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Sister-in-law brings a friend

A few more weeks have passed by. In some regards I was hoping my wife never moved back up here. The days were filled with the best sex of my life. There was no hole that my sister-in-law did not enjoy having filled.

One Friday night I had learned that the in-laws were going out for the evening, leaving Julie and me alone. My cock strained against my pants all day as I thought of ways to fuck and suck my newfound slut.

As the in-laws left for the evening I fixed myself a drink and decided to fire up a joint, just a nice mellow buzz. As I hit the joint for the 3rd time the doorbell rang, "FUCK" I thought, there goes the evening. Putting the joint away I walked back upstairs to see Becky, Julies friend. Just turned 18 with small tits and an ass to die for. I said my hellos and went to watch TV and was informed they were going to her room.

A few minutes later I heard a crash and went to her room to see what had happened. On the floor was Becky, naked, with Julie standing over her also naked. As I stood there pondering the situation, Julie walked over to Becky, grabbed her hair and placed her cunt on Becky's mouth. Julie then informed me that she had told Becky everything that we had done, and Becky loved to eat her pussy as Julie told her of us fucking and sucking.

I walked behind Julie, dropped my pants and slid my cock between her thighs. As my cock reached Becky's mouth, she left the pussy she was sucking and took my cock in her mouth. I would slowly pull my cock back so she would have to go back to sucking her clit, and then slide my cock back to her. Julie's nipples were hard as rocks as I pulled and twisted them. Julie bent over, spreading her cheeks and told me to fuck her. I slammed my cock in her cunt as Becky shifted to keep her mouth on Julie's clit. I sped up my strokes as Julie came hard on my cock and her friend's mouth. I pulled my cock out and as Julie slumped to the floor, I slid my cock in Becky's mouth. She swallowed my cock to the hilt, then proceeded to lick Julie's cunt off my cock.

Julie reached out and touched her thigh, running her hand up to Becky's clit, stroking it lightly. As Julie was fingering her clit, I shifted so Becky's mouth was now on my balls, feeling her take one then the other in her mouth gently. When I saw Julie slide two fingers in Becky, I slid down so her mouth was now on my ass, her tongue sliding out to touch my asshole. I squatted down on her face to give her easy access to my asshole and felt her tongue slide in. Seeing her friend tongue fuck my ass, Julie shifted to get my cock in her mouth. Becky pulled her tongue from my ass and slid a finger in causing pre cum to ooze from my cock to Julie's mouth. Becky looked in my eyes and told me she wanted my cock in her ass.

As Julie was sitting on the floor sucking my cock, I pushed Becky's head down to Julie's pussy, and watched in amazement as she went to town on her cunt. I had Julie shift around so she could 69 her friend, as I rubbed my cock from her mouth to her friend's pussy. I slid my cock in her dripping pussy as Julie sucked he clit, then as I pulled my cock back I forced Becky's ass down on Julie's mouth, watching as she ate her friends ass. Julie slid one then two fingers in her ass, opening her up for my cock, when Becky pulled her mouth from Julie's cunt and told me to fuck her ass. I slid my cock in Julie's mouth one last time for some extra lube and pressed my cock against that tight asshole. As Julie bit her clit I slid my cock all the way in Becky's ass. There I was, watching my sister-in-law eat pussy while I fucked her friend in the ass. This was a bit too much for me and I started to cum in Becky's ass. I felt like I had pumped a gallon of cum in her sweet ass and fell back to catch my breath. As my cock plopped free of her ass it was replaced by Julie's mouth, sucking my cum out of her friends asshole. I watched as my cock twitched with life, and slid my cock up to Becky's mouth. She lapped my cock clean, licking my cum and her ass of my now hard again cock. Julie swung around and the two girls kissed each other deep, sucking tongues and sharing the taste of ass, pussy and cock. When Julie started to suck her nipples, Becky told me that Julie had fucked her ass with her strap-on on many occasions after being told of our escapades. Becky confessed that she often thought of using the strap-on on me while I fucked Julie. I told Becky I would be interested in that if Julie would suck my ass to get it ready for the strap-on. As I said this I heard Julie moan, Becky took her head and guided it to my ass, and joined Julie in tonguing my asshole. Tongues sliding form my ass to my cock and back, fingers sliding in my ass as my cock was sucked, I lost track of who was doing what.

As Julie was tongue fucking my ass for all it was worth, Becky slid in front of my face and told me to eat her cunt. I attacked her pussy, sliding my tongue as deep as I could. I bit her clit as I slid a finger in her ass, and then started sucking her clit as my finger worked in and out of her ass. I took one of Julie's dildos and pressed it against her ass, my tongue lapping her clit. The dildo slid in easily as she raised her ass to meet the hard fake cock. Little did I know that Julie was strapping the fake cock onto her body, until she stopped sucking my ass. As I moaned in disappointment, I felt something press against my ass and moaned louder. Julie had the strap on ready to fuck my ass. Becky told me she wanted to feel my cock in her ass as Julie fucked mine, so I slid the dildo out and started to mount her ass again. My cock slid in easily, being prepped by the dildo and soon I was buried in her ass. Then I felt the fake cock pressing harder against my asshole, still wet from Julie's mouth. I found myself pressing my ass back against her cock, till I felt the tip pop in, I moaned loudly and found my cock buried in Becky's ass and soon my ass filled as well by Julie. We found a rhythm and soon I was pumping another load in Becky's ass and Julie was screaming that she was cuming. The fake cock kept pumping my ass as Julie kept having one orgasm after another. She finally slid the cock out of my ass and slid her tongue in my ass before sliding between me and Becky, tracing her tongue along my ass, balls and cock till she sucked Becky's clit. I pulled my cock from her ass and gave it to Julie to clean off for us. When she had sucked all the juices off my cock, she turned her attention to Becky's ass. Gently she licked and sucked my cum out of her friends open asshole. Becky told me she thought Julie needed a good ass fucking as well, so as Julie sucked Becky's ass, I moved behind her and pressed my cock against her asshole. Needless to say it was a night I will not soon forget.

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