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Showing off to strangers

Mike woke up with a huge hard on about 7 o'clock that morning and pressed it against my back as I lay there sleepy. I was soon drifting awake as he kissed my body, rolling me over gently and entering me, and soon we were fucking hard, gasping and laughing. Mike lay over me and, slowing down, looked at me admiringly. "Oh God Carol," he said, "you're so beautiful. You should let everyone see you. You've got such firm tits, such a great little body, and your pussy….ohhhhhh….you could make a man cum just by showing him."

"Mmmmmm…..I bet I could too," I murmured. Mike suddenly hugged me and started ramming into me fiercely. "I'm gonna fuck you till you scream," he gasped, "and then…we're going out and you're going to…show them exactly what you're made of."

When we're going sex crazy we can do anything, and the thought turned me on so much I was trembling and yelping as he spurted his cum into me. It was just gone 8 o'clock, and we were supposed to be going in to work, but we just phoned in sick---trying to keep a straight face---and I started dressing quickly, still trembling.

"Just that blouse and that skirt," he said. "Oh God, you're so sexy…." I looked in the mirror. In my sheer white blouse and black skirt, with my flushed face and tousled hair, it was obvious I had just been fucked and was out for more. If it didn't get all the men hard like iron bars I didn't know what would.

We got on the train and I sat down opposite two young men in their work suits. Mike found a seat near by to watch. I was having to bite my lip to make sure my breathing wasn't too obvious. They were young and a bit spotty, but they seemed nice and deserved a treat.

After a couple of minutes I casually undid a button on my blouse. One of the lads had been glancing at me and saw it, and I smiled back at his startled look. And I undid another button. I was still looking straight at him and I think he could just begin to see the curve of my breast now. He looked confused, didn't know where to look, but he saw that I didn't mind him staring. He shifted a bit in his seat to get a better view. The other lad had been reading, but glanced up at this and saw me. He didn’t look down again.

I was undoing a third button, and a fourth. Their breathing was getting heavy, and I could see them getting hard. I had completely undone my blouse. It was wide open for them to feast their eyes on my firm young tits. I touched a hard little nipple, sending a tingle through me. One of them was starting to stroke his bulge. And I wanted to touch my pussy for them too, and I was letting my other hand stray down, when Mike suddenly shifted across and sat next to me. He leaned over and kissed my breasts, tenderly, once for each. Then he whispered, "Come on, this is our stop." And, taking my hand as the train slowed, he pulled me up and led me to the door. For a second I tried to pull my blouse closed but then I thought, "What the hell", and let it flap wide. A couple of young girls stared a moment and giggled madly. The men mostly turned away, embarrassed, but a few horny boys stared with slack jaws.

It was a quiet suburban station and we were the only ones getting off, though I could feel their eyes following me. The train guard grinned and, just before he got back on, called out: "Give her one for me!" We grinned back as the door closed and the train slid off.

We sat down on the station bench, laughing. "God, I'm hot!" I gasped.

"Yeah, babe, I know," Mike said, touching the curve of my breast. "You gave those boys something to wank over."

I pulled his face close and kissed him deep, and suddenly he was on me, kissing me and undoing his trousers and pushing between my legs. He entered me right there on the bench and thrust his hard cock deep up my sticky cunt in sharp stabs. The back of the bench dug into me and my head was banging against the wall as we fucked like rampant animals. He grunted, I gasped, and we came together, after what must have been only about two minutes. Jesus, I needed it after what we'd just done.

For a minute he lay on me, semi-hard and kissing me tenderly. Then he pulled out and pushed his sticky cock back in his trousers.

I sat back, my skirt round my waist, grinning. "Shit, you're a horny slut," Mike said, staring at me. My mind was racing, my heart was beating fifteen to the dozen. I wanted more of this. I stood up, "Come on, Mike, I'm not finished yet." I adjusted my skirt and did up the bottom three buttons of my blouse, just enough to pull it together over my nipples but still exposing the full curve of my breasts from either side. "Come on," I said, leading him by the hand out of the station. My senses were on fire, my ears were buzzing. I felt as if I could do anything.

Out on the street, there was hardly anyone about. It was just an ordinary suburban street, with a pub and a corner shop and a school. "There must be someone," I said. "Mike, wait here. I've got to do this alone." I stroked his hard bulge affectionately and left him. I made my way straight to the corner shop.

