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Sarah and Ryan

Sarah's brother Ryan had been with their dad in England since they we're both 4. Sarah and Ryan were twins who's parents split taking one each. Although there dad had died and Ryan moved back. Sarah was a beautiful 18year old cheerleading virgin, she was 5'7 had long straight velvet brown hair big baby blue eyes with a slim but curvy body and 34 C breasts. Ryan was equally as gorgeous tall nicely toned an all over tan big hazel eyes and brown hair with a gorgeous English accent. He had been back 2 weeks and everyone in Sarah's school fancied him, "Is your brother single?" all her friends kept asking. To be honest it had pissed her off he was flirting with all her friends and hardly spent anytime with her. 14 years they had been apart and he constantly blocked her. She was going to give him a piece of her mind after cheerleading practice.

She got home wearing her short cheerleading skirt which if she made any kind of movement it would move with her exposing her silk white panties and her short tight cheerleading top which hugged at her breasts making them look firm and delicious. When she walked into the house her mum was working in her study and would be in there for another at least 2 hours and Ryan was stood against the work top out the kitchen eating a bowel of cornflakes. "Hi!" She said smiling as she walked into the kitchen and put her bag down next time him. He looked at her up and down and gave an almost sarcastic smile. "Anyone called for me?" he put the bowl into the sink, "No! I'm going to my room," he said looking her up and down one last time and walking off. "Prick!" she said under her breath, "look at the way he looks at me! As if he's better than me!" That's it she thought I'm going to sort this out once and for all.

She walked up stairs and went towards his bedroom the door was slightly ajar and she peered in he was lying on his bed wearing his boxers with the music turned on. She thought about how gorgeous her brother was he had a beautiful six PAC and was one of the best looking guys she had ever seen. She was just about to walk in when something happened. He put his hand on his boxers and started rubbing his cock. She froze un-able to look away. She noticed it had gone hard and then he put his hand under his boxers and pulled it out. He began stroking it slowly and pulled his boxers down past his knees. She could feel her self becoming turned on and her pussy had become wet. She put her hand up her top and began pinching and pulling her nipples. He had by now began fisting his cock hard and fast and was moaning loudly. She was just about to walk away and go masturbate herself when she heard her name, "Oh Sarah," he moaned. "Oh yes Sarah fuck my cock you sexy bitch," her pussy felt like it was going to explode was he masturbating over her? No he couldn't be, she thought. "Oh yes sis let me fucking cum up your pussy," he screamed. He was wanking over her.

She had to touch her pussy her clit was throbbing so she let a finger slip into her pussy. She let a gasp cross her lips and Ryan stooped wanking jumped up and looked at her. She didn't know what to do they had both witnessed eachother masturbating. "i..I..I.." Sarah began looking down at Ryan's hard cock. Ryan pulled up his boxers and got off the bed. Sarah walked in. "I'm sorry i came up stairs to talk to you and i saw you wanking and it turned me on." she frowned embarrassed. He just stood there looking at her. "I'm sorry," she said walking out of the room. "SARAH WAIT!" he called. She turned around, "yes?" "Are you a Virgin?" he asked. She gave him a puzzled look and said yes. He smiled. "Me too. Do you find me attractive?" She gave an embarrassed nod and he smiled again. "I like you too," "Really?" she asked smiling. "Yes ever since i got here i have been having constant fantasy's about you every day i have had at least three wanks over you. Today when you came in wearing that i couldn't take my eyes off you my cock was hard and i had to come up stairs and wank." Her pussy was throbbing again.

He walked over to her and put his hands firmly around her waist pulling her towards him. His hard cock pressed against her wet pussy and she let out another gasp. He softly began kissing her neck and she closed her eyes and tilted her head back it felt good. "Is your pussy wet?" he asked her softly before going back to kissing her neck. "Yes, its dripping through onto my panties.." she said hardly breathing, "Very good, Do you want me to make love to you?" he whispered in her ear. She wanted to but was worried he was after all her brother and she was a virgin. "I dunno." she said pushing him off her. He pulled her hard against him moved his hand up her leg, pulled her panties aside and slipped 2 fingers up her wet pussy. "Ohh," She moaned, "Now do you want me to fuck you?" he asked. "Yes, fuck me!" she moaned. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and put them into his mouth sucking them then pulling them out, she watched him intensely wanting him inside her. He put his hand around her neck and kissed her passionately his tongue massaged against hers and she felt him grinding against her while un-doing her bra. She had no straps on her bra because the top she had worn to school was a boob tube and had no straps. Her bra fell the floor and he began rubbing her nipples and pinching them in between his fingers feeling as they hardened in his fingers, he stopped kissing her and looked her up and down.

