactile contact. She slowly fingered her clitoris causing more love juice to flow from her vagina down the crease of her ass into her anus. I eagerly lapped it up as part of her love offering.

At first she withdrew to my anal tongue-probing, but then she pushed back against my tongue trying to capture it with her asshole. It had a slightly salty and bitter taste to it. I tried to roll my tongue and stick it into her asshole as far as it would go and was able to penetrate her about an inch with my tongue as Jenny's sphincter muscles opened and closed. I could feel the tiny little contractions of her anal sphincter against my tongue as I stuck it further and further inside her. Sometimes her sphincter would clamp down hard against my tongue and actually cause me some discomfort, but on the whole, I was really enjoying it as I could tell Jenny was as well. Jenny's body quivered and shook as her breasts heaved with her heavy panting, sexual frenzy. I eventually pulled my tongue out as she protested. I ran it up and down her ass crack, drooling liberally, not pulling my tongue back into my mouth. Her pussy was also getting very hot evidenced by gradually increasing droplets of precum moistening her labia. I licked her cunt a little as well and she sighed deeply. I did the same tongue roll and inserted my tongue into her vagina, savoring the sweet ambrosia of her pussy. She responded by rewarding my efforts with rivers of pussy juice. I licked every inch of her ass and vagina until her pelvis, cunt hairs and inner thighs were wet with moisture. Jenny groaned again, and I bit into the soft flesh of her ass. Her ass crack was gleaming with lubrication now. Her little pussy was literally sopping. I held her ass cheeks in my hands again, and began kneading them again. I kneaded her ass cheeks back and forth separating them to try to relax her tight puckered asshole. The flesh of her buttocks were firm but very soft as I continued to massage them. Her asshole, however, remained tight and shut. "Sweetheart, try to relax. I will be gentle," I told her. She hesitated, took a deep breath, then nodded. She spread her knees wider apart and flexed her anal opening to try to relax it. As I rubbed her asshole with my fingers, the rosebud of her ass began to open and close voluntarily. I kept at it patiently, then when she seemed ready, I spread her ass as wide as I could with one hand. I moistened my index finger from the secretions dripping from her cunt and pushed it to her open hole. Immediately, she tensed up and her asshole gripped my finger tightly. I felt the muscles of her anal sphincter quivering like rapid pulses beating with excitement against my finger. "Are you OK, Jenny?" I asked. She blinked and nodded as her breathing got heavier and deeper. "You're incredible," I told her reassuringly. I began to move my finger slowly in and out of her ass, which responded by slowly widening and relaxing. I felt the rapid pulse of her little heartbeat in the artery of her rectum, telling me she was excited to a fever pitch. After a while I was able to get a second finger into her, as I widened her asshole even further. Jenny groaned loudly when I did this, but said nothing else. Then, just to make sure, I inserted a third finger into her already gaping anus as she whimpered a little. She let me know she was OK by pushing her hand over mine as she leveraged her ass against my penetrating fingers.

I used my fingers to massage the walls off her anus and slowly turned them inside her. Her sphincter muscles slowly relaxed as I pushed my three fingers in and out of her. I licked her cunt to collect copious amounts of precum into my mouth and trickled them into her open ass. My own cock was starting to drip with pre-ejaculation moisture as it oozed from the tip. I took some of this as well and smeared it against the ever widening opening of her asshole. Jenny's ass began to tighten again. It was time. I knelt forward, keeping my fingers inside her. I had to be very careful now as the next part was very critical for penetrating her virgin asshole. I took my time and slowly massaged her rectal sphincter as she moaned softly in delight. "Are you ready, sweetheart?" I asked. Jenny, nodded and whispered breathlessly, "Yes, darling fuck my ass. I want you inside me now." I pushed the head of my cock adjacent to my fingers, opening Jenny as wide as I could, then simultaneously began to push my cockhead against the opening. Jenny sphincter was swiftly tightening again and I could feel her muscles making small contractions, preparing to close completely. I reacted immediately and pushed my engorged cockhead into her ass. Jenny screamed and her ass tightened on my cock with vise-like pressure. It took every ounce of self control not to cum right then, but I managed to hold it back. The pressure in my cock and balls was intense as I felt a massive load building inside my loins. I was also afraid I might come out of her and lose the moment because her mounting sphincter pressure threatened to push me