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The Boy Next Door

I live in the counrty & live alone so it is easy for me to just strip off & go skinny dippin anytime I like. And I usually do as often as possible. Lately I feel that I am being watched so I cautiously look around when I am swimming. I saw the culprit late the other evening. It is the boy next door. My neighbors aren't that close so his intentions were to come observe me when he didn't think I would catch on to what he was doing.

I pretended not to notice him. He was standing behind this big pine tree at the edge of my yard. I probably wouldn't have noticed him except that the sun was still up & his shadow is what caught my attention. I swam carelessly across the pool knowing full well that he could see everything I was doing. The water is so clear you can see a dime on the bottom & there was no way he could miss my being naked in the water. So, I gave him a show.

I rolled over on my back so that my breast would be very clear to him. Then I rubbed on them & pulled on the nipples & smiled. Later I got out on the edge to smoke a cigarette. I sat with my legs open for his viewing pleasure. As I sat there puffing on the cigarette, I ran my fingers between my legs.Then I got up, wrapped in a towel & walk in the house. When I looked back, he was gone.

A few days later I saw him again spying on me. I didn't try to hide myself at all. I almost expected this kid to start jacking off at any moment. I would love to walk up to him when he was jacking off & do it for him. I know it is taboo for an older woman to take advantage of a kid, but hey, he is the one spying on me after all!!

I am 35 with a great looking body & nice tits. I work out to keep my body toned. He has to be every bit of 18. He plays varisity football so he's built from all the hard work & hours in the gym. I don't know him that well, but I do know who he is. And besides, if he can watch me swim nude, I can have my fantasies as well.

Yesterday morning just as I got out the shower, I heard a knock on the door. I had a towel wrapped around my head & another wrapped around my body. I went to answer the door. It was the boy next door. Good morning, I said. He just starred at me. Is there something I can do for you? I asked. He said Oh, um, yes. I was wondering if you had anything I could help you with. I asked such as what? He said well, I thought you might need me to mow your lawn or something. I told him that I usually do that my self, that I like doing yard work & I really enjoy being out doors. He said well, I didn't mean to bother you, I just thought since school was out that I might could help you out with things. I told him that I had an appt. this morning & if he wanted to come by later today that we could discuss this. He said he may not be home later so he would catch me later. I said good bye & shut the door.

Later that afternoon, I decided to go for a swim. I made sure no one was around next door. The place looked deserted so I went to the pool. About 15 mins into my swim, I saw him standing behind that same tree. Only this time he wasn't trying to hide. I waved & said hello. He waved back. I invited him over. He walked ove to where i was. I was at the pool's edge & had my arms up on the coping so he couldn't really see anything but my bare shoulders. I asked him if he'd like to come in the water. He said he better not. I called him chicken & laughingly, swam away. He had a full view of my nakedness. When I got to the other end, I asked him again to come in. He said he couldn't stay long as his parents would be calling in a little while. He said his parents were called out of town & that they were to update him on his grandmother's illness. I said you can at least sit on the edge & hang your feet in the water, can't you? He agreed that he could do that & did just that.

He said you like going in the nude, don't you? I told him I love swimming naked. To feel the water swirling around my naked body feels so good! I swam up to him & opened his legs so I could hold on to the coping while talking to him. He was nervous, I could tell. But all I was going to do was talk. But I guess with my face so close to his cock he imaginations was going crazy. He immediately got a hard on. It was easy to tell in his cut offs. I pretended not to notice. I wanted so badly to take that young hard cock out of his pants & suck on it but was afraid that I would scare him off & I certainly didn't want to do that.