He could see her hard nipples peeking through her tight top and he went and laid on the bed. He tapped the bed as if to tell her to lie with him and she did. "Want to see my cock?" he asked. "Yes," she replied. He pulled down his boxers and it sprang up. It was about 8 inches and thick. "Want to feel it?" She nodded eagerly she had wanked a few guys off and given them head but never one as big as this or as thick she wanted it in her mouth so bad. He grabbed her hand placed it around his cock and began moving it up and down his cock at a good speed. Then he let go and she carried on doing it. "Ohh yes," he moaned "Go faster ohhhh" She began kissing him again and began fisting his cock faster. Then she started kissing his neck as he had done hers and stopped wanking him off. "Uh, what are you doing? Why did u stop?" he asked almost in tears. "I wanna suck your suck and i want you to cum in my mouth not in my hand!" she said moving down to his nipples where she licked and sucked them, "Ahhh yeh suck my cock!" he said moaning as she started nibbling on his left nipple.

She was kissing his stomach and moving down when he couldn't take anymore and pushed her head down towards his throbbing hardon. She started licking it bottom to tip along the base and then massaged the head with the tip of her tongue whilst jerking him off. He was moaning really loud and screaming for her to suck it so she did she took his cock in her mouth and started going up and down on it his hand pushed her head up and down and in no time at all he was screaming her name and cumming into her mouth. His hot sticky cum went down the back of her throat she tried her best to swallow it all but it ran out of her mouth and down her top with sum going onto her skirt. He smiled as she got up and looked at him. "Wow Sarah that was the best head i have ever had!" he said, "Anything you want i will do for you!" She laid down on the bed and told him to lick her out.

He got on top of her and began kissing her again then lifted her top over her tits so they fell out and he began playing with her nipples, "Ahh Ryan suck my tits!" he stopped playing with her nipples and moved down her body he pushed her tits together with his hands and put his mouth around her right nipple running his tongue over it then doing the same to her left. Then he sucked them first left then right she begged him to lick her out but instead he nibbled on her nipples and run his hand up her leg pulling at her panties and purposely letting his finger come into contact with her clit. She howled each time he touched her clit. He then noticed she had begun fingering her own cunt sliding in two fingers in and out. He stopped sucking her nipple and pulled her fingers out. "Don't!" He said sucking her wet fingers. Then he began licking her white wet panties as she began squeezing her nipples and moaning. He pulled them down and lifted her skirt. He knew she was shaved from earlier but he looked at it as though he dint know. Her fingers again began to touch her pussy. "Right what did i say!" He said picking up his karate belt and tieing up her hands to the bed. "What are you doing?" she asked. "Shhh!" Was his reply as he slipped a finger up her soaking cunt. She sighed and let him tie her up. He went back to her pussy and began licking her out tongue fucking her cunt in and out and in and out as she screamed, then he turned to her clit but she was screaming so loud he was scared someone would hear so he put a gag around her mouth. She looked so sexy tied up and gagged with a cum covered cheerleading out fit the top pulled over her hard nippled huge tits and her bare shaved pussy exposed. His cock was rock hard again. He went back to her clit and ran his tongue over it her legs spread out and he began licking it in the shape of the alphabet each lick bringing a new sensation to her body he once again slid two fingers up her tight pussy and began finger fucking her as he sucked her clit. He did this for a couple of minuets then he nibbled and pulled at her clit with his teeth and Sarah arched her back and came. She turned bright red from her orgasm and he began lapping up her cum hungrily she tasted sweet and sexy and he loved it.

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