out. But Jenny, to her credit, held tightly onto my cock by grabbing it with her hand and holding it in place and pushing back hard with her ass. This action caused more pain for Jenny, who was whimpering quietly. "Don't stop!," she sobbed " I'll be Ok in a few minutes." My cock had only pushed the head into her at this point. Still a long way to go. Jenny whined. Her small hand still holding my cock, she started to stroke the shaft up and down to take her mind off the initial penetration. Her delicate little hands could barely encircle the shaft, but felt it up and down to the point where it entered her asshole. She traced her finger around the shaft of my penis along the rim of her tightly stretched asshole. I was so excited. Jenny then tantalizing scraped her perfectly manicured fingernails up and down the shaft of my cock as well as my balls. This made me shiver and tingle with a near orgasmic spasm as it took all the control I had not to blow my load. Jenny noticed my near climax and through an erotic daze asked, "Are you OK, sweetheart ? What's the matter?" I panted breathlessly, "You are so hot, you almost made me cum too soon." Jenny reached down to carefully squeeze my cock and then my balls. She noticed the heft of them in her dainty hand as she caressed them. "You feel very full, darling, like there's a lot of cum inside you." she moaned. "There is, and it's all for you, sweetheart. I've been saving it for you all this time." I said. Jenny panted back, "Well, I want all of it, every drop. I want all of you inside me." Jenny massaged her asshole with both hands where my stiff cock stretched her sphincter tight as a drum. I held my position in her as I beheld the wondrous sight of her body heaving in ecstacy before me. She was using some Lamaze like breathing to help her relax as she continued to rub her fingers in circular motions around her asshole. We rested a minute as I helped her hold her legs back and her asshole again relaxed. I kissed her sweetly on the neck , then reached down and spread her asscheeks wide. I dipped my fingers again into the well of her vagina to collect gobs of her vaginal secretion and applied it to my cock where it entered her ass. I felt the shaft of my cock where it entered her ass being tightly gripped by her anal sphincter. Jenny put her hand over mine and squeezed it reassuringly as her other hand tried to keep her asscheeks spread wide apart. My heart was racing a mile a minute. Jenny was also in a trance-like state like the throes of an erotic haze. Body heaving, her legs spread impossibly wide apart exposing her asshole and vagina to my total control, she made me love her all the more. I would never find another like her if I searched an eternity. She was an angel sent to satisfy my every need. She was so tight and hot, I felt like I could blow at any moment. Finally, Jenny signaled she was ready as she bit her lower lip in anticipation. "Here goes, Angel," I said and I grabbed her ass and thrust home. " Oh God, Fuuuck me, !!!" Jenny screamed. Her eyes rolled back and she arched her back, her breasts thrusting forward and her nipples hard and dripping with sweat. Pulling her legs all the way back, she opened her pelvis to me as much as possible. She pushed back hard at the same time as my thrust to try to accept my 8 inch cock. She clenched my ass cheeks hard and pulled me as tightly against her as she could. My cock slowly but surely buried itself deep into her asshole. With each inch of penetration, Jenny grunted and strained to keep my cock plunging deeper into her. Finally, with just the last millimeter disappearing into her asshole, my pubic bone slapped up against her vagina and Jenny let out a deep breath of release. I was in to the hilt, my balls slapping against her dripping asscrack. I felt as hard and as large as my penis has ever been, I was so excited. If it were possible, Jenny's ass would have clenched even tighter as my cock pressed into her. Jenny reached up with her mouth and bit down on my nipples and let out a low moan. She sucked on them as I held her ass firmly and ground my cock into her asshole. She squeezed her anal muscles as hard as she could around my penis until it felt like it would be crushed. This caused me to respond by flexing my cock making it expand in her asshole causing her more sensations of pain and pleasure. We both kissed passionately and deeply as she squeezed my cock inside her. We exchanged this dance of alternate squeezing and expansion without moving my cock inside her for awhile until my cock started to hurt. I began to feel the uncontrollable urge to thrust but I wanted to wait until Jenny was ready. I started to do some very short thrusts against her ass cheeks as she continued to breathe deeper and faster. I didn't know if I was causing her much pain, but I cared more for her welfare even though I was overwhelmed by lust and passion. My love for her superceded any other emotion as I would rather die than hurt her. She was giving herself so totally and completely to me that