We chatted a few more mins as I grabbed his feet & leaned back in the water so he could have a full view of my naked body. I put on dark shades so I could watch him with out him actually seeing me watch him. His eyes found my tits & stayed there just a moment as his eyes traveled down my flat tummy to my neatly trimmed pussy. His bulge got even bigger & man, how I wanted to touch it! He kept swallowing so I knew his mouth was watering. And I knew this kid wanted to fuck me. But not this soon....I wanted him to get real comfy with me first. He jumped up & said I really have to go now. I got out of the pool & with out drying off took my wrap & slipped it on. My wet tits were protruding as if I had nothing on & he noticed. I walked him to the end of the yard & said he could come by anytime if he wanted to. I asked him if I made him uncomfortable with my nudity & he said kinda. I told him it was a natural thing & that when he got older he would understand. He laughed & said you sound like my mom but you sure don't look like her. We both laughed. Then he went home.

I showered & put make up on & fixed my hair & decided to take a walk. So, I put on a light breezy top with shorts. I didn't have intentions of walking next door but that is where I found my self heading. I knocked on his door. I didn't get an answer so I walked around back. There he was, sitting on the deck rubbing his cock. He was bare from the waist up & had nothing on but his cutoffs. His eyes were closed. His mind must have gone back to when he was at the pool with me. I knew I should have turned & left, but I was mesmerized.

He had the most perfect cock of any one I had seen before. His shorts were open & pushed down a bit so he could hold that beautiful cock. He was just rubbing it & wasn't jerking it at the moment as if he were enjoying touching it. I watched him , longing to have that wonderful piece inside me. I couldn't stand it any longer & cautiously walked up to him. His eyes were still closed & he didn't know I was there. Very quietly, I eased down & as he was stroking it, I put my lips close & when my tongue flicked out & touched the tip, he must have thought his imagination was very powerful as all he did was moan loudly. Then he opened his eyes & jumped!!

I said shhhhhh, sit down & let me help you. He was embarrassed & tried to hide himself. I told him it was ok & he said I have never done anything like this before & my parents are going to kill me when they find out. I asked him if he was going to tell them. He said No! I said well, I'm not going to tell them either. I asked if they called. He said yes & they couldn't come back tonight & may even be gone a few days. He was standing so close to me & his body was so hard & I reached out & put my hands on his chest. I asked him if he had ever had a girl do things to him before. He said no. I told him that everything would be ok & if he wanted me to, I would be glad to teach him how to be a great lover.

He said he would like that. I asked him if he was expecting anyone to come over tonight & he said no. It was dark by now, so we didn't have to go inside until later. I told him to kiss me. He leaned in & I placed my arms around his neck. He pressed his lips to mine. I pressed my body into his making sure that my pussy rubbed against his already hard cock. He moaned & I thrusted my tongue in his mouth. He immediately started sucking on it & I felt myself getting wet. We kissed for a moment & he is not bad at kissing. I took his hands that were around my waist & pushed them down to my butt. I told him to feel me. He rubbed my ass a minute or two & then I took one hand & placed it on my tit.

My nipples were so hard & I wanted this young boy as I never wanted any thing in my life. I continued to rub my pussy on his dick & I could tell by his rapid breathing that if I didn't slow him down, he would soon be cumming in his pants. I didn't want that!! I moved back & he followed. I pushed him away & told him that he would have to slow down. He said I don't want to slow down. I said you are young & don't know the fine art of fucking so if you don't slow down that you will be cumming in your pants. He got the message & did as I asked.

I told him that a good lover always put his partner first. He didn't understand so I explained that you always want to make sure that your partner is satisfied so that when you come back for more, that they will want it as much as you do. He was so willing to learn & was putty in my hands. I was getting very excited & had to make myself slow down as well. I told him how a man has to be in control of his pleasure wand & if he spills his seed before the time is right that he would never satisify his woman. He gained control & was ready to move on. I placed his hand back under my top & told him to suck my nipple. He moved cautiously & was afraid to put much pressure there. I told him to squeeze them but don't hurt them. He did.

