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Sister-in-law Part 2

For several weeks this went on, sucking my new sluts cunt then sliding my cock in her so she could suck her juice off my cock. She really loved that, though she didn't like to lick my fingers clean from her pussy.

One night she came home and I had purchased some rubbers, I really wanted to fuck her smooth pussy till I came. After sucking her cunt and asshole, I slid the rubber on and started to fuck her wet pussy. The feeling of knowing I was going to fuck her till I came, made me drip pre cum like a faucet. Holding her legs in the air by her ankles, I slammed my hard cock in her cunt, my balls slapping her tasty asshole. I felt my load ready to blast and screamed out I'm, cumming!!!!!!!!! She pushed her cunt back at me harder as I started to unload, blast after blast, spurt after spurt filled the tip of the rubber. I pulled out and slid the rubber off my semi-hard cock. My fingers coated with her pussy juice and my cum. I slid a finger in my mouth and sucked it clean then straddled my sister-in-law, my cock rubbing along her open mouth. As her tongue slid along the shaft my cock grew harder, she started sucking my balls and was hoping she would lick my asshole. Unfortunately she did not so I slid my cock in her mouth and started fucking her sweet wet mouth. Her hands would grab my ass, her fingers so close to my asshole, I rose up slightly sliding my cock deeper in her mouth, hoping she would finger my asshole. I jumped off her and had her get on her hands and knees, her ass sticking up in the air. I got behind her and slid two fingers in her pussy and coated her asshole with her juices. As I slid my cock in her cunt I slid a finger in her tight asshole, feeling it contract and spasm. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and slid it back down her mouth letting her suck her cunt off my dripping cock. After a few good strokes of my cock in her mouth, I got behind her again and started licking her asshole. Feeling her ass push back against my tongue I knew I had her. I took her hand and placed it on her cunt, her fingers sliding along her clit then down to her pussy, dipping in and coating her fingers. I left her hand go and spread her cheeks, pulling her virgin asshole open. I then started to tongue fuck her asshole while she proceeded to slide two then three fingers in her cunt. Knowing she was wet enough in both her cunt and ass, I removed my tongue from her ass and placed my throbbing cock on her asshole. Precum oozed out of the tip, lubricating her asshole even more for the event that was about to happen. Slowly pushing I watched as the head of my cock slowly and easily slid in her ass, a low guttural moan coming from her. Feeling her dig her fingers deeper in her cunt was the sign as I started to slid my cock in her ass and in seconds I was buried, my balls against her clit as she fucked herself. My cock throbbed deep in her ass, she moaned as this happened and then I slapped her ass and moaned even louder. Grabbing her hips I started to fuck her asshole with long, deep strokes. Her fingers slamming into her cunt as I fucked her hard slapping against her ass with each stroke. I felt her body stiffen as she plunged three fingers deep in her cunt and started to cum. This was too much for me and I felt my balls tighten as I blasted the first shot deep in her ass, my cock felt like it was on fire as I shot another load in her ass. She screamed out that she was cumming and told me to keep cumming in her ass, as another load let loose in her ass. The next spurt was less intense, I slid my cock out of her asshole and saw my cum oozing out. I slid up to her mouth, she took my cock deep in her throat, I was in heaven, my sister-in-law sucking my cock after I fucked her ass. She cleaned it like a cat cleaning itself, long slow strokes of her tongue, and then sucking any cum out of the tip. As she was cleaning my cock I slid under her and started to suck her pussy when I tasted my cum that had dripped from her ass to her wet cunt. I started to suck my way to the place that it came from. As I got to her asshole I placed my lips around it, sucking for all I was worth. Obviously this felt good to her as she literally sucked my cock down her throat. We stayed there sucking each other deep as she came on my face with my tongue buried in her ass, which pushed me over as I shot another load of cum down her throat. After we calmed down I crawled up to her and kissed her. We each tasted her ass, pussy, cock and my cum in each other's mouth.

Next Chapter: Sister-in-law brings a friend

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