I would never, ever want anyone else. I asked, "Are you okay, Jenny? We can stop ... if you want." I was covered in sweat and panting from the excitement. She didn't hesitate in her whispered answer and looked at me with love and said. "No ... no way,darling" she said between breaths, "We're this far. I love you and want to make you happy. You waited for me and me alone. So I belong to you body and soul. Fuck my ass... just like in the tapes." She gave me further confirmation by taking a deep breath and grimacing, pushing her ass hard against me and giving me one massive squeeze around my cock with her anal sphincter trying to squeeze the life out of it. Probably because of her athletic spirit, she was also challenging me a little. She was letting me know that she could take whatever I could give her. Jenny wanted me to fuck her ass as hard as possible. And that was all I could take. All my love for her welled up on a huge combination of passion and lust. I couldn't stand it a moment longer. She wanted this as badly as I did. I pulled my cock nearly all the way out of Jenny's asshole until only the head remained hidden by the ring of her sphincter. The shaft of my cock glistened with the juices from her asshole. Then, I grabbed her asscheeks tightly and thrust forward with a powerful push. Jenny whimpered with a sudden quick inhalation. At first, she faltered and almost let her legs drop against my pounding, but she regrouped and gradually, she began to push back just as hard and even harder against my lustful fucking of her asshole. She was rolled up like a ball as I slammed my cock into her. With each cycle of thrusts, my pelvis smacked loudly against hers as my cock ground into her asshole to the hilt. Each time I rammed home, Jenny responded with a grunt as she clenched my cock as hard as possible with her rectal muscles. I pounded so hard her buttocks were blushing bright pink and her cunt oozed with moisture. Her asshole widened red and throbbing. Her cunt was dripping with lubrication as her fingers began rubbing her clit feverishly. Every so often she would reach back and grab my balls as they slapped against her ass as my cock ground into her again and again. I started to lengthen my stroke, pulling more and more of my cock out of Jenny's ass before pushing back in. I reached out and grabbed a handful of Jenny's hair and kissed her again and again. I really started pounding. The view before me was incredible. Jenny's face was a mixture of pain and ecstasy that sent thunderbolts to my genitals. She looked at me with wide eyes and her lips were pursed in short passionate breaths . She arched forward to kiss my chest, biting my nipples making them rise to erection like hers. I momentarily let go of her ass and reached forward to grab her firm young breasts. I pinched her nipples roughly and kneaded her tits until Jenny moaned softly. As I held onto her breasts, she simultaneously kept up the tempo by pounding back with her ass against my thrusts. Then she put her delicate little hands on both her ass cheeks as she tried to pull them as far apart as possible to present her red, wide open asshole to me. In response, I pulled out all of the way and pounded back inside of her before her ass could close. She groaned with pleasure with each penetration as her orgasm began to grow to a supernova explosion. Jenny was lost in uncontrolled passion, and was determined to be the very best at assfucking for my sake. I'll say this about my Jenny, she never did back down from anything. My cock was now pounding in and out of Jenny's ass with wet plopping sounds. Jenny's entire body was quivering on the point of exhaustion, and even my legs were shaking treacherously. I felt an orgasm brewing in me that was more than simple ejaculation. I felt a religious experience coming. Amidst our panting and groaning, and the wet sounds our bodies were making, and considering the state of my own sexual delirium, it was a wonder I didn't pass out. Jenny had continued bucking her hips and fucking me just as hard as I was fucking her. She had reached down to her asshole one hand, her middle and index fingers placed around my cock, spreading her asshole wider. Her other hand was rubbing her clit feverishly. Her firm, creamy breasts, the nipples firm and hard, jiggled violently back and forth with each powerful thrust of my cock into her asshole. I reached around Jenny's waist and held her close against my body. Then I picked her up with my cock still inside her. Her legs folded up against my chest as I held her up and fucked her asshole by holding her above me. Jenny held onto my neck as I held her hips and thrust again and again into her now wide open asshole. I then gently laid her back down as I started to get some what tired in my legs and gently lowered her back onto the bed, my cock still firmly up her ass. Jenny was really getting relaxed and into it and said, "Let me try something, darling." She pushed me onto my back, not letting my cock slip out of her, and fell forward on top of me.