I was ready to cum when he put his lips on my nipple. He had a suction going on that made my knees weak. I leaned onto him for support. He moved to the other one & I told him through rapid breath how wonderful that feels. He said I want to lick you. Lick where? I asked. He said you know. I said tell me. He said I want to lick you down there. I said down where? He said I can't say it, but you know. I told him he couldn't be afraid of saying what he wanted. If you can do it, you can say it I told him. I said listen to me. His hand still on my nipple, he looked me in the eyes. I said I want you to tell me that you want to lick my pussy. He whispered what I had just told him. I smiled & said that is good enough.

But I told him that you just don't go into licking ones pussy. You have to get her in the right frame of mind, both mentally & physically. He wanted to know what I meant. I told him to reach down & push my shorts off. He did & I saw a bit of wetness in his crotch. I made him slow down again. When he had control, I took his hand & placed it near my pussy. I told him to gently touch me there. He layed his hand on it. The warmth that emmitted from his hand was almost my undoing. This 18 yr old kid was hot!! I told him to slide one finger in me. He did & instinct told him to find a rythm that matched mine. I was being finger fucked by a mere boy.

Then I whisperd to put two fingers in me. I said do you feel my wettness? He said oh yes. I told him to bring his fingers to his mouth & suck them. He did & said you taste great. I told him to finger fuck me again & this time to put his fingers in my mouth. He did & while I sucked his fingers, he grinded his dick into my crotch. I told him that the way I was sucking his fingers is the way I was going to suck his cock. I kissed his again & put my tongue in his mouth with the taste of me on it.

The night was darker & I wanted this kid to see what we were doing as well as feeling it. I told him that we needed more light so we could either turn a light on or go to his room. He took my hand & we found his room. He put on some music while I found four candles & lit them. I told him to take my top off. He did. I was standing naked as he had already taken my shorts off & I don't wear undies.

He caught his breath. His mouth went to my nipples, one by one. I took his hand & put it between my legs again. We were standing in his room while his fingers were fucking me. I was so close to an orgasm but wanted to do that in his mouth so I moved back. I told him that I wanted to touch his dick. So, I pulled his shorts off & dropped them. Next, I had to pull his briefs off. I stood back so I could see that beautiful young cock that was standing so tall & proud. I told him again he would have to be in control so he would not cum all over my hand. We kinda laughed but he took control. I walked closer to him & got on my knees just so I could see him when I touched him. When my hands touched him, his dick jerked. I looked at him & shook my head. Then I wrapped my hands around him just to feel the warmth. He closed his eyes & arched his hips closer to me. I knew he wanted me to take his hard cock in my mouth & suck him, but I knew it was to soon. I stood up & pressed my neatly trimmed pussy on his cock while I leaned in to kiss him again.

He grabbed my ass cheeks & pulled me closer to him. He was humping me so hard that I was afraid he was going to cum. I slowed him down. I took his hand & walked over to the bed. I told him that I was going to lie down & I wanted him to kiss my pussy. He knealed down in front of me & pressed his lips to me. I arched my hips up to meet his mouth. He never opened his lips. I told him that he has to learn to kiss my pussy like he was kissing my lips earlier. He said you mean like french kissing? I smiled & said yes. He just sat there. I told him that was an art & besides, I don't think you want me to just put my lips on your cock, do you? Don't you want me to take your cock in my mouth & suck on it?

He said Yes, of course. So, I told him that in order to be a good lover, you have to do things that makes the other one feel all pleasures. This time he leaned down & kissed me with his tongue. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, that is sooooo wonderful. I grinded my hips in his face for a bit. & he had his tongue nose & chin in my pussy. I pulled him up & he lay on top of me as I kissed him & licked all the sweet juices off his face. I whispered to him that I wanted him to go back down & this time to lick on my clit & then alternate between licking & sucking the clit & french kissing my pussy & to go on down & lick & frenck kiss my ass. He was a willing student & did all I asked of him. This kid had me so hot & I was moaning & humping his face and in no time at all I was cumming in his mouth. He stopped! I said Nooooooooooooooooooooo keep doing it!!!! Suck me, lick me make me cummmmmmmmmmm. He was licking me & sucking my cum as fast as I was spurting.