Inside, it was dark and a bit dusty, but after a second I adjusted and saw the shelves stacked with food and magazines, and the tall lad behind the counter, chewing gum and reading a paper in a bored way. I went up to him and asked for some cigarettes. "Sure," he said, not looking at me, and turned to get them. When he turned back I was leaning on the counter. He'd have to be blind not to see my tits under my open blouse. Of course he saw me properly now, and he paused a second, embarrassed. Then he went on as if he hadn't seen anything and rang the sale through the till.

"I haven't got any money," I said suddenly. He stared at me, and I went on, excited, "But I can pay in other ways too." I toyed with a button on my blouse and undid it.

He was breathing heavy now. He looked over my shoulder and I was suddenly aware of a noise. I turned round and saw for the first time that we weren't alone. There was a boy, 18 years old at most, standing by the magazines and staring at us. I was shocked for a second, but then I smiled again and stepped towards him. I saw that he was looking through a magazine, and a glance confirmed it was a porno mag. "Want to watch?" I asked. He seemed rooted to the spot, but after a second he nodded his head.

The assistant had gone over to the door and locked it, and opened the curtain through to the store room. We all went through, and I pulled up a wooden chair and sat. "Watch, don't touch," I said, undoing my blouse and taking it off. They gasped.

I was staring at the boy. His cock was already hard in his trousers, and it looked a big fucker. I gently tweaked my nipples and with the other hand touched my wet pussy, my legs wide. Both were rubbing their cocks through their clothes now. "Oh, for fuck's sake take them out," I gasped. Mmmmm, yes, he was a big boy all right. I was fingering myself deep and hard now, and the little room was raw with the smell of sex. They slapped their cocks for me as I frigged myself off. I reached out and touched the big lad's cock, pulling him towards me and at the same time sliding off the chair and onto the cold stone floor. I couldn't help it, I had to slip it into my mouth. It was hot and juicy with precum. His balls were tight, desperate to spurt his virgin sperm all over me. He was gasping and muttering, staring at me as I sucked him like a nympho whore. But just as I was beginning to get into it, he surprised me by pushing me back so his cock slipped out of my mouth. A trail of sali! va strung between it and my mouth for a second. He was flushed, out of control with horniness. He straddled my stomach and for a few seconds stroked my firm boobs, smiling and moaning, jerking his hips into nothing on my stomach. Then he leaned over, jamming my tits together round his cock, and started fucking them hard and furious. "Oh! Oh! Ohhh!!" he cried with each thrust, and only a few seconds later he shouted hoarsely, his back arching, and jets of hot thick cum flew out of his shaft, onto my face, my chest, and beyond onto the floor. He slowed down his thrusts, gasping, a relieved smile on his face.

I was staring up at him, feeling his jism cooling on me and licking at a blob that had landed just on my lip. It tasted so thick and creamy I could have believed it was impregnating me just by slipping down my throat. I reached forward, grabbed his sticky cock, and greedily sucked the last drops out of it.

There was a noise, and the shop assistant pushed the boy to one side. "Oh fuck, I've got to," he cried and without ceremony lay on me, pulling my thighs apart and entering me hard. I might have objected but by this time my cunt was crying out for cock and he gave it everything he had, ramming me savagely and deep as if he wanted to split me apart with his six inch cock. Of course something that size wasn't going to do much to hurt me and I enjoyed his desperate thrusts. He took me right over the edge and I started crying and whimpering and writhing under him. It wasn't long before his face was red and contorted, and he banged me harder and deeper, and at the last moment I pushed him off me and his cum spurted out over my stomach and tits. He collapsed on the floor next to me, worn out.

For a couple of minutes we all lay there, gasping and laughing, as I smeared their cum into my body and dreamed filthy dreams. Then we became aware of a knocking at the shop door, and the assistant cried "Oh shit" and, frantically pulling on his trousers, went back through to the front of the shop. The boy and I waited round for a few minutes more, putting on our clothes (my blouse was stained with their cum), and at last the customer was dealt with and we were able to leave. The boy wanted to see me again, and I was about to say no when I thought about his beautiful big cock, and I let him give me his number, just in case…. And I strode off back to where Mike was waiting, as the sperm trickled over my thighs.

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