She bounced up and down an my cock as it disappeared again and again deep into her ass. Her breasts bounced deliciously with each thrust. Then she ROTATED around my cock until she was in a reverse cowgirl-type position, her back now to me. I reached around to grab her breasts as I held them to help me pound into her. I then picked her up and had her kneel doggy style. I gripped Jenny's pink and flushed asscheeks firmly in my hands. I pushed them apart, and with Jenny's help I spread her asshole sickeningly wide. My engorged cock was plopping in and out with almost no resistance. Jenny grunted and pounded against me and screamed, "Please, darling don't hold back. Fuck me as hard as you can!" I was fucking an angel who wanted more and more. Jenny stuck out her tongue and her eyes rolled back in her head as she began to ride the wave of an absolute explosive climax. Her moan was so deep it sounded like a gurgle. Jenny pushed her ass as high as possible to accept my now blood engorged cock. I pushed her cheeks apart and together. This put all new kinds of friction on Jenny's asshole and my cock. Jenny's ground her clit painfully into her hand. Suddenly, her body shivered and shook with massive tremors and shaking. Copious rivers of vaginal lubrication dripped from her cunt down her legs. Her muscles tensed and relaxed alternately as her asshole squeezed my cock, encouraging me to my own orgasm. Her climax went on and on as she whimpered and screamed. Meanwhile, I let loose with my own explosive ejaculation. It came on me like a tidal wave. Wave after wave of contraction in my cock and balls . I came like a racehorse, letting out a deep and heartfelt groan that could have awakened the dead. I collapsed atop Jenny's back, rendered spastic by the severity of my orgasm. I writhed and twitched and thrust atop her, grinding and grinding. Coming and coming. I came like a fucking champion, jets of my cum shot load after load into her asshole until it started to run down the crack of her ass, drenching her cunt as well. Jenny's ass responded by clamping down on my cock with a force that squeezed every drop of cum from my balls. I nearly passed out from the pleasure and pain. I paused to catch my breath as Jenny seemed to still be continuing in the throes of her orgasm.

She paused for a moment after our climax and reached around to her ass and my cock. Her fingers probed around the shaft of my cock and her asshole and grabbed some of my jism. A thick glob of it dripped from her fingers and she brought it to her mouth. She licked it lovingly from her fingers savoring every drop. She then reached behind her and pulled my cock out of her asshole. She turned around and kissed me. I tasted my own cum on her semen-glistened lips and tongue. My cock was slowly deflating with cum still oozing from the tip. "There's more to 'cum', " she giggled. Jenny turned around and knelt in front of me and licked off the shiny rivulet of jism emanating from my cock . Then with new resolve, she engulfed my cock down her throat and started vigorously sucking it back to life. I couldn't believe it when she took the whole 8 inches of me into her small beautiful mouth as her lips wrapped tightly around the shaft bumping up against my balls. Her tongue swirled slowly around and around the head as her hand gently fondled my balls trying to coax them to generate another load of fresh cum. I was losing my mind with ecstasy. The she looked up at me with her beautiful blue eyes and smiled as well as a girl could with a penis all the way down her throat. Momentarily she pulled off of me and panted, "Now its your turn!" I didn't quite understand what she meant by that until she pushed me back on the bed and stuck her tongue at my anus. She intensely licked around and around the rim occasionally probing her tongue into my asshole. I jumped from the unexpected contact, but found it an incredible new sensation. She was able to penetrate it pretty far when she reached behind and took some more of my dripping cum from her still gaping asshole and smeared my asshole with it. After lubricating my anus well, she slowly inserted her index finger up my ass while continuing to suck me vigorously. I nearly jumped of the bed from the sensation. No thoughts of this ever occurred to me. Incredible waves of pleasure flooded through me as I felt the dual action on my cock from her vigorous sucking and the anal reaming from her finger. She then stuck another finger up my ass, then another until finally she had all four of her fingers up my ass. She slowly pushed them in further as her delicate hand threatened to rip my asshole wide open. The pressure was intense but I found it to be unexpectedly enjoyable. That combined with her sucking my cock was something I never could imagine. Finally she stretched her four fingers as wide as they would go and added her thumb to the penetration of my asshole. She let me rest a minute until my sphincter relaxed a bit. My head was dizzy with pain, pressure and pleasure. Then she looked up at me and mouthed a muffled ,"Ready, darling?," I