I had the most awsome orgasm of my life. When I got my breath back, I pulled him up to me & said all I want you to do is lay back & enjoy this. I rolled him over on his back so his beautiful cock would be there for me to play with. I crawled up & straddled his body with mine. I placed his dick at the entrance of my pussy & sank down on it. I didn't want to stop there, I wanted this boy's dick in my mouth. I moved my hips up & down on him & told him not to cum yet. When his dick was good & covered with my juices, I slid down off him & positioned myself so I suck his dick.

His cock was so saturated with my juices & I told him to watch me. I took hold of his dick & gently licked off the cum juices from my own pussy. The flicking of my tongue on the head of his cock was over powering him so I had to slow down. I whispered that I wanted him to gain control because when I got finished sucking him, I wanted to fuck him too. This was a job keeping this young kid from cumming all over me.

I lowered my head & took most of him inside my mouth. My sucking him was the very first time he ever had this & in moments my mouth was full of his cum. I swallowed. He was thrashing around on that bed like you would imagine a new kid to do at having his first head job. I was a bit disappointed, but hey, he's 18....he can be hard in no time at all again. So, I continued to suck his half limp peter.

I went lower & took his young balls in my warm wet mouth & gently sucked on them. That did it!! He was rock hard again. I continued to suck on him & pumping his peter at the same time. I talked to him between sucks telling him that I couldn't wait to feel that hard dick inside my slick pussy. He was moaning so loudly that I was glad that no on was around for surely they would hear us. I kept sucking on him deeper & deeper until I had all his 6 inches down my throat. I swallowed several times so he could feel this wonderful sensation that he wouldn't have again with another female for a long time to come.

Only, I'm hoping that I will be able to be with him more & more so I can teach this kid how to please a woman. I don't think he will say no. I turn in bed so that I can put my pussy in his face while I suck his cock. I grind my pussy in his face & he thrusts his tongue deep inside me. I suck his dick in deeply as I cum in his mouth a second time. I roll his balls in my hands as I continue to suck. When I feel him swell even tighter, I know this kid is about to explode once again. I roll off him & lay my head on his chest.

I still have his hot hard dick in my hand. I tell him when he puts this dick in my pussy to pump slowly & follow my rythm. That I will keep him on track until it is time for him to cum. I told him to slow down when he felt the cum building because I wanted us to cum together this time. First I got on my knees so he could enter my pussy from behind. That way he could go as deeply as he wanted to. I pressed back into him so he could feel my ass on his thighs. I slowed him down & pulled away so i could turn & get on my back. He dick glistened from all the love juices we had going. I wanted to taste it so I slid lower to get his dick in my mouth again. I sucked it clean before moving back up so he could fill my pussy with that beautiful cock of his. I lay back & opened my legs for him.

He wasted no time in ramming me full. We found a rythm and fucked for what seemed forever before I whispered to him to fuck me hard. He ramed it in so deeply & pulled back only to ram me again. We had some massive fucking going on when I felt him spurrting me full as he screamed I'm Cumming, I'm cumming Now! That was all I needed to hear as this kid pumped me full of his cum. I matched his orgasm & we climaxed together. He lay on top me breathless, his heart pounding into my chest. Never taking his dick out of me, he unconsciencely started humping again. I thrust my hips up tp meet his as I have always been mulit-orgasmic & could cum many times after I hit that first time.

With his half hard cock, I was able to cum three more times. Each one as intense as the one before. I was exhausted. He was too. I found his lips & kissed him deeply. I whispered I had to go. He didn't want me to go. But I had to. He said he wanted to come see me again. I laughed & told him I was the one that came to see him. But we both knew that this would not be the last time. Tomorrow, I know he will be there watching me when I go for a swim. And his parents won't be home for a few days.....hummmmmmmm


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