understood and nodded weakly and poised myself for an incredible sensation. She slowly pushed her hand forward into my ass as hard as she could as I pushed back against her hand. At the same time she clamped down hard with her mouth and lips against my cock as her lips swirled against the head. She stretched my asshole to incredible wideness getting half her hand up into me. The sensation was mind-blowing. Now I had an idea how she felt when I was fucking her asshole. And I liked it. I wanted her to do it harder and deeper as my sphincter relaxed. As she fucked my ass hole with her fingers she found my prostate and massaged it wildly. She squeezed my balls as she licked my penis like a lollipop. New sensations were stirring my cock to life and I felt a new load of cum building like an explosion. The sensations of her mouth on my cock, her fingers reaming my asshole and prostate culminated in another killer orgasm shooting fresh cum into her waiting mouth as her tongue lovingly beat a rhythm on the underside of my cock. I shot what seemed like buckets of cum, I didn't know where it came from. Maybe it was from all the time saving it for Jenny. I felt like my whole being was being sucked out of my very soul. My asshole was stretched to the limit and I felt a satisfying pressure deep in my bowels mixing with an impending orgasmic tidal wave. Every nerve in my body was alive and firing jolts of pleasure like I'd never known before. Jenny really seemed to be enjoying it as well because she just wouldn't stop sucking and swallowing. There was so much semen this time it ran out the corners of her lips and out of her nose as well, some dripping onto her breasts and nipples. She started to gag a little, but she caught her breath and finished swallowing all of my second load of cum. Her lips and face now drenched with my jism, she got up quickly pulling her fingers out of my gaping wide asshole. Then, before I lost my hardness, she amazingly straddled my cock and took the head and plunged it back into her still wide open, cum-glistened asshole. She forced her full weight down quickly onto my cock and moaned in delight. She rode my cock like a woman lost in the throes of lust and fingered her clit as her breasts bounced lusciously up and down with each thrust. She slowly built up the tempo as the shaft of my cock disappeared in and out of her now red, swollen asshole. Her stroke was up to a fever pitch when she screamed in a muffled moan to a final volcanic orgasm for herself. She collapsed in a heap on top of me in a pile of spent, satisfied relief. Her head lay against my chest with her eyes closed in peaceful release. Her mouth was partly open, her tongue licking a trickle of semen from her lips and cheek. Her soft, creamy breasts rested against my abdomen glistening in a mixture of sweat and cum, the nipples still stiff and pink. My cock was still up her ass as she continued to squeeze my shaft with her sphincter muscles, pools of both our cum leaking from around the shaft. She raised her head slowly and looked at me meekly with her innocent blue eyes. She reached out and kissed me sweetly, her tongue finding mine. I tasted a mixture of our total lovemaking juices, a combination of oral and anal delights. Sometime later, I have no idea how long, I came back to my senses. Jenny was still on top of me. It took all of my strength to help her off me, my cock still in her sweet ass but I knew I must have been hurting Jenny. I was still inside Jenny, her asshole still held onto to my cock tightly. I was trying to gently pull out of her ass but she didn't seem to want to let me. Reluctantly she let me pull out with a slick, wet pop. She didn't make a sound. I looked down at her and surveyed the damage. Not bad. We'd done quite a job. She was a paradox. The innocent face of an angel with her asshole wide and red. Her cheeks were pinked and flushed, and a thick smudge of cum was trickling from her hole. My own ass hole was as wide open as hers with some of her saliva oozing from the opening. And my cock was drenched with a mixture of her cum and mine from her mouth and asshole. Jenny began to stir to her knees. "We still haven't consummated our marriage," she laughed. She meant we hadn't had vaginal intercourse yet "Does this mean we're still virgins.?" We laughed uncontrollably for a while and I continued to caress her. We kissed again savoring the joy of the moment until I was able to get hard for one more time that night. I gently kissed her pale, pink nipples gradually sucking them harder and harder until they were stiff and erect. "Bite them a little, darling," she moaned with pleasure as the nipple stimulation sent waves of contractions to her genitals. I tenderly bit her nipples, rolling them across the ridges of my teeth, causing sensations of pleasure just on the edge of pain through her breasts. Her chest heaved with desire as I continued to caress her now swollen mammary glands topped by her red, engorged nipples. Jenny laid on her back and spread her legs wide for me, presenting her vagina for my penetration. I moved downward to her vagina and inhaled her heady fragrance. I spent many hours dreaming of giving her oral sex and I wasn't disappointed. The taste and texture of her vulva was like ambrosia. When my tongue made contact with her, she a let out sharp squeal followed by a slow exhale indicating her approval of my technique. I spent some time licking her clitoris until it stiffened to a small erection. The slick pink ridges of her inner labial lips oozed with moisture, rewarding my tongue and mouth with the secretions of her love. Jenny moaned and held my head against her clit as I slowly licked it up and down. I drank the pearls of moisture from her vagina as she shuddered with passion. Her body started to stiffen on the edge of her third climax of the night. She exclaimed breathlessly, "I'm ready for you now, darling. Fuck me, dear husband, until you're part of me." I moved up to kneel between her wide spread legs, her cunt dripping with love juice and already open and waiting. I positioned my penis at the entrance of her vagina and rubbed the head up and down the lips and against her clitoris. She moaned again and grabbed the head of my cock and directed it to her still unbroken hymen. I started to press my hips forward when she grabbed my ass and pulled me into her as she thrust her hips upward in one sudden thrust. She moaned with pleasure as my cock drove deep into her cunt breaking her maidenhood. I remained motionless for a time deep inside her. She kissed me and I said to her "And the two shall become one." I felt her vaginal muscles squeezing my cock while she wrapped her legs around me, locking her heels behind my knees. This enabled her to get leverage to push her hips hard against me pushing my cock as deep as possible inside her. Both our pubic bones met and ground her clitoris against the shaft of my cock. I let her control the rhythm as she slowly rocked her hips back and forth, each time pulling and pushing my penis in and out of her a little bit more each cycle. She gradually was able to have my cock pull out until only the ridge of the head showed. She would then kick back with her heels into the crook of my knees pulling my cock deep back inside her. She would let out a deep sigh of pleasure each time she drew myself inside her. At the same time, I kissed her lovingly each time she thrust while my hands gently caressed her breasts and nipples. A few times I would leave her lips and suck first one, then the other breast. Her delicate hands squeezed and pulled my buttocks as she ground her hips up to meet me. She would try to probe my still open asshole that she had recently reamed with her dainty little hand. She was building to her final, climactic orgasm. After a long and slow session of withdrawing my cock as far out as possible and slowly plunging back into her, we started fucking with a fever pitch. Several times we changed position. Jenny would get on top of me for a while, madly jamming my penis into her like a bucking bronco. I liked watching her breasts jiggle, both nipples dancing in perfect unison. I grabbed them and squeezed them to her delight. Then she got off and got to her knees and said, "Fuck me from behind, darling.!" Her asshole was still wide and red from our previous activity, but I wanted her cunt this time. I plunged my cock into her vagina that offered no resistance as copious amounts of lubrication emanated from her cunt. Finally I flipped her over onto her back to finish in the "missionary position". We finished our third immense orgasm of the evening , my cock and balls sore but able to shoot one more incredible load of cum into her vagina, dripping out to run down her crease onto her asshole. Jenny screamed in the throes of release as we kissed in a merging of body, mind and soul. She blinked her angel blue eyes in a daze of perfect satisfaction and I collapsed into a deep satisfied sleep on top of her.

My mind the jolted back to the present on the beach as Jenny was lovingly sucking my cock to full hardness. She licked a small pearl of precum from the tip and licked her lips. She looked at me with those same angelic blue eyes and said, "You seemed lost in thought, darling," "What were you thinking about?" I leaned over and kissed her sweetly and said, "I was thinking what a lucky man that I am to have you and thank God for your love. I will never love anyone as much as you, sweetheart." Her blue eyes welled up in tears and said, "I'll let you know someday who the lucky one is." We spent a little more time reminiscing by holding, fondling, kissing and exploring every erogenous zone of our bodies. She then bent over onto her knees and spread her ass wide in front of me. "Now hurry up and fuck me in the ass! "She said. As I plunged my rock-hard cock into the ass of my lovely bride, I again thanked God and prayed, "and the two shall become one."

Author's Note: The events of this story are mostly all true and based on my experiences. My wife and I have done everything depicted in this story and only with each other. Thanks